Toddler Toys – 3 Educational toys

Hello! This is Sara and this is a video on Emilia's monthly toy! Every month I choose a new toy for her! In this video I wanted to show you an older toy that we loved from the past In this specific video, it is a shape-sorter from Educo

The new toy is a puzzle for making phrases I am hoping that this will stimulate her language development …and a book for learning the numbers This is a wooden shape-sorter which we really liked It is our favorite amongst all the shape-sorters we have

It comes with 6 colored blocks Each block has small balls that makes them jingle Emilia used it from 1 year old to now, but, now she plays less time with it because she can sort the things and then she is done However, this is interesting for didactic reasons Firstly, because it has the sorting activities… Secondly, because for each shape, the color matching is reinforced with this huge space here

Usual shape-sorters have only a line around the shape Ie to indicate that the green piece goes into the green round in this case This is what I liked of this toy

This is our toy of the month It is a puzzle for making phrases of 4 words Our version is in french and the brand is Megableu… and you can find it in many countries I think

It has 12 phrases that are guided by a color When the child gets older, he/she can mismatch the colors and make new phrases It is very good to work on vocabulary and on phrases It is also helpful when you have a multi-lingual family… …because, a different parent can work on the different languages This is for 2 years + and her first reaction was: "What is this??"

Now she is getting better at it She can play 3-4 of those She does not always say the phrase but we work also on the single words This is the second thing we bought for this month It is a book to teach her the numbers

The nice thing about this book is that: it has the image and the idea of counting the pieces in an image… but also it has quick associations between the numbers and counting, their sequence, the points and it has also sums and how it is written In a way, this book, grows with your child because it has also some sums at the end Sceptic husband:-What is this thing? Me-It is a game to make phrases! Emilia:-This is mine! Husband:- Here it is how she reacts! Oh Emilia…No!


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