– Next we're gonna show you how to put it in dragon mode! (dramatic music) ♪ Gabe Tube TV ♪ ♪ Come on come on ♪ ♪ Gabe Tube TV ♪ ♪ Come turn us on ♪ ♪ A kid who has big dreams and ADHD ♪ ♪ He gets so extreme and a little crazy ♪ ♪ A doctor for a dad and a singer for a mom ♪ ♪ A crazy funny kid ♪ ♪ So what could go wrong ♪ ♪ Gabe Tube TV ♪ ♪ Come on come on ♪ ♪ Gabe Tube TV ♪ ♪ Come turn us on ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – Hey I'm Gabe! – I'm Bob, the dad – And welcome back to – [Both] GabeTube TV

– If it's your first time here, then welcome – And if you like hilarious toy reviews– – And family fun activities– – Remember to– – [Both] Watch more– – Of my videos (makes sword swiping noises) Today on GabeTube TV we're reviewing Power Rangers Ninja Steel Megazord – Whoa! (laughing) This retails for about $3495 at your local merchant

It's for ages four plus So the Megazord breaks down into five smaller zords – What? – I don't want a zord is, but breaks down into that – I know, because I watch Power Rangers – What is a zord? – See a zord is like, the Robo Red Zord, which the Red Ranger calls it

The Dragon Zord, which the Blue Ranger calls it Nitro Zord, which is the yellow one Kodiak Zord, which is the white one And a Zoom Zord, which is the pink one – Oh, now I know what a zord is

– It's like, you get like– There's lot of Power Ranger shows – Okay – They always do Megazords – Okay – So yeah, that's what happens

– All right, well let's open this baby up – Let's open this baby up Let's open this baby up (monkey noise) (high pitched wail) (carnival music) Robo Red Zord Take the head out, take the Megazord head out

Whoa! A dragon's wing Woo hoo! It's actually a shield – It's a shield animal wing – But this is a tail and a sword (makes a stabbing noise) – (grunts) You're so violent

– Open up Robo head – Hold on – Sorry – This is a throwing star, this is a shuriken – What? I thought it was a head

– It is a head, but it's a shuriken You've seen those movies, the kung fu movies, when they throw the stars they go– (makes throwing noise) and they stick it in a tree Or it's– – A head – Are you gonna put it on? – A head This is what the Megazord looks like when you fit it all together

– You have the, what is it? Red Robo Zord? – Robo Red Zord, which the Red Ranger's zord is Yes, it's actually red – So you have the Red Robo Zord Ro- Ranger- Robo Red that comes with it Or you can use one of your optional Red Ranger power figures

Sold separately – Robo Red Zord Did he get the head? (makes hitting noise) Wait, this could be a hand too, Dad – Really? – Watch – Oh wait, I got a Red Ranger with a real sword

Grrr Hey, you can't! (laughing) – Punch in the face! (laughing) – Did you medicate him today? – [Mom] I dunno, earlier – Oh, okay (laughing) – I'm done, how does this look, Dad? – Awesome – Oh I forgot to tell you something, Dad

– What did you forget to tell me, Gabe? – They could both have swords in their hands – Oh so he could have a sword piloting the Megazord, while the Megazord is holding a sword That's actually the tail of the dragon of the Blue Ranger zord – Hi-ya – I think I said that right

– I think you did You did For real – Okay, you gonna take him apart? – We're gonna breakdown the Megazord into the five individual zords First, we're gonna start off with the blue zord

Which is the Dragon Zord (surprised yelp) Take this out (grunting) I just took Kodiak Zord out – So first we're gonna start with the Blue Dragon Zord The sword becomes the tail of the Blue Dragon Zord

And the shield– – Becomes the wing (roaring) Then I'm taking off the Red Ranger Zord It's very simple (grunting) Fist of Doom! – [Mom] Okay, Gabe – Fist of Doom

– You're supposed to stand him up, so everybody can see what he looks like – Now that's the Red Ranger Zord Next we're gonna take off the Kodiak Zord Which is the White Ranger Zord Pretty simple

Next we're taking the legs off, which is the Pink Ranger Zord (excited shout) You push this button out, also the Kodiak Zord can get inside And they could have a ride Look guys, a ride We're Kodiak Zord

I'm gonna put this here Truck becomes the Yellow Zord which is the Nitro Zord! Next you open the grill, then you open the wheels Attach the front wheels to the body of the truck This goes in here, now watch and learn from the master Done, simple

– So the big Megazord breaks down into five component zords: the Red Zord, the White Zord, Pink Zord, Yellow Zord, and the Blue Zord – [Gabe] But actually Dad, the names are: the Dragon Zord, the Nitro Zord, the Zoom Zord, the Kodiak Zord, and the Robo Red Zord – What he said But we still have one more configuration to show, boys and girls at home We have to show them the Dragon Zord mode

– What? – The Dragon Zord mode – What? – But before we show 'em the Dragon Zord mode, you're gonna have to combine these as quickly as possible, to make them Megazord once again – Okay, let's do this! Woo! (carnival music) Next the sword Next the arm (grunting) I'm putting the shield on guys

I am done Next we're gonna show you how to put it in Dragon mode (dramatic music) (carnival music) – [Bob] And that's Dragon mode – I hope you enjoyed the video, because me and Dad did! – The Power Rangers Ninja Steel Megazord was really awesome We had lotsa fun breaking it down into its component parts, and putting it back together, and it had different modes

It's a lot more complicated than the Transformers I remember – You had Transformers back then? – So make sure you comment down below to let us know more of what you'd like to see And stay tuned right here for more top toys of the year on– – [Both] GabeTube TV! – And also Dad, what would you rate this? – I'd give this one a pretty high rating I'd give this one, I think– I dunno, I'd give that one like a nine I really like this one

– I give it a thousand infinity A thousand infinity! – Well there you have it boys and girls, one of the best toys of the year, got a thousand infinity I actually gave it a nine – Hi, I'm Gabe, and you've been watching GabeTube TV! If you wanna keep up with the videos we're putting out, just click on the subscribe button below If you wanna see more toy reviews for kids, funny videos, family fun for everyone, click on the list beside me, okay? For more GabeTube TV! So guys, high five


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