Toys For Tots DIY Pickup Truck

hi everybody this is a wood tinkerer also known as Chris Glitzos all of you looking at my channel and making a special shout-out shout-out is simple Toys For Tots let me repeat that Toys For Tots I would like you guys to go into your basement into your workshops into your garage and I like you to build a toy for a nice young needy kid out there and I like it take it and drop it into a toys for tots drop off box for those of you would like to copy this design email me and I will be more than happy to email you the same layout and design that i did so you can copy and make one for yourselves if you don't have the facility to make a toy please go out to a toy store pick up something off the shelf and drop it at a drop off toys for tots facility so with no further ado let me show you how this one was done we are going to use adhesive to lay the design on top of a two-by-four that we're going to use for the body of the pickup truck i am using a scroll saw for this project but if you do not have a scroll saw a band so we'll do but if you don't have none of these two tools a regular handheld jigsaw would do the job just as well time to draw the holes where the drive shaft will freely rotate i'm using a three-eighths of an inch drill bit it could be slightly larger for ease and freedom of movement I'm eyeballing a three quarter of an inch hole right next one I'm going to make a one-inch hole i'm using a forstner bid for this I'm drilling both sides halfway one side halfway the opposite side so you could end up with a nice clean opening on both ends use a 1 inch Forstner bit to make it first hole don't go all the way go half way use a magic market to mark the depth so you can make every single cut the same depth go over every single partial hole you made with a 2-inch hole saw cut on both sides meeting halfway this will ensure a clean cut it also makes it easy to be able to pull the finished piece out of the hole saw let's make some fine sawdust all pieces need a nice soft touch no sharp edges on this build the wheels have to be nice and soft defenders the body everything has to feel nice soft rounded edges it will require a lot of sanding so be prepared for this time to lay out the fenders we are going to use two pieces of wood for this one on top of the other we are going to secure it with a clear tape this will ensure lubrication as well I recommend you cut the 2-inch also wheel wells first reason you will have more material to hold onto to save some time i'm using a routed to round off the edges you can also use a wooden rasp and sandpaper to get the same effect if you do not have a router no sharp edges here I decided to add some headlights i'm using a three-eighths of an inch Forstner bit to drill the hole side-by-side for the placement of the headlamps cut It down approximately the length of the headlamps and round off one corner and that's how the appearance of a headlamp is made there are two ways to fasten the axle to the wheel one is glue it directly to the wheels another way will be to use end caps on the dowel pins this will ensure that the dowel pin or drive shaft will rotate freely within the body as the wheels will rotate freely on the dowel pin as well to ensure that this toy will be safe for a toddler to handle i'm using butcher-block oil to give it a nice finishing touch zooms zoom brrrrrrmmmmm done


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