Twin Dolls – Escape the Night S3 (Ep 6)

Male announcer: Previously on "Escape the Night" Joey's secret has begun to unravel I've been here before That's where the carnival master is I died, and if I don't save this town, I die with it

Announcer: The adventurers have found half the artifacts and escaped the strongman's prison Okay, Manny, come on Announcer: Safiya uncovers a Lazarus coin – Yes! – Yes! Announcer: And Matt is killed in the final challenge Hey, wait! Hey! Wait, wait! Rosanna: His last words were, "Go find that other coin," and that's the only way we can honor him

( ominous music ) ♪ ♪ I can make them so alive and magical Everyone in town will need one And soon they'll be knocking down your door What do I need to do? Place your hands on the altar ♪ ♪ ( ominous whooshing ) ( ominous music ) ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ♪ ♪ Children, we'll be able to keep the shop now

I'll never let anything happen to you ( soft whooshing ) I promise ♪ ♪ Knife Knife Knife

– Knife! – ( screams ) ( sinister music ) ( woman screams ) ( woman cackling ) ( motorcycle engine roaring ) ( blade shinks ) ( woman screams ) ( man choking ) ( man groans ) ♪ ♪ ( monster roars ) ♪ ♪ I'm over this! All my friends are dying! Matt was one of our last hopes Now he's dead because of Joey, thank you so much If anyone, blame Manny! – Manny's the one who went up– Manny: Me? You went up against him! 'Cause I'm the strongest bitch here! Nobody misses him more than I do I miss him so much Colleen: Listen up, guys! I've come to the conclusion we're all gonna die anyway, so we might as well just enjoy our last moments

Cheers to that Honestly, Colleen can go somewhere else, because she keeps pointing the finger at me Go ahead, Colleen Go talk to Mortimer I don't want to be around Joey, 'cause I'm positive he's lying

So why don't you and I just leave together? We need to find that coin And I'm gonna make it my mission to find that If I have to prove myself, I will I would honestly love to do that Let's just go upstairs

They're gonna die anyway! I mean, we're gonna die anyway Colleen, what are you doing? Let her live her own damn fantasy Honestly, Mortimer was, like, so an hour ago, so Colleen can have him All right, Colleen, enough is enough Get over here

We have work to do Something has changed on the map Manny: What does it say? – "There will be blood "on all of your hands The price of being a hero in this town of horrors" What else is new on here? Joey: The Dollmaker's Shoppe! – No! – No

Creepy dolls are the– like, creepy! It says, "The Doll Maker's children have changed "They want to spin in circles, "but keep fighting over which horse to ride Maybe you can help?" All right, so, clearly, they're gonna be dolls But what about the horses? "Spinning in circles," that's obviously the merry-go-round ( gasps ) Let's go the merry-go-round! – Horses, merry-go-round

Duh – Yes – Good job, Nikita Let's go – All right

Yeah Come on, lover boy I'm pissed at these people, but at this point, I have to work with them if I want to survive, so I follow them out to the merry-go-round Nikita: We see a box and a big button, and I'm like, "Should I just press it? Like, I don't know, guys, should we just start this damn thing?" – Can I do it? – Press it ( buzzer blares ) – There it goes

– Oh, my God! – It works! – There it goes Colleen: Nikita pushes the red button, and the merry-go-round starts spinning Safiya: The box opened! Colleen: Hurry up Safiya: The box opened! Colleen: Yep Okay

– Oh, God – All right "The Night Killer's doll is split in two: "the body and the head "To begin cleansing the doll, "you must find the body and reconnect the head "But be careful! – "The Doll Maker's children were corrupted by the artifact

Nikita: Oh, God Safiya: To cleanse this artifact, we're gonna have to reattach this head to the body, – wherever that might be Joey: We need to find a body Nikita: I'm thinking the doll maker's place That's the only place

Mortimer: I think she's got a good point ( spooky creaking ) I bolt over there because I want to figure this out and I want to go home And suddenly, right in front of the front door, I see a little, tiny doll foot Wait, there's feet! Manny: Follow the trail Colleen: There we go

– There's another one Manny: There it is There it goes We see the next foot and then another little foot There's more over here! It's like a trail of bread crumbs

Rosanna: Wait, there's a key on this one! – We have a key now – Here's a lock! – There's a lock in here – Yeah, and that was the last one It leads us to this door in this really sketchy part of town, honey We have a key

