VicandFriends: Cat Yoga! With Hortense – PUPPETS AND TOYS KIDS SHOW

[Sitar music] >>Hortense: Hello and thank you for joining me today for Cat Yoga with Hortense >>Hortense: Just a few minutes a day of doing cat yoga can relax your mind and your body

>>Hortense: I don't know about you, but my feline mind becomes overworked [Screeching cat] >>Hortense: Another benefit to yoga is it keeps your joints[deep voice]nice and healthy >>Hortense: So you can be fast, >>Hortense: sweet and like me always land on your feet [Cat meow] >>Hortense: As a working career cat, >>Hortense: I find it difficult, due to my hectic schedule, >>Hortense: to squeeze in my full yoga workout

>>Hortense: But, even though I'm busy, it's still important to make time for a warm-up [Sitar music] >>Hortense: Warm-Up! >>Hortense: A good warm-up is necessary because it enhances your full kitty cat performance >>Hortense: And it keeps you from getting hurt >>Hortense: Now let's begin! >>Hortense: Who doesn't love some squats? >>Hortense: Squats! [Whip crack] >>Hortense: Squats build up your leg muscles to keep those hind legs strong when you jump from the floor >>Hortense: to your favorite windowsill [Cat purring] >>Hortense: Next up

arm circles! >>Hortense: You can do these anywherewhether you are inside in your cubicle >>Hortense: or outside frolicking in the grass

>>Hortense: Now let's kick things up a bit! >>Hortense: Let's start a little bit of soft aerobic exercise by walking in place >>Hortense: Get those paws on the floor and bouncebounce

stepstep! >>Hortense: Are you ready to start the yoga routine? >>Hortense: Not only is it good for your body, it's good for your mind >>Hortense: The first pose is the Mountain Pose >>Hortense: You're going to stand with your body nice and straight and >>Hortense: put your arms at your sides >>Hortense: Now just breathe [Inhaling breath] >>Hortense: Imagine yourself on a mountaintop [Chimes] >>Hortense: Next up

[agressive voice] Warrior Pose! [Intense music] >>Hortense: Legs go herearms go here[agressive voice]Warrior Pose! [Intense music] >>Hortense: This is what I like to call the Downward Cat

>>Hortense: [angrily] Not dog!! Cat Meow [Face down, Hortense mumbles directions to next yoga pose] [Still mumbling] [Calm music] >>Hortense: Let's just take a moment here to reflect >>Hortense: I began doing yoga due to some complications in my work [Flashback to Invinci-Pet] >>Hortense: So yoga has greatly changed my outlook on life [Sitar music] >>Hortense: Spunk! >>Hortense: Are you feeling like you need to add a little spunk to that yoga session? >>Hortense: Create your own mooooves! >>Hortense: I'm gonna show you some right meow! [Screeching cat] >>Hortense: Ball of Yarn!! >>Hortense: The cat and string! [Cat scratching] >>Hortense: And the Kitty Likes To Scratch! [Cat scratching] [Meow] [Sitar music] >>Hortense: Whew, what a workout

Now it's time to cool down >>Hortense: How about a quick catnap? [Silence] [Sitar music] >>Hortense: Whoo!! Much better! [Sitar music] >>Hortense: Oh! We have a special guest in our studio! >>Hortense: To join in all of the yoga fun >>Hortense: I'd like to introduce my co-worker Ron [Slowed down guitar music] >>Hortense: Come on out Ron! >>Hortense: He's coming [Slowed down guitar music] >>Hortense: Here he is! He made it! Ron! [Slowed down guitar music] >>Ron: [slowly] Heyyyyyyyyy >>Hortense: Thank you Ron! >>Hortense: That is all the time we have for today

>>Hortense: Thank you all for joining me on Cat Yoga With Hortense! >>Hortense: It just means so much to me, and thank you from the bottom of my hea >>Mr

Bingal (Hortense's boss at the Invinci-Pet Corporation): Hortense! >>Mr Bingal: What did I tell you about turning your cubicle into a yoga dojo? >>Mr Bingal: [clears throat] Now get back to work [Awkward silence] >>Mr Bingal: What is this thing here? Some sort of

[Television static] [Cut to Vic watching television] >>Vic: Man, this channel is so great it makes ME wanna exercise! [Vic straining to lift donut] >>Vic: AHHHHMMMMMM [Lip smacking] >>Vic: What? >>Vic: The headband? >>Vic: Matches the donut >>Vic: [chomping on donut] Oh man, this is great You should subscribe to this! Oh, I mean the channel too [Lip smacking] [Happy music]


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