Who is The Best Hanbok Modle Dress Up Toys for Kids

Guys! This is the Sungnyemum gate It’s fabulous, right? Wow!! It’s amazing! in a couple of days, it’s Chuseok, one of the biggest holidays in Korea

That’s why I brought you hereThis is the national treasure #1 Shall we go look around? Let’s go! hmm I wonder where this loud noise is coming from I think it’s coming from over there, crong Oh! It’s so crowed! Let’s go see what they’re up to

Alright! To celebrate this upcoming Chuseok holiday, we are going to have Hanbok festival here at the Sungnyemum gate! Who wore the best Hanbok? Korea’s traditional clothes! If you think you are the best fit for Hanbok model, come on out to the stage now! What are you waiting for? Okay Contestants! Over here please We prepared a lot of gifts as well Don’t hesitate Just come on up! Hanbok festival? This festival is made just for me

Hanbok equals Rupy! I look so good in Hanbok I should definitely go out What do you guys think? I'm so excited I think I have a shot at this whatever Rupy! “I” look good in Hanbok

I’m the fashionista! I’ll go out and get the present You just wait here and watch This is my call What are you talking about Patty! I need to go out there Chillax Rupy

I’m going! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!Me! I’m gonna get the first place I’m gonna wear the best hanbok! Hi, guys! It’s almost Chuseok! My favorite holiday!!! So! In honor of Korea’s biggest holiday, I’m going to make hanbok for Rupy and Patty They are both so eager to go up to the stage and show off, I have to hurry up and make them best hanbok Let’s find out who is going to receive the first price! Here we go! Let’s start with Rupy First thing is to make an inner dress

It’s going to be a very thin white inner wear Make white play-doh very thinly and cut it straight using scissors Wrap this around Rupy’s body Make sure to make the inner wear thinly If it gets too thick, the dress will become too thick

Once this is done, it’s time to make a real outer dress Mix pink, red and a little bit of white play-doh Like an inner wear, make it thin, cut it out and wrap it around Rupy’s body It looks much nicer if you can give a nice curve to the dress Use carving tools to do the detail

It looks pretty realistic! On top of the dress, I have to make something called "Chima malgi' Mix pink and white play-doh to make light pink Make it really thin and put it right here on top Let’s make the upper garment now With white play-doh cut it into small pieces

Wrap this around the body and cut the remaining part out with scissors Don’t forget to cover her arms With white play doh, make a color There! Next, add some details Oh! I almost forgot to make the lace

Now, continue adding some details And some more A fine touch on the sleeves Yay! I think the base is ready Now, I’ll use paint to do the rest

How about pink flowers on the color? White flowers would look good over here It’s time to do her hair Like Koreans, I’ll use black for the hair Unmarried women braids their hair So, Rupy will have braids

Make three of these And start braiding Attach this to Rupy’s head and add a red ribbon Her hair looks real nice I should get her a cute hair band

How about right here on top? What do you think? She looks gorgeous in Hanbok! Very cute! Huh! Is that all you’ve got? I think I’ll look much better in Hanbok! Look again Patty Don’t you see this lovely pink Hanbok with gorgeous hair band? I look like a princess! I’m definitely gonna win EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE It’s my turn to get dressed! alalalalalalala~ so pretty~~~ I feel like a princess~ Let’s make Hanbok for Patty now Using blue play-doh start making the inner wear The process is the same as Rupy’s outfit

Now, outer dress How about this pretty purple? Wrap it around Use the carving tool to press down the surface so it looks curvy A white "Chima malgi" and light violet for an upper garment The second time is always easier, isn’t it? I’m mixing purple and navy for the lace

Finish adding in some details With white paint, decorate her dress as well Now the hair Let’s make Patty a married penguin She’s going to have a different hair style than Rupy’s

Instead of attaching the braids on the head, I’ll make this into a ball And put it at the side Give two nice hair clips and a nice flower at the top There you go! Patty See? I look prettier in Hanbok! No one can compete with me

What are you talking about Rupy! Look at my hairdo It’s gorgeous! I think I look much better than you no! I look better! Guys! Who do you think looks better in hanbok? Rupy or Patty? Let me know what you think on the comment box below Happy Chuseok everyone!


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