Unboxing and Review Random wooden puzzle by FnZ Toys

Welcome back, at FnZ Toys Today, I will review toys for toddlers Here is the toy Let's spill the toy We only need to arrange it This is the edition of the world of the sea There are sharks, sea fish, crabs, puffer fish Sea turtles, dolphins and sea fish again and there are sea fish again Let's see another board This is the world edition of the sea again There is an Octopus There is a squid There are octopus, squid, fish, turtles Fish, starfish, lobster shrimp And I don't know what animals are :))) And now the farm series, There are horses, sheep, rabbits 2 Chicken Cows and 3 ducks And the barn Next is the farm series again There are chickens, ducks, dogs Sheep Sheep, Cows and horse Now we see the next board Transportation Series On this board there is a racing car, Fire engine, helicopter Train, Ambulance, and Ship Alright, now we look at the board for shapes There is a square, circle, rectangular shape Triangle, oval, heart shape Diamonds, and stars Now the form board of work equipment Hammer I don't know the names of these equipment I only know hammer And this is the last, heavy vehicle series I don't know the names of all these vehicles OK, it's finished Now I will show This toy is made of wood The wood is very good And safe for toddlers I will show you how to play


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