Toy Fair 2016: Exclusive highlights from London’s Toy Fair 2016​​​ | Beau’s Toy Farm​​​

Have I got a treat for you! London Toy Fair 2016 is out! YEAH!! Are you ready? Hey! That's not a lot of toys? There should be loads more! Ahh! There we go! This is the new "Air Patroller" Well, partnersOver the next few episodes, here on Beau's Toy Farm, we're going to be bringing you my Toy Fair 2016 experience showing you some of the latest toys and games that are on the shelves in toy stores in time for next Christmas, including these Meccanoid sets and Bunchems both from Spinmaster Toys and a brand new Crazy Cart coming out for kids my age

And these "Jets" and this really cool "Ripstik" all from Razor! And George Shelley! (laughs) Okay, maybe George won't be on the shelves But he was at Toy Fair! – So partners, We're here at the Toy Fair and guess who I've bumped into? George from the Jungle! – Hello! You're so cute! You having fun? – Yeah! – Yeah? What's your favourite toy here? Err

I don't know! – You don't know? Mines all the Star Wars stuff – Oh! – Do you like Star Wars? – Yeah? – It's cool, isn't it? How about this dinosaur? – Do you like him? – Imagine that in your bedroom? It'd be cool, wouldn't it? Have you seen "Force Awakens?" – Yeah, have you? – Yeah! – It's wicked isn't it? BB8's my favourite! – Me too! The robot It's funny isn't it? And now C-3PO has a red leg! – Yeah Err A red ARM! – A red arm? Is it a red arm? – Yeah! – Oh it's a red arm isn't it? Got it wrong! See – Knows more than me! (BB8 talks) How was it like in the jungle? – It was really cool 'cos we were living literally with all the wildlife there were snakes and spiders some people had to eat spiders! – Eww! I had a snake around my neck and it was like- really scary! (laughs) So cute, isn't he? (laughs) Well done, mate! – What did you do here at the Toy Fair today? – I looked at all the new toys coming out I got some new Pokémon cards, I had a look at all the Star Wars stuff, I love "Adventure Time" Do you like "Adventure Time?" – Yeah! – High Five! It's my favourite, so I've been looking at all of that So I'm about to go home now so, it was lovely speaking to you! thanks for having me! – Bye! – High Five! Yeah! – Thank you, George, for talking to me! And don't forget to click on this button, to Subscribe! So you don't miss all the juicy new toys, games

and gadgets that we're going to be featuring right here on Beau's Toy Farm over the next few days! See ya later, partners!


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