– Let's get inside, guys – It worked! Manny: I feel like I'm watching a horror movie with us and I'm yelling at myself on the screen, "Don't go in there, you dumb bitch!" And we're walking in Does it feel right? – Oh, my God – Oh, my God Nikita: Well, you guys, come on, let's get in

This warehouse looks like a torture chamber for dolls Nikita: This is literally out of my nightmare! ( suspenseful music ) Wait, guys, this is the body! It's over here! Safiya: Inside of the glass case is what looks like the body that corresponds to the head of the doll that we need to connect Okay, what's this? Joey: What? Ugh, not that I want to be reading a creepy journal Okay Manny: "I didn't know what the carnival master had given me

" – Mm-mm – "It's no ordinary doll "I discovered it's made from the skin of a serial killer" – Oh, my God – Oh, my God "Known as the Night Killer "I couldn't fathom the things he did to people "I locked the case with each act

"Only a sick and twisted mind will be able to open it And they'll deserve what they find" A sick and twisted mind? Joey, that's you! ( laughs sarcastically ) Safiya: There are these clues in front of every doll And by the looks of it, you guys, I think we're gonna have to torture these dolls ( shudders ) Safiya: Each torture device basically tells us how we have to torture each doll to open one of the locks on the glass case in the middle of the room

Colleen: The first doll I'm seeing is sitting by a big bowl of water, and I know that I need to drown this doll – Come on over Let's drown this bitch! – Who wants to do it? Colleen: So the note says, "The bad ones he sent to the bottom of the lake" This is full of coins There's one on this ankle, so we gotta put one on the other to make him sink

I do not like being a serial killer ♪ ♪ Wait, you guys, one of the locks just opened! Manny: Oh, my God! It worked! Colleen: Oh, it's working You guys did it! You drowned him! Manny: You guys did it! Okay, keep going Let's get it done "This one is tongue-tied

Getting her to talk may be a stretch" I have to stretch something What do I have to stretch? Joey: Oh, my God, this is so creepy! Colleen: Tongue-tied stretch it– Oh, the tongue just broke, so Wait, Colleen, what is this? Colleen: Hmm ♪ ♪ – Did it work? – Yeah, I think you got it Safiya: I don't understand this one "Sawing right down the middle is the key No touching the doll, but you may still have to get your hands dirty

" We need to find a saw Joey and I end up in front of this doll that needs to be sawed in half But we don't have a saw Guys! We found a jar It says, "Reach inside if you dare

" Manny: I bet it's in there I bet the saw is inside that thing All right, someone hold my jacket – I got it – "Reach inside if you dare

" – Oh, that is some weird texture! – Oh! Oh! – Ohh! – Okay ( grunts ) – Put your hand into this – ( screams ) I don't know what that is It's like ramen noodles – Like old, crusty– – Definitely doll hair

– ( gags ) – Oh, I got the key! I feel around, and I find a key Colleen: Which corresponds to a red toolbox that was also on the shelf ( shimmering tone ) – Here's the saw – Oh, yeah – All right

– Okay, great Saw down the middle Colleen and Safiya: "No touching the doll" ♪ ♪ Oh, this angle is not any better Joey: Right there, right there

Colleen: Did it work? Oh, it opened! The last lock falls off We've got the body! Joey: "The Night Killer murdered over a hundred people "before he was carved up and turned into a doll "His evil acts live on in this child's toy, granting it the power to bring the inanimate to life" "After reconnecting the head, place the doll in the base "of the Maiden of Madness to complete the cleansing "Rumor has it the doll maker locked the maiden away inside his shop

" We're gonna have to put this doll inside of the Maiden of Madness, whatever that is Nikita: No, you guys, I have a really bad feeling about this one ( dramatic music ) ( crank rattling ) – Oh, my God! – What happened? That opened That opened That opened

Boom! Another clue just gets unlocked – "Be careful of the twins" – Twins? And we have a key We have a key I have no idea what exactly the key's for

Okay, let's go back to the doll shop Let's go this way, guys Oh! Guys, come on, come on Nikita: This note basically said beware of twins! What do those look like? Twins, bitch! Hi, are you guys nice? All of a sudden, these bitches break out into full Speed Racer – ( woman screams ) Joey: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! – Oh, my God! – No, no, no! Colleen: What do you want? Go, go, go! ( spooky laughter ) ( woman screams ) – Right here, right here

