Toy Scientist Finds an Abandoned Safe!

(chalk scratching) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy (bubbling – OK, Toy Scientist, do you think we have enough creek samples to take back to the lab? – You know what? We probably do Let's go ahead and pack up our things and we'll head back

(bird whistling) (toys dropping) – Hey, what's that over there? – You know, I'm not sure Let's go investigate (running) – OMG, it's a safe! – I think you're right, Addie – What's a safe? – Well, a safe is something that stores valuable items usually, and usually you have to have like a secret code or a lock and key to get inside – Wow

I wonder what valuable items are inside Let's try and open it – OK (lock rattling) Hmmm It's definitely locked, and you know what, it looks like we need some sort of PIN number right here to get it opened

(sneaking music) – [Man] Hmmmm Oh, no They found it – Let me try some numbers (beeping) (lock clunking) – Didn't work

– Let me take a shot at it (beeping) (lock clunking) No luck We need to know the exact numbers and the code to open it – You know what? Let's take it back to the science lab and see if we can crack the code there Oooh

Come on, girls! (fun music) Oooh – What do you think's in the safe, Toy Scientist? – I really have no idea – Maybe lots of money! – Or gold coins! (sneaking music) (leaves rustling) – Do you girls hear something? – I don't know Is someone following us? (leaves stop rustling) (sneaking music) – You must have been hearing something – I suppose you're right

Let's keep going – Back to the lab (fun music) (sneaking music) (bubbling) – OK (Gasp) Oh my goodness (threatening music) – What in the world happened in here? – It looks like someone broke into the toy lab

– And like they were looking for something, by the way this place has been destroyed – Do you think it has anything to do with the safe that we found? – I have no idea, but let's get this place cleaned up as best we can and then we'll work on cracking the safe – I'm gonna go lock the door, just in case – Good idea, Addie (lock clicks) – Yeah, we don't want the bad guys to come back

(upbeat music) – What a mess this is – Oh, the creepy crawlers are loose! Ewww (upbeat music) – Eugh – Ewww (upbeat music) – Um, Toy Scientist, you didn't have a pet bird, did you? – A pet bird? No

Why are you asking? – Well, what's that up there? – Oh WhoaThat doesn't look like a real bird, – That's a Little Live Pets Songbird – I think you're right, Addie, but that was definitely not here when I left for the creek this morning – What do you think's going on? Was somebody searching for that? And they couldn't see it 'cause it was up too high? – Maybe that was why the lab was all torn apart

– I wish I had the answers, girls Maybe if we get it down and open up the toy, there'll be some sort of clue that will help us piece all of this together (bubbling) – Wow, the bird is pretty cute – [Maya] Let's open it – Wow, look at the wings glow! And let's see what happens when we press the button

(bird whistling) – (gasps and laughs) Wait, I think we heard this bird song at the creek – This exact song? – Yeah – Yeah, there were lots of birds in the trees making this exact sound – Really? This is very strange There must be some sort of clue here that's gonna help us with this safe

Otherwise, I don't know what's going on – Hey, can't you record your voices on here too? – Yeah, I think you just hold down that button and say something, and it repeats it to you – Little birdy, how do we open the safe? – Seven – What? – This toy must be broken It's not repeating what I said

– Wait a minute Try it again, Maya – OK Are there gold coins in the safe? – Seven It's still broken

– Wait a minute, Maya Did you hear what the bird said? – Yeah, it keeps saying "Seven" It's broken – But what if it's one of the numbers that we need to get in the safe? – I bet you're right, Addie! Why else would there be a Little Live Pets Bird in my lab that wasn't here this morning? And why else would it be saying the number seven? – The number seven is probably super important – I'm gonna write it on the whiteboard so we don't forget it

– Good idea, Addie (upbeat music) – Since there's a toy clue here that gave us a number, there must be some more clues in the lab – And that would explain why my toy lab was ransacked this morning Someone must really want whatever's inside that safe – You're right, Toy Scientist

That makes perfect sense – They knew the clues were hidden in my lab, and that's why they were looking for them – Let's start looking for another clue – Absolutely (bubbling) – I can't believe they found my safe and the first number to unlock it

I want what is inside that safe for myself (bubbling) (upbeat music) (toys clattering) – Nothing in there – [Addy] No I think I found something, you guys – Great, what it is? – What? What? What? – It's the Barbie Crystal Geology Set

Does it look familiar? – No I have not seen this in my lab before It must be a clue! – Do you see anything on the box that would help open the safe? – Not really Maybe we should open it up and see if there's any clues inside – Good idea

Let's get it open so hopefully we can get the safe cracked (bubbling) OK, so we have three tools, a plaster block, some rings, and an experiment manual – I don't see anything that could be a clue This is so frustrating – OK, let's not give up, girls

We can do this There's got to be something here – I have an idea How about we use these tools to excavate the plaster block? – Not a bad idea There should be gems in here to put on the rings, but maybe there's clues inside the gems

– Great thinking – Come on, girls We've got to get that safe open (fun music) (hammering) – I think I found something, you guys! – What is it? – It's almost out – [Maya] (gasps) – [All] It's a number three! – It must be another number to unlock the safe! – Good work, girls

Let's add it to the board (bubbling) – I can't believe they found the second number! I must get my hands on that safe so I can have the treasures to myself (threatening music) (bubbling) (upbeat music) (toys clattering) – I think I found something! Come check it out! – What is it? Let's see! – It looks like an electronic journal – A journal? I bet there's a note on one of the pages that'll tell us a number for the safe – I sure hope so

Let's get it open! – Got the bracelet on Now it's time to get this baby opened – [Journal] Time to write down all those really big secrets – Great Now that the journal's open, let's start looking for a clue

