To The Rescue Mater Water Toy! DISNEY PIXAR CARS Tow Mater FUN Bath & Pool Outdoor Water Toy!

Kid Friendly TV Hey guys, it's Pete from Kid Friendly TV and today we're playing with this Disney Cars To The Rescue Mater Look at Mater, he's a fire rescue truck, how awesome is that, and he can even go in the water and spray water and this just looks like so much fun so let's get Mater out of the box Here's our To The Rescue Mater out of the box He is looking really cool, right here it says Rescue Squad Mater, and he has these big yellow hydro wheels, and he has a ladder back here And I really like his license plate back here it's RSQ M8R Rescue Mater What's really fun about this To The Rescue Mater is he rolls great on the ground, but you can put him in the water so let's put him out here on the water and see what he does Look Mater is floating That is really cool, that would be a lot of fun in the bath or at the pool