(suspenseful music) (upbeat music) ♪ Gabe tube TV ♪ ♪ Come on, come on ♪ ♪ Gabe Tube TV ♪ ♪ Come turn us on ♪ ♪ A kid who has big dreams ♪ ♪ And adhd ♪ ♪ He gets so extreme ♪ ♪ And a little crazy ♪ ♪ A doctor for a dad ♪ ♪ And a singer for a mom ♪ ♪ A crazy funny kid ♪ ♪ So what could go wrong ♪ ♪ Gabe tube TV, come on come on ♪ ♪ Gabe Tube TV, come turn us on ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ Hey I'm Gabe And I'm Emory

And I'm Papa Doc And welcome back to [Gabe, Papa Doc and Emory] Gabe Tube TV! And if it's your first time here, then welcome And if you like hilarious toy reviews – [Woman Off Cam] Emory raise your head up a little bit (long beep) (playful screaming) Doc I know, right

(long beep) And if you like fun activities Remember to [Gabe, Papa Doc and Emory] Watch more! More videos (laughter) (light dragon breathing sound) (mumbles) (long beep) (playful groaning) (long beep) (laughter) Cut Cut Cut (long beep) I'm hurt right now

I can't (laughter) (long beep) (imitates beep) (imitates animal growl) (long beep) Remember to tune in to Gabe Tube TV every day where we'll be bringing you the hottest toys of the year right here on [Gabe, Papa Doc And Emory] Gabe Tube TV And today on Game Tube TV, we're doing the Laser X Real-Life Laser Gaming Experience [Yay (cheering) If you ever had a chance to play laser tag in a gaming facility, then you know exactly what we're talking about Today we're gonna play laser tag at home

Because Laser X laser tag gaming experience you have several options You can purchase the two player pack for 4999, or you can buy the single player pack for 2495, and it's the same price as buying the double pack together (laughing) There seems to be no advantage to buying the single pack over the double pack 'cause you can buy two single packs for the exact same price as it would cost you to buy one double pack

The Laser X game contains two pistols that have a 200 foot range The Laser X rifle version has 400 foot range and retails for 3995 So each player wears a receiver vest that is attached to a blaster Smaller blasters allow you to reload with 10 blasts per round

Wooo The larger blaster allows you to reload with 25 rounds per reload And it's rapid fire! And it's rapid fire It also has a sight that lights up So with each hit, the receiver vest changes from green to red

So after eight hits, you're out So for each minute you're not hit, you can automatically get one hit back but remember after you get eight hits, you're out and your vest turns off When you're out, you must turn your receiver vest off and turn it back on to select your team to start a new game So you put the vest on the same way you put on a shirt Put your arms through this

Got mines on You can actually hear the live action through your headphones On the pistol sized blaster you hold the trigger for two seconds and you shake your blaster down and back up (chamber clicks to full) and you can reload (chamber clicks to full) Aha And to reload with this kinda blaster, all you have to do, is this

(high tech laser pulses) then you can shoot So we have 10 rounds on the smaller blasters Gabriel has 25 rounds, rapid fire rounds in his blaster So the small blaster has 10 single shot rounds per reload, and the larger blaster has 25 rapid fire rounds per reload And I have the larger blaster

A couple of important points One You shouldn't cover your receiver vest or hide it while you're playing We've played laser tag before, Misha has been notorious for covering her vest or she will use one her partners as a human shield so she would never get hit Two

Don't reset your vest during play because that would be cheating After you've been tagged out, then you're out until everybody is tagged out and you'll reset to start another game And you go sit on the couch and wait it out Oh yeah So then you can just sit on the couch when you get out

Or watch TV on the couch Or go to sleep when you get out 'Cause it's three am You should not play laser tag at 3 a

m (soft giggle) Oh, and by the way, Laser X uses an infrared beam, it doesn't use a real laser so it's not as dangerous to the eyes as you would otherwise believe Boys and girls you ready to get started? – [Whole Group] Yeah! Hold on Wait for me Oh my goodness

Making her Gabe Tube TV debut is Mom! Mom! Nana (muffled slap) I am not Nana (long beep) Mom (laughter) Let's do this (excited cheering) – [Mom] Run

Run Just do this, right? Hey where you goin' boy? (suspense filled music) (lasers blasting) (lasers blasting) Now I've realize my indicator's already changed from green to yellow I got a few more to go I'm green and then I'm out (mumbles) How many lives you down? Four

I have three lives down Maybe four or five or something Oh, I got another one back Every minute that you haven't gotten hit you get a life back We got another life back

We gotta stay low until we get some more lives back Here they come (staticky talking) (blasters shooting) – [Papa Doc] Go! Go! Go! (basters shooting) (scream) (laughing) (heavy heartbeats) All right Gabe It was a good run, but they took me out (staticky talking) You're gonna have to take it the rest of the way on your own

But I know you can do it Gabe But you know your mother cheats all the time and your sister is no different But, I think you can, you can win it Alright? Go head and win it for the team – [Papa Doc] Yeah

You can do it Gabe! You can do it You can do it Gabe You can do it Gabe Hi I'm Gabe, and you've been watching Gabe Tube TV! If you wanna keep up with the videos we're putting out, just click on the subscribe button below If you wanna see more toy reviews for kids, funny videos, family fun for everyone click on the list beside me, okay? For more Gabe Tube TV! So guys, high five! (single hand clap)


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