(upbeat music) – Stickers here, but no numbers – Wait a minute I have one of these at home, and I know this is a black light pen Someone could have written a secret invisible message in it – How do we see it, Addie? – Toy Scientist, can you turn off the lights, please? – Sure, no problem

(clicks) – OK, let's get the black light out and check again – Alright, shine it right here – [Toy Scientist] Whoa! – That's the number eight! – Let me get the lights back on and we'll add it to the board, girls (clicks) (upbeat music) Good work, Maya – Toy Scientist, how many numbers are usually in a safe code? – Well, usually I think there's about four, which means there's probably one more clue in here just waiting for us to find it

(doorknob rattles) (threatening music) – You guys, check out the door – Oh my goodness, someone's trying to get back here – (gasps) They must really want whatever's in that safe, girls – Don't worry about it Remember, I locked the door

– OK, guys It looks like they gave up We better find that last clue fast and get that safe opened – Everybody start hunting – Alright, let's go girls! (toys clatter) (doorknob rattles) – Did you look here? Nope, not there

(toys crashing) It's gotta be here guys Oh! I think I found something, girls! – Our Pikmi Pops! – Yeah, but the Push-Me-Up variety, and there's four of them This has got to be the final clue, girls – Should we pop them? Maybe the clue's inside of them – Sure

How 'bout you each pop one and I'll pop two of them, and hopefully we'll pop a clue out of here (crinkling plastic) – [All] One, two, three, POP! – Quick, let's look for the clue! – OK, it's got to be here somewhere Alright open these up and look inside the plushes Super cute, smells delicious, but it's not a clue Keep looking! – Let me open mine! Cute, but no clue

– Notecard, note card, let me seeAh, no! I don't understand We have the confetti, the scented plush, the messages, but no clue! – This has to be a clue

It must be here somewhere – Well, nothing popped out of them Is there something else about the four Pikmi Pops that could be a clue? – I just don't know (doorknob rattles) – Me neither, but the door handle's jiggling again, so we better figure it out quick – Hey, wait a minute

We only had one Little Live Pet Bird, one Barbie Geology set, and one electronic journal, but we have four Pikmi Pop Surprises – Four must be the number! – We have all four numbers Seven, three, eight, and four Let's open the safe now! Seven, three, eight, four (lock clunks) What? It's not opening? – OK, don't panic

We have all four numbers, yes, but we don't know what order they go in – They have to be in a certain order? – That's right The sequence of the numbers matters So, seven, three, eight, four won't open the lock if the code is, for example, four, eight, three, seven – Four, eight, three, seven, OK

Four, eight, three, seven (safe beeps) That didn't work either – Alright, we need to go about this scientifically We'll list out all of the possible combinations, and then we'll try them all in order So we have seven, three, eight, four

And then seven, three, four, eight – Seven, eight, four, three (doorknob rattles) – Ah, we gotta get going OK, now if we have three first, we have three, seven, eight, four – Three, seven, four, eight

– Four, seven, three, eight – Four, eight, three, seven – Perfect! And then four, eight, seven, three And eight, seven, three, four Whoo

– Come on, let' start trying them (doorknob rattles) – Better go quickly, girls That door handle's jiggling again – Seven, four, eight, three (Safe beeps) Didn't work

– Three, seven, four, eight (Safe beeps) – Come on, come on (upbeat music) – Four, three, seven, eight (safe beeps) – Oh, that didn't work either – Four, three, eight, seven

(Key pad beeps) (Safe beeps) (Sighs) (safe beeps) (lock rattles) – Come on, come on OK, next up, eight, three, four, seven (beeps) (safe clicks) – (gasps) I think it worked! – What's it gonna be? (all gasp) – Mini Boos Collectibles! – No wonder someone really wants this safe Who doesn't love Beanie Boos and Mini Boos? – And these are Season Two! (doorknob rattles) – Now that the safe's open, let's take the Mini Boos, sneak out the back door, and open them at your girls' house – Good idea, 'cause this is kinda creeping me out

– Alright, girls Grab 'em and let's go! That way, girls (Bubbling) – Ah-ha! I found the spare key And now the safe and all the valuable contents are mine (laughs villainously) Back away from the safe, it's mine! Oh, hello? Ah-ha! The safe! No! It's empty! Noooooo! The Toy Scientist won again! (bubbling) – I can't wait to see which Mini Boos Collectibles I get next! – I really hope I get Glitter next

She looks so sparkly – Oh, I got Boom Boom! – I wanted that one Let's see what I get now – What is it, Maya? – I wanted this one! – That's Tabitha, Maya – Here you go, Boom Boom

And now let's see what's next Oh, a little penguin – I got Zuma My favorite Paw Patrol character – And look at Precious

– You got a cute dog too Let's see what I have this time Oh my goodness, this one's adorable – [Maya] Her name is Tasha – [Addie] (gasps) It's Blueberry

– And I got Cheese – And I got Gilbert (bubbling) – Next time, I'll get you some little friends, my Beanie Boo Next time, I will defeat the Toy Scientist (laughs villainously) (bubbling) – Wait, what's my line? – Maybe that was why the lab was ram-sapped

– What if there's a number onI forget (gasps) A journal! I bet there will be a number in (laughs) – It's OK

A journal! I bet there'll be a number on one of the pages that will tell usBlah, I forgot too (laughs) – A journal (hammering) – Good work, Maya

– Toy Scientist (giggling) I forget – What's next? Eightis that all of them? That was it

– [Camera Man] That's it – Noooooo! The Toy Scientist won agaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiinnnn


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