Why are girls’ toys patronising and shit?

Let's talk about toys I was looking for pajamas for kids in a shop the other day

*Laugh* I know it sounds suspicious I know it sounds suspicious But I was with my five-year-old cousin Anyway, we were looking at pajamas together And for men "I want to be a superhero

" for girls "I want to be a princess" he said And I thought: "Why girls can't be superheroes?" "To get a gift that is arrogant and non-imposing for girls Why is it so hard?" Because you're looking at toys for boys and ads climb this, use your mind, manage the world Because you're a man, yes! " And for girls, it's all pink storms "Use your creativity in your fingernails

Dots, hearts or lines!" "Orbeez's relaxing spas! "You want to relax next to you!" "Stationery, home stuff, a complete shopping world! " "Welcome to my room And you can receive dozens of likes from your friends! "" Say hello to fashion " "Say hello to the shoes" "Don't use your brain, girls!" "Just be cute!" The message we give girls is too toxic Look at this

This is a laptop made for men Fifty different features Fifty different features The girls' Only twenty-five Why only half as much? You don't give a girl a one-wheeled bike

"Where did you go, Jenny?" "Nowhere" Women say they can't do more than one job at the same time This is bullshit! Mom cooks, feeds dogs, he watches television, he talks to my sister Skypte, and all of this at the same time! My father? he can't even close the door when he jumps! Really, Dad? I definitely want to see you bounce In addition, a male computer does not need fifty features You only need one: "Clear history

" Men are hiding so much in their computers and phones The last words of a generation It may be "Reset to factory settings" And it's not just toys, it's everywhere! See the messages in the nursery rhymes Men are always winners There's nothing for girls! Ali Baba has a farm, Mary's a little lamb There were a thousand men of York's Grand Duke, Polly, put some water in the teapot! Jack climbed Benstalk, what did the old woman do? He lived in a shoe! At least they tried to combine Humpty Dumpty, If they had a woman, they would make an omelet! Witches and princesses, for example

Nice and you win or you're ugly and you lose And there's more to it Look at the messages for boys! "Magnificent!" And this is one for girls: "I hate my thighs" Who would take this to your child? Who shuddered the body of a new toddler? Two-year-old boy doesn't hate his buttocks Because he's two years old! I never saw a baby standing in front of the mirror

"My body is empty" "I had a new couch, "Totom is big?" This is ridiculous The babies have bigger problems Like how they're gonna slip through a slide And I know, "Stop thinking about it, Russel, little girls like to be cute

You'll always have those who say "They loved it, they will always like it" Maybe something like that over time they destroy self-confidence British women have the least self-confidence in the world Only twenty percent of them like their appearance

Maybe this has something to do with what we're talking about Men when they were little "Time to change the world" with t-shirts Girls' hats, "Future's football player's wife," writes Think about the message he gave! "Men! You can do anything" Girls, If you are really lucky, One day you can make love with Wayne Rooney And then she's your grandma

What I'm trying to say is; toys we played when we were little can have big effects on the professions we will have in the future For example, gender-based toys, discourage their daughter from an engineering career Science related toys compared to girls men are three times more targeted We shouldn't tell the girls to look cute To create them, to solve them, We must encourage you to explore! Thus, they may have the courage to turn to the jobs we need to grow! Current UK It has the lowest female engineer percentage in Europe

We need more women in science! Imagine! Why half of a big population? you want to keep the world from the professions that can make it better? Little girls can grow up and cure cancer Can reverse climate change, and eventually inventing a self-closing door And I don't have to watch my dad shit!

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