What I got For Christmas for KIDS! Best Toddler Toys Gift Guide 2017 LOL Big Surprise

Merry Christmas hi friends it's me Tiffany Taylor and its Christmas today I'm doing what I got for Christmas video just want to say that Christmas is not about just want to say that Christmas is not about the gifts it's about spending time with your family and eating yummy candy and cookies if you didn't get anything this year I hope you still had an amazing time! but first if you're new to my channel SUBSCRIBE and click the little bell right next to it so you know when I have a new video now let's get started I got a new workout outfit I got new workout clothes pants these pants and I wear them are these my size this one has letters on the side see these are letters these get ready for a lot of new workout videos next me and Hazel got the cookie set with a lot of doughnuts to eat cookies and the other one has vanilla and chocolate next I got my doc McStuffins doctor and it takes temperatures from hazel when she's sick are sick see this one is next I got Moana has hair pins I tried to take it off but they're still stuck see but she's super cute but she doesn't sing though which is okay why is she walking like that next I got poop emoji and then it will turn to rainbow this is the one I wanted I got a new vacuum because I love it Santa Claus gave it to me that's nice so see it could pick up stuff like Pentacles and I can clean it up if mommy drops I can clean it up with my vacuum see that's a vacuum and I got these ahhh! and last one I'm so excited it's a LOL see it's perfect this one's from Natalie and Luna Carrot we won in a giveaway I didn't know that shoutout for Natalie and Luna Carrot they do a lot of LOL Surprise videos and hottest toys check them out thank you so much that's what I got for Christmas this year I love everything thank you so much to my family and Santa Subscribe and join the fun click right here on my face I'll see you on my next video bye friends!


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