Transformers Play Doh Autobot Workshop Playset Video Review // Fuzzy Puppet

Surprise eggs kinder surprise hello kitty Easter egg opening videos for kids toys Hi kids! Today I'm going to review Transformers 4 Autobot Workshop

Ya! The play set is by Play-Doh where Disney CARS roll in and robots roll out Play Doh Transformers Autobot Workshop Playset Transform Shopkins surprise eggs kinder surprise Disney Frozen Hello Kitty Chocolate egg

Here is everything that comes in the box You get four molds, three tools, the workshop and four tubs of Play-Doh Make sure we are set on bumble bee transformer Wow so now take your knife and just remove the excess dough Now that's it just like that

And now we're done! Ya! Now let's make optimus truck Put your dough in the plane smush it down and remove excess dough Put the black truck inside OK lets smoosh him down Here he goes inside

Wow look at that it's so cool Woah look how cool he is! Wow! OK put him in there he goes And the best part of all is you can use your autobots transformers playset to transform despicable me minions into transformers! Ok let's put them in the machine and transform them! get in there you! Yay that was a lot of fun kids! Ok that completes today's show! Bye bye!


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