(giggling) – Ow, that hit my cheek (upbeat music) – Hey guys, it's Cory

– And Bonnie – And today we'll be unboxing the surprise – [Corey and Bonnie] From Zuru – You guys know we love challenge videos, but we also – [Corey and Bonnie] Love unboxing – So we hope we get good ones in here

It says on the back here, "Five different toys to unbox inside" – And it says on this side, "150 toys to collect" That's my big heart – So let's open in It's like a puzzle

– This is confusing – So we got one piece here, mystery which one we're gonna get Now we are gonna what's – [Corey and Bonnie] Inside – We hope we get good ones

So first I'm gonna start off with this one – I'm starting off with this one What? – I didn't get any toys Yes I did, I got stickers – I got a stamp, yay

– I really like this stickers I'm gonna wear them I really like this one Look at it, it's skull fire This is so cool

So we're onto our next ones – Toy – Guys make sure you like and subscribe if your new to our channel Okay, so we hope we get good ones in this – Ooh, ah, I got bands, yay

– Oh cool, sweet I what? – I got the headbands for your hair – What is this? – And I got this like clear orange – This is weird – And it has flowers, I think those are flowers – I'll just open it

– Guys, comment down below what do you think these are? – What is that? – They're weird They're like elastic bands or something – Whoa this is tight – They look like watermelons Uh, uh, uh, don't eat these, they have toys inside

– Kind of looks like an orange – Full of surprise from Zuru Okay, so onto our second, third one I got a racing car – I can't open it

_ I thought it would be one of the, and then it goes off – I got beads I got pretty clear beads – I love this little car – I hope I get a unicorn

– So I have this little care here and these things, which I don't know what they are, and I'm pretty sure I had another one Ah, yes, they're on my hands – I kind of thought I go mine So I got some little beads – Oh they're like diamonds

– Yeah, to make bracelets – I have an idea, she could put those on those I'm not sure if that will work So we're onto our fourth one – It's only green in there

– Ew, ew, ew, is this slime? – It's goo – It's goo, it's goo – I got this little peggy thing to put on my tshirt – How do I open this goo? Guys comment down below, if you think I could open this goo It feels pretty weird

I will just try opening it Hulk can – Do you want me to try – Oh, ew – Oh, that looks so gross, it's like buggers

Oh, no, no, no thank you, no, no, duh, duh, duh – How do you? Ew – That looks so gross – It is, it's like sticky, ew – Fifth one, the first one and the last one

– Fifth one – We hope we get a – What is it? – So cool, look I wish the eyes pop out like, but they don't What have you got there? – I think these are balloons

– Yeah, they might be – Ah, yeah, they're little heart balloons – Oh I just realized these, the eyes kind of do pop out – Let me see That's just what, that's grosser I think

– I know, he has sharp teeth – Oh no – I know – That's oil, that's like greasy – Wait, drop test, three, two, one

It was like sticking to me "No I don't want to fall" But you have to So guys, we got a collectible thing, and a car, vroom, and we got some oozy goo, and we got something there They look like elastic bands maybe

I will try opening them I need scissors – You need help So I got the purple sponge thing for your hair – It's like a elastic band

– And a pink little one, yeah And this is some string and some beads to make a necklace And a stamp, some heart balloons, pink, and purple Oh, and I've also got a heart badge with some stars on it – I really like this fellow

I might call him John Say hello to John Oh, got it, it was magic whoever did that Come out, come out wherever you are – Look at my roll

Oh, my god, that looks so weird – Oh, so they're like – Oh, I don't know he's back in – They're shapes This is a spider, or a ant

– This is a – Turn it over – You can comment down below what you think this is

I have no idea – Huh, what is this? – Kind of looks like a shark – So I have these like elastic band, oh this is a car It is – That's a shark

– A car shark – A car that is a shark – We have these elastic bands, they're shaped and we have this pop out eye thing I poked his eye out And we have a race car, vroom

I really like this, and we have the oozy gloop What have you got there Bon? – I've got a pink heart balloon, and a purple heart balloon and some string and some beads to make a little necklace or a bracelet, a orange stamp, and a badge, and some scrunchy thingies – We love you so much for 1,000 subscribers, I should say Thank you so much Whoa you're blowing it up

– Look, what that does not look right – I'm gonna blow this one up, just stretch it – Now that's not like a love heart – That looks like a cat this, this thing – I'm gonna keep going

– My balloon blowed out – Oh, that's a love heart Ha, ha, love you guys You look so red Done

(raspberry noise) (giggling) Okay, that is a love heart – We love you guys so much, see ya – [Corey and Bonnie] Bye, make sure you like and subscribe Hit the bell button so you know when we post a new video Bye

(raspberry noise) – Ow, that hit my cheek (upbeat music)


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