– Oh, my God Manny: I realize the key that I have is actually the key to unlock the lock that's at the front of the Dollmaker's Shoppe Oh! Oh, God! Go! Where is everyone? Where is everyone? Close the door! Close the door! We bust in, and we're safe for the moment ( dramatic music ) Guys, guys, guys, guys! Oh, my God! Come on, you guys, come on – Ro, come on! – I'm coming! Get in the doll shop! ( breathing heavily ) – Ro, get in! – Ro, hurry! ( laughing ) – ( screams ) – Close it! Close it! Jesus Christ! ( laughter ) We barely make it inside of this doll maker hellhole, and I'm like, "Oh, my God, why are there so many creepy things in this room?" Manny: So now we know that we need to find the Maiden of Madness' chamber

Okay, guys, it says, "I've hidden the Maiden of Madness behind three tests" – ( tapping on window ) – ( laughter ) "One of fear, one of pain, and one of blood "For the trial of fear, hit the switch and then place your hand inside the chute for ten seconds

" – A garbage disposal? – Yeah Nikita: I'll do it Joey: You will? Nikita: Yeah, I'll do it Joey: Okay Nikita: That's the switch? – The switch

– ( rattling ) – Oh, no! – Oh, my God! – Oh – Nikita, are you sure you want to do that? – My God! Who would want to put their hand down there? It's the challenge of fear I'm the troublemaker

I'm not supposed to be scared Maybe I'm not good at puzzles, maybe I'm not the strongest, but I'm probably the most fearless in this group Do you want to take your jacket off? Yeah, you're right Roll your sleeves up too You don't want that dress getting dirty when your hand gets chopped off

( rattling ) ( ominous music ) You got this, Nikita! – One, two – ( screams ) All: Three, four, five six, seven, eight, nine, ten! ( screaming ) Ten ( rattling stops ) – You okay? – Yeah, fine Colleen: You still have your hand Nikita: Yeah

( all gasp ) "Pull the lever if you can handle the pain It's quite shocking how hard it is to hang on to" I just saw Nikita go through the test of fear – I'll do it – ( electricity crackles ) – Whoa! – Oh, my God

Are you okay? Manny: It's zappy? Are you sure? I've had a lot of laser hair treatments So I grab the metal lever, and immediately, I feel a jolt of electricity go through my arm Can I hold on to this lever long enough to pull it over to the other side? – You got it, got it, got it – Push, push, push, push! – Come on, come on, come on! – Push, push, push, push! – Come on, push, push, push! – Oh, God! – You did it! – Got it ( rumbling ) It opened! Look, look, look, look! "The group must divide in two

"One will return to the warehouse "to claim the blood doll, "which can open the Maiden's frame "The other group must remain "and solve the trail of blood But hurry, the twins are coming" – Oh "Sooner or later, you must lead them to the jail cell and lock them up, or they'll stab you" All right, guys, we don't have much time – Okay, let's go All right, good luck, guys

– We gotta go back Okay, great, we're gonna split off into two groups again It's not like there's strength in numbers or anything Somehow, I get mixed into the group that has to go retrieve the blood doll Oh, my God

– I'll lock the door – Lock up behind you Joey, lead the way ( creepy laughter ) Joey: ( screams ) Run! Go, go, go! Guys, this way! – Go, go, go! – Come on! Mortimer: Hurry, Safiya! Hurry, hurry, come on! Come on! Come on, come on, come on – Hurry, come on, come on! – Close the door! – Oh, my God! Mortimer: Door shut, door shut, door shut! Good day, sir! Joey: Oh, my God

Hold it, hold on Here, here, here, here! Joey: Yeah, board it up! – Board it! Board it! – Good job, Ro ( singsongy ) Oh, my God! – Oh, my God – Okay, you guys, let's start Come on, let's do this quick

I'm staying with Nikita and Manny, and we have to figure out what the next blood challenge is Manny: Come on, open it up Oh, my God Oh, wait, no, no, no, it's a book Nikita: "Once Upon a Murdery Time

" Maybe we have to read to them I'm looking around I'm trying to figure out what to do next Oh, wait, no! Oh, my God, go! Get out, get out, get out! All of a sudden, a twin walks in ( laughter ) Colleen: Then I remember we have to entice this little twin into prison

