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– Hi! – We're Rainy Day Dreamers! And today it is time – [Both] for, – A surprise box! ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers, ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ – So, what exactly is this box and who is The Toy Insider? Is the Toy Insider inside the box? – [Ximena] No – [Parris] That could be a little bit scary

No, this is a Surprise Box, this is something very cool that has just started Us and a few other YouTube channels will be sent a box from The Toy Insider every month, full of toys, I'm thinking, and we will get to review all of these toys Some of the latest toys, some of the hottest toys, some of the up-and-coming toys Sound like fun? – [Roxanna] Definitely – [Ximena] Yeah

– And Ximena has something to say – Thank you so much to The Toy Insider for choosing us to be a part of their new YouTube monthly Toy Surprise Box Party! – Woo! Roxanna? – Each month, The Toy Insider is going to send us a box of toys to review, and we don't know ahead of time what is in the box – So it's a surprise for us, it's a surprise for you So The Toy Insider did something nice for us, sending us this box of toys, now what exactly is The Toy Insider, do you know? Haven't heard about them? They're actually a big website that talks all about toys and they have the inside track to know about new toys coming out They are dedicated to providing consumers with the most up-to-date insight on toys and children's entertainment, from board games to live action events, they've got you covered

You can check them out at TheToyInsidercom We'll have a link down below this video Let's open this up, see what they sent us I've noticed, especially when it gets closer to Christmas, you see the same few people on TV on all the Today Show and the talk shows, showing the latest toys and trying them out, and I think some of those people are from The Toy Insider

I'm excited – I am too – Now, we're not gonna review the toys in this video Oh, they wrapped them and everything! We're going to show you what they sent us and what reviews you can look forward to coming soon, there's a lot of wrapping paper in here It's blue and red

– [Ximena] Ooh – [Roxanna] Woah – [Parris] Yeah, woah-y stuff And wrappy stuff – [Ximena] Stuffety stuff! – [Parris] Um, I don't know where we have room to actually show these, I'm gonna slide this over here okay, and then we'll pull them out? Kinda lean in with me so we'll see your face

We'll start with the smallest items first This is a game called "Kahuna", as in, I guess, "Big Kahuna" "Who will rule the South Seas?" Looks like a strategy-type game, we love those – [Ximena] Yeah – It's food-related, oh my gosh! – [Roxanna] Oh! – [Parris] People have been asking us to do this one, it's the "Chocolate Bar Maker"

We saw this over at Walgreens and we meant to pick it up and then it was sold out when we went back But lots of our viewers have said, "Please do the "Chocolate Bar Maker" And it's food! – [Roxanna] Oh my gosh! – [Parris] Thank you! – [Girls] Thank you! – Okay, Roxanna, if you'll pull the next one out – [Roxanna] Okay, um – This looks, oh my gosh, I think I know what this sort of thing is

It's the "Crayola Sketch Wizard, draw anything" This sort of takes the 3D object and then somehow makes an image of it down on the paper so you can draw anything, any toy, you put it up on the stand and then it will give you the thing to draw, to sketch it in – [Roxanna] Woah! – [Parris] Wow Oh look, yeah, you look through the special viewer thing to see it "Draw like a pro", I like it! I think I want this one, sorry guys, I think I like this

– I want it too – Okay, Xime, will you pull out the next one, it's Christmas Day in, when is it, May! Pull out that big one, okay One more thing in there "National Geographic Landmarks and Archaeology, 30 models in one", laser pegs It, oh wow, The Alamo, Roxanna! They have The Alamo, symbol of Texas pride

This looks kinda like clear Legos that you put together, and then it has lights inside that make them light up in all these different colors – [Roxanna] Wow – I never seen anything like this before this is some cool stuff! There's one last thing in the box It's not food

And it is, – [Ximena] My Little Pony! – [Parris] Is that what it is? Oh, you look at it, I can't even read it – Wait, Squishy Pops Yeah, I think it's My Little Pony – It's a "My Little Pony Squishy Pop" Well good, you can try that out

Ximena's actually our expert on My Little Pony stuff So you gonna do it as a blindfolded challenge? – Can I do it right now? – No, we're not doing it in this video, so you're going to have to hold onto it We've got the "National Geographic Landmark and Archaeology", we have the "Crayola Sketch Wizard", that lets you draw anything, we have my personal favorite already, "Chocolate Bar Maker", and then we have "Big Kahuna", we always enjoy these games that make you think Whole lotta nice stuff, don't you think? – [Ximena] Yeah, yeah! – And we're very excited about opening them up and trying them out Sorry, Roxanna, we can't really see you there, but it's nice getting a big box of toys! We will be reviewing these separately in the next few weeks and hopefully next month The Toy Insider will be sending us another box like this

Again, you can check them out at the link down below this video You can check back for our videos or you can click that Subscribe button down below You'll get notified when our videos go up and you will – [All] Join the Dream Team! ♫ It's raining at our house, is it raining where you are? ♫ The kind of day to stay in and play ♫ or eat a big chocolate bar ♫ Hang out with friends til the weather ends ♫ and you don't have to go too far ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers, we're always where you are


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