Town Hall Meeting: Toy Safety

Time square toy store in New York City, the Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission spoke one on one with parents about toy safety Toys imported from China, can you speak a little to that please? Well toys imported from China as toys manufactured in the United States, and imported from other countries, all have to meet U

S requirements and meet the US laws and we can impose significant fines and sanctions on toy manufacturers or importers who do not meet these requirements The chairman, joined by the head of Toys R Us and Safe Kids USA, gave shoppers safety tips for purchasing skill and age appropriate toys this holiday season

Read the labels on the boxes Make sure that the toy is appropriate for the age level of the child If your child is three years old or younger, make sure the toy does not have a lot of small parts because children will put those parts in their mouths at that age and have a tendency to choke or swallow that small part We share the mission of the CPSC to do everything we can to raise the bar continuously when it comes to the safety of toys and of baby products and I can state without any equivocation, that toys are safer than they have ever been For parents to sign up at the CPSC website for their recall alerts

I think Mr Storch mentioned this in his comments That way you get an automatic email alert whenever there is a recall of a toy After the recalls of 2007, the chairman had one goal in mind and that is to restore consumer confidence in the safety of toys sold in the United States (Music)


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