And what do these creepy little twins like? They like dolls – Manny? – Yeah We have to get this bitch to the jail You need to come out, and we have to lure him with dolls right now Okay, come on

– Hi! – Go! – See this? Want a doll? – Go Manny: You like this? You like it? Come on! Come here! This way! Look at the dolls I have! Come here Don't kill me! ( ominous music ) Nikita: I'm honestly so shocked that this is working We are luring this demon doll into the jail So we realize, okay, we have this bedtime story that we got from another clue

"She left her family to travel the world in pursuit of the perfect methods"– – It's over! – ( screams ) Bam! We locked that mother trucker inside Manny: It's in Colleen: Go to bed! Manny: Lay down Let's go back Let's go back

Come on Okay, we have one little bitch locked in jail Let's keep it going, and let's solve the rest of this clue ♪ ♪ So we're at the warehouse to claim the blood doll, which is supposed to be able to open the Maiden of Madness, wherever that might be Okay, so we have a key

We need to look for what this opens Rosanna: Here, what about this? – Yes! – That's definitely it So Joey has the key from the Dollmaker's Shoppe, and we're able to open this crate "Four cups of blood exactly in one pour" We've got two jars, one that has three cups and one that has five

( gasps ) I saw this– There's blood here I think we have to insert the four cups of blood into this We have to pour four cups of blood with one pour One vial is measured at five cups, one vial is measured at three cups, and we have a big tub of blood Safiya: First, we just start pouring blood into the cups, almost just to visualize it

– What if we fill the five – Yes! And then we pour this into that cup? Because whatever's left in here is what goes in there Yes! We realize that the difference between five and three is two

– Okay Cool – So basically, we fill this up – all the way, pour it into here – Yes – Three

– And whatever we have left in here is two cups – Two cups – Yep – Nice – So this is–in here has gotta be two cups, right? – There are now two in here

– This goes back in here – Right – Exactly – Whoa, I'm so sorry! – That's okay Joey: Girl, you have blood all over your hands! Oh, gross! Oh, gross! Oh, gross! Grab this stuffing

Safiya: Here, there's this – Oh, jeez Now I look like I'm feathered So now we've got two cups exactly in here, right? So we need to double this somehow The problem is that we need to do this twice

And if we do the same method again, we'll lose our original measurement We just need to figure out where we can hold that amount, because we have to do all four in one pour And then I see the jar full of blood and doll's hair that Joey reached into earlier – Here we go Rosanna: Okay, go for it

Joey: Ugh Safiya: Oh! Joey: That's sick – Give me that two cups – Two cups! In we go! Ugh! This is gross So fill this up again to five cups

Colleen: So we do it again, leaving two behind in the original cup – Give me that one – The leftover in here – Yes – Will give us the final amount Two and two, that should be four Okay Steady pour

Joey: Okay – That should be four– – ( crashes ) – ( screams ) – Shh! ( chuckles ) Joey: Oh, my God! That is the most terrifying demonic doll I have ever seen in my entire life Safiya: So we run back into the shop, and we have this drawer full of doll heads that we need to figure out what to do with

Nikita: It's the last and final piece we need to get this Maiden of Madness – Mine are looking in different directions – Wait, mine are too We notice that the directions they're looking in are very, very specific What if we line them up? We have one going right, up, left, – down, down

– And left – Wait, there's six! – There's six – And there's six heads! – And there's six dolls Okay Okay, so we have to– – We have to– – Yeah, we have to put them on the spikes

Wait, get the book Get the book The book has to be a clue We notice that all the eyes on the dolls are going different directions And we have this weird, creepy book

Here Oh, yes, "She left"– – Okay, the keys are in here! – "She left"– "Once upon a time, a maiden grew up"– Manny: Up! Grew up! Colleen: Grew up! So that's– The first one's looking up! We need to put these doll heads in the order that the story tells us "She left her family to travel the world in pursuit of the perfect method"– ( gasps ) Oh, my God, it's bleeding! "Though many dissuaded her, she insisted her path was right" – Okay, so is that one looking right? – That's looking to the right Nikita: And we have to put the corresponding doll on this, like, spear thing

