Ultimate Tour of Massive Toy Store Watto’s Grotto with Force Awakens Toys – Timmy’s Toy Box

Alright so here we are outside Watto's Grotto where there is a downed snow speeder Pretty cool

And an olda copy of the old trading card, which I might have Life size

And then here we are going into Wotto's Grotto Lot's of R2 stuff Vader Sabers, tee shirts, hats, some very nice artwork Luggage This nice little Disney Jedi mashup is an original piece of art for 4800 dollars

More over here Books, cell phone covers Then we enter Tatooine One whole wall is a Jawa Sandcrawler LEGO The new racers

Which are replacing the pixar cars, it would seem Figures and ships

Micromachines Playsets Talking figures Big guys Weapons Over here we got the Force Push POPS

Plush BB-8 Spinning top BB-8 with lights and sounds Mini plushes and everything BB-8 Cups, tee shirts, hats, More tee shirts, more hats More racers

And now we're headed down to the Droid Factory Nice double sunset mural on the wall So this is the Build Your Own Lightsaber And over here is the Build Your Own Droid Hi, did you build all these? I did not, I built the first black and gold one

Trooper Oh that's cool! One Captain Phasma in a mix of Troopers Old Star Wars stuff and some new Star Wars stuff More artwork Everything Yoda

New big guys New playset and Kylo Ren stuff


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