Worlds Largest Minion Egg Surprise! Funko Pop Minions Toys 2018 Despicable Me

Ah! The weekend I can't wait to relax

Yup, no more adventures for me Ahhh What is that? Wow! Its a giant minion egg Oh no They're in my house

Oh no! There's bubbles everywhere Put that down Hey stop that Hey, get down off my fan Hey, stop

You are going to rip my new house Yaaaa Yaaaa What to do Fuzz? I'm getting so frustrated I know what to do

I'll use magic and turn them back into toys again Time to use magic Alakazam! I did it kids I turned all the minions back into toys These are all the minions that were featured in todays video

This one dressed like Flintstones the cool looking But they even move around too much They kind of just sit there So they weren't the most fun to play with But these – ones here

You can move their eyes and their feet You can push the button on the back and their eyes and their mouth move They are a lot mere fun But the best one was this one – over here This big one

You push this button on his stomach and his eyes move around and he dances He's a lot of fun Oh hi kids Its me Fuzz! Thanks for watching today's video And remember, all these toys are going to – go to sick kids in the hospital

So if you want to see more of my videos, go right now to youtubecom, search Fuzzy Puppet and make sure to hit the subscribe button when you get there If you don't know how to do this ask- your mom and dad I upload new videos every single week See you on youtube


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