– Is it down? – It's down Okay We finally get the last doll head on, and boom, trapped door opened up Colleen: Oh, it opened! ( door slams ) Oh, my God! ( ominous music ) – Oh, my God! – One more challenge Ro, you– you want a baby? Okay, thanks

Thanks, Joey Ooh, creepy creep creep! "You have the blood doll and should go, "but if you're a seeker of thrills, "there's one last treasure to uncover If you want to play, swallow the red pill" This is some "Matrix" shiz The question is, do we want to play? I'll do it

– It says– – Joey, this is dangerous I– If you want to do this, I support you, but this looks like drugs You guys trusted me, and you didn't vote for me in that competition, so I'll take this for the team I need to really redeem myself So you know what? I'm gonna take one for the team, and I'm gonna swallow this damn red pill

( ominous music ) – ( door opens ) – Something opened! ( spooky laughter ) "At the bottom of the molten tar – lies a treasure" Rosanna: Uh-oh I got this You got this, Joey You got this Joey

It's just chocolate cake batter! Oh, it's thick! Oh, my God Okay Oh, my gosh! – What is this? – Whoa! Holy crap! Okay! Yep, I'm gonna keep searching Oh, wait I think I got something

Rosanna: Oh, yeah? – Ugh! I have no idea Okay What is it? – It's a coin! It's a– – It's a coin? – Yes – Wait, let me see Let me see

Here It's a Lazarus coin Oh, shit It's the final coin! So now we have both, so if we get out of here, we can open that box Okay, let's get out of here

Let's meet up with the others ( spooky laughter ) Joey: ( screams ) Go! Go! – Go, go, go! – ( screams ) – Come on, guys! Joey: Run! Joey: Run till you can't go no more! Rosanna: Door, door, door, door, door! Go, go, go! Come on, go, go, go! – Come on, come on, come on! – Come on, come on, come on! Oh, hell no! Just as the trap door is opening, Joey and all of our friends come running into the shop Oh, my gosh, guys – Are you okay? – Are you okay? – What the hell is that? – I found the other coin – Joey found the other coin! – You're lying! – What? – Yes! Oh, my God, we have two coins

All this time, Colleen was accusing him He proved himself to the group Now I'm kind of eating my words, 'cause maybe he was telling the truth We also found this door over here! So I think we need to go inside We need to go inside there and figure out how to cleanse this artifact

Oh, dear Lord Oh Safiya: All there is is this sort of large metal contraption in the middle of the room

She's real scary-lookin' "Seal the blood doll in the Maiden's face to open the chamber" Do we have to go up there? Yeah, I don't think I can reach that – I'm the tallest Let me do it

Joey: Yeah, Manny In order to unlock whatever's inside of this Maiden of Madness, we have to present it with the doll that we got ( clanking and rumbling ) Okay, Manny, I think we need to open it ( creaking ) – Oh, my God! – Oh, my God! Nope, nope, uh-uh There are spikes, tons of blood, organs on the ground

It honestly looked like something out of a horror movie or a really bad Saturday night "You have opened the Maiden of Madness, "and regret will surely follow "To cleanse the Night Killer's doll, it must first be placed in the chamber beneath her feet" ( creaking ) Oh, my God! Nikita: RIP, bitch ( slams ) "Then one of you must be chosen by vote "to forfeit their life and enter the Maiden

"Once the door has been sealed "and their screams have ceased, "the doll will be cleansed Choose wisely Their death will weigh on your conscience" – What? – Wait, so one of us has to commit suicide? We have to choose someone right now to go inside there I'm stepping down

Don't want to get murdered – Any volunteers? – Hell no! We literally have to choose one of our friends to die right here, right now No challenge, no chance to fight Do you remember how, on the map, it said that there will be blood on our hands? This is what they meant Should we all, like, plead our case right now? – Like, I don't know– What do we do? – I don't know

I was not expecting this Okay, guys, I think this is definitely a plead your case moment Colleen: Okay – Yeah, I stuck my hand down that drain and down that pipe, and I was very active as a member and especially in this challenge, for bravery Agreed completely

I'm not going in there, honey I think that you guys are all great, but I don't think there's another puzzle solver in this group the same way that I can do it, so We've never actually killed one of our friends before, so I don't know what to do

– Ro? – I have a lot of heart I have your back, 100% At this point, I love everyone in the room It's a no-win situation I'm one of the strongest competitors

