(Happy music) Vic: OkayUhUhUhhhhh Armond: Come on Vic If you win you get all of the taffy Vic: UhhhhB 7! Vic: I win! I win! I win I win I win! Armond: You did it Vic! (Dreamy Music) Vic: I win! I win! I win! I win!

Huh? Vic: Huh? Armond: UhI guess Dragon wins the taffy (Dreamy music) Vic: Oh man Vic: Oh manI should have guessed like A 7 or A B or something

I don't know (Vic gasps) (Vic gasps again) Vic: Bathtime! Vic: Hey Dragon, I'm uhhh going to get my bath (Baby playing her xylophone, Vic talking in the background) Vic: Hey Baby, I'm going to take my bath Vic: Ok Franklin, I'm gonna go take my bath (Relaxing music) Vic: Ahhhhh

Vic: Relaxation

Ahhhhhh (Bathwater running) (Knocking on bathroom door) Vic: Ahhhwho is it? (Blows out candles) Yes Franklin? Franklin: Can you help me put my spider back in the cage? Vic: Franklin, it's my bath time

Franklin: (Sadly) Okay (Knocking on bathroom door) Vic: Yes? Armond: Vic! Where do you keep the pruning tools? Vic: Uhhhh, they are in the shed Armond: Oh, uh thanks! Vic: You're welcome Vic: Ahhh Vic: Time to listen to some music (Relaxing music playing in Vic's headphones) Yeah Vic: (Startled) Franklin! I'm taking my bath! Vic: What kind of potion is it? Vic: Well, at least it's not like your uh ocean potion (Vic flashes back to when he turned into an octopus) Vic: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Vic: Ahhh, ok (Vic feels strange, dreadful music begins) Vic: Wha

What Vic: What?! No! No! Vic: WhoaOh no

I'm changing, I'm changing, I'm changing Ahhhwhoa whoa! What am I now? Vic: Ohhhh no!! I'm a dolphin now! Oh no! Oh no(Click, Click) I'm making dolphin noises now! Vic: OhI'm changing, I'm changing into something else! Vic: Ow, ow, my neck! Ow! Vic: No! Oh no no no no no, it's not good! Change me back! Change me back! Oh I'm changing into something else! Oh no! Vic: Ohhh godit's never gonna end! Oh no Oh no Oh no, I'm changing into another one! What am I now? Vic: What? Vic: No! Vic: Oh! I'm changing again! Vic: Ah! Am I back to normal? Vic: AhhhGo back to your bath time Vic

Go back to your bath time (Relaxing music) Vic: What! He's a vampire? Huh I must have missed that part (Dragon hears Vic in the bathroom) Vic: No, No, Don't do thatYou are gonna turn into a vampire! Vic: (Reading out loud) No No, don't kiss him! Don't kiss him, you're gonna turn into a vampire! Don't kiss him! (Vic screams) Geez! Dragon! You scared me to death! Vic: What? No, I'm not driving you to your castle destroying party Ok? Ahhh

Dragon, you have wings You can fly there! Vic: Ahhhrelaxation, relaxation Vic: Ahhhh (Armond on the phone) Armond: Uh, hey Vic Uhhh it's me, Armond, the gardener

Uh, Dragon has caught a tree on fire Armond: and it's starting to spread Uh, do you think you could grab like a bucket of water or something or a uh, yeah a bucket of water or something or a fire extinguisher? Armond: or something like that? Vic: Armond, I'm taking my Armond: Uh oh wait, hang on, ohhh now here comes the fire trucks What a crazy time for fire trucks to be coming here Armond: you know what I mean? Uh ok yep, so it's all fine We do not need your help anymore Bye Vic: Ahhh, relaxation, relaxation

Ahhhh Vic: Hello? Plumber: Yeah, so uh I was just calling you about your hot water heater Uh looks like well I went ahead and took the liberty Plumber: of coming in and starting the work

I dialed up the first number that you left with the business So uh, Plumber: we should be able to get this thing fixed here in about, uh I don't know, a couple hours or so so you're gonna be Plumber: without hot water for a little while Uh, as far as that other problem with your drain, Plumber: looks like I didn't have to snake the line (Comedy drum) Vic: But but but I'm taking my bath! Plumber: So yeah uh, I'll call you when I'm done Vic: Relaxation

Vic: Relaxation, Relaxation (Vic cold and shivering) Vic: (Shivering) HaHeyFFFranklin Vic: A warm potion? Vic: My coldness is gone! Vic: Franklin! Franklin! It got, it got rid of it! Now I can finally relax

(Relaxing music) (Strange dream sequence begins) Armond: Hey Vic Vic: Armond? (Baby banging on xylophone) Vic: Baby? Baby: (Creepy laughter) Heeeee Heeeee Heeeee (Vic gasping) Vic: Mr Froggy? (Tribal music) Vic: Oh my god Vic: Ah! Armond: (Creepy voice) Hey Vic! Where do you keep the gardening tools? (Maniacal laughter) Vic: Ah! (Franklin maniacally laughing) Vic: Oh no Vic: I'm seeing crazy things! Oh no! Oh no! Ah! (Vic whimpering) (Baby in a creepy, deep voice) Baby: Goo goo Gaa Gaa (Banging on xylophone) Donut: Hey Vic Vic: No! Donut: We're your friends Vic! Vic: You are not my friends! Ahhhhhh! Vic: (Gasping) I think it's worn off

(Vic panting) Vic: Now Vic! What are you doing? You've planned this Vic: You've plannedyou always wanted to do and finish your bath

You're a man Vic Vic: And I know exactly what I'm gonna do I'm gonna get in that tub, I'm gonna relax and Vic: (Inspirational music) I'm gonna finish my bath! (Fashion Show music) Host: Hello and welcome back to another episode of Tub World! Today we are Host: reporting live from Huxtonville to show you the next top tub! Host: We are in the home of Sir Bennington the Fourth, where we will be admiring his beautiful handmade Host: porcelain tub Ok ladies and gentlemen, this door behind me is the door that Host: leads to the porcelain tub Are you ready? Are you excited as I am? Let's go! Ah! Can you Host: feel the excitement? Are you ready? Let's go! Oh it's dark Ohhhh

Host: Let's goOh! Sir Bennington! You're in your tub! What does it feel like to be in this Host: beautiful porcelain tub? Sir Bennington? What? What! Ah! Ah! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cuuuuutttttt! Vic: Hey guys! Thank you so much for watching our video! Be sure to like, subscribe and get notified for all our Vic: new content

And also Armond: (Screaming) EeeeeeAhhhh Vic: Armond, what are you doing? Armond: I tried to make a dramatic entrance Ahhh Vic: You're not gonna kiss me are you? Armond: No! Vic: Okay, well anyway be sure to follow us on Vic: Facebook and Instagram Get social!


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