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Welcome to Racetoytime! Hi Guys! Racetoytime here Today we're going to rescue the sea animals from the shark's mouth And we're going to learn some animal names Okay let's go ahead and let's rescue some sea animals beforehe shark closes its mouth Oh we got something It's a dolphin

Now let's get some more animals Oh the shark got me! open open open come on here it is Oh we got an Ammonite this is the prehistoric sea animal we have a sea turtle we have a lionfish this is a sailfish we got an octopus we got a great white shark we have a eel we got a leopard shark oh we got two animals here is the crab and the other one is sea lion oh we got a boot or a shoe oh oh the shark got me we have a catfish we have a seahorse we have the sea dragon oh this is not an animal this is a treasure chest oh we got a walrus oops we got nothing we have a skate fish we have the sea anemone we have a penguin we have a piranha and we also have an anchor Oh we have boat steering wheel that's not a sea animal we have a spiny lobster we have a sea snail we got a sting ray we have a fishbone we have a starfish we have a jellyfish and lastly we have a clam let's check it out if we miss a sea animal Looks empty so I think we got em all so be a good boy now Sharky don't eat sea animals anymore okay I hope you guys learned some sea animals today Don't forget to subscribe and stay tuned and click those thumbnails above To watch more fun videos here at Racetoytime thank you for watching Bye, bye!


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