I feel like we might need boot string for something Who knows? Please let me not get voted in I found this coin And we know that this coin is going to give us an advantage in some way So I feel like I brought an advancement to us

I have proved myself Thank you! One of the biggest things I feel I've done so far, even though it might have been a little bit problematic, was have a gut feeling about Joey, and because of that, we found out something really important And you have proved yourself, and I'm sorry that I came for you I'm super confused, because I was so sure that Joey was doing something terrible to all of us, but now I feel like maybe he's trying to help But we wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for that

I really think you need me to get to the end Any rift that I've caused in this group is because I'm angry that my friends are dying So basically, all we've said is, we all need to be here This really isn't that difficult for me I know what I have to do, and it's just right in front of me, and I'm just gonna do it

I guess I'm just gonna be up front and honest I'm gonna vote for you Joey, I'm sorry I came for you earlier, but you were lying to us But that was my secret to tell, and you forced me into that situation But you forced all of us into a town where everyone is dying

I understand Joey, do not vote for me, please I think we're running out of time I think it's time We gotta keep this fair

Everyone stand over here Nikita: Everyone did contribute in some way So this is really, really tough, but at the same time, we need to all come to one consensus here Come Colleen: These are all my friends

Everyone's working so hard together I honestly don't know who to vote for ( ominous music ) Joey: At this point, Colleen's just trying to cause drama between me and everyone else And we just can't have that ♪ ♪ I don't want to be shady about this

I'm sorry, Colleen I just want to prove to everyone that I have all my cards on the table Colleen: I just don't know how anyone can look someone in the face and say, "I'm gonna put you in this terrifying spike box and murder you" Manny: I'm gonna have to vote Colleen in, 'cause I don't know if I can trust her fully She started going after Joey, but then all of a sudden, now she starts to be like, "Oh, I forgive you

" If she can turn so fast on Joey, can she do that to me too? Nikita: I honestly think Colleen deserves to go into the Maiden of Madness She is a maiden, and she's a little mad ♪ ♪ You were wrong to accuse him Colleen: I feel betrayed I'm heartbroken

I've apologized to him I thought we fixed this situation – I'm sorry Joey: It's okay, Ro Rosanna: Voting for her is breaking my heart

I just know that I have to have Joey's back Safiya: I'm the last one to vote And I already know that Joey, Nikita, and Ro all voted for Colleen I'm not saying that I want Colleen to die, but I don't want it to be me ♪ ♪ I will now shuffle and draw one

Colleen: I cannot believe that my friends are trying to kill me I've never been more scared in my whole life than I am right now ♪ ♪ The disco dancer – Please, please – Colleen – Please don't do this, please

– You have to – I'm sorry – Stop! Please don't do this! Please don't do this! – Stop! – I'm sorry I'm sorry – I'm sorry

I'm sorry – Please, you guys! – Please stop! – Guys, seriously? – Don't do this to me, please! – Colleen, I'm sorry ( Colleen screaming ) ( melancholy music ) ♪ ♪ ( rattling and clanking ) ♪ ♪ ( eerie whooshing ) There's no point in shedding tears anymore We have to all be strong If we don't complete all of this before sunrise, everyone would've died for absolutely nothing

I'm just as sad as everyone else that Colleen's gone, but at the same time, hello, people! We gotta go! Now that we have the two coins, we can open the box ( dramatic music ) ♪ ♪ The artifact is cleansed We gotta get going What happened to it? Once we cleansed the artifact, he's a goner Oh, my God, you're right

Nighty night, bitch ( eerie whooshing ) But there's also this The good news is, we have the second coin for the Lazarus box So I pull my coin out Joey: I'm just hoping that this coin can offer some sort of hope for us, because the morale in the group is pretty low

This better be worth it One, two three

( creaking ) It's a harp "The harp of Lazarus only has one song left to play "before its magic is gone "Its music has the power to bring one "of your friends back from the dead Name them and strum the harp three times" Oh, my God! I just got chills! What? We're gonna bring someone back? This changes everything

"The two who found the coins will make the final choice on who returns" We have to decide who comes back Please choose wisely Who in the hell are they gonna pick? It better be someone good I think there's definitely one person in my mind that I want to bring back for sure

There's one person in my mind as well There are a lot of people to choose between, but I'm looking at Joey, and Joey's looking at me And I think we both know who we want to bring back ( strumming harp )


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