Toy Recalled After 7,700 Er Visits & Toddler’s Death Put Back On Market, Now Girl In Er

when a company releases a product especially one that marketed as a toy you expect them to be tested and safe sadly even after to recall those products can re-enter a market again you would anticipate with a new launch any previous issues would have been fixed but the Adams family learning the hard way that's not always the case a magnetic building toy product called bucket balls sent an estimated 7700 children to the emergency room between 2009 and 2011 the high-powered magnets were small and dangerous the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission sued the makers maxfield and obear to get the products off the shelves for good in July of 2012 but that would turn into a two-year battle CEO Craig Kazuki refused to stop selling the product and publicly argued against the CPSC suit zuker seemingly unfazed by the fact so many children had been hospitalized because of his product in August 2013 19 month old Hannah catch a Finn passed away after swallowing 7 tiny magnetic balls when she was first brought to the hospital doctors thought she had a virus but the very next day she was found with blood coming out her nose and mouth unresponsive it wasn't just small children swallowing the magnets a 14-year old named Kristen Revis accidentally swallow six of them landing her in the hospital for five days then they became lodged in her small intestine CPSC used the documented emergency room visits and death of little Hanukkah in their final rule sent to try to ban bucket balls from the market for good zuker and the CPSC finally settled in May of 2014 bucket balls were officially recalled on July 13 2014 but in late November 2016 a federal judge overturned the ruling and allowed the product marketed under names such as bucket balls Zen magnets and needles to be sold again in the United States now an 11-year old girl is the hospital after swalot wing two of the pea-sized begnettes they became lodged in her intestine and if left untreated can cause life-threatening illness I'm furious that these things went back to market said her father baron Adams now he is warning other parents to keep the product away from their children so they don't end up in the hospital like his daughter Vail now since this happened I've heard from a number of friends and parents my kid has them I had no idea I got my kid this for Christmas and now we're taking it out from under the tree added Adams although the packaging for bucket balls now contains a warning label all families should be advised of the potential dangers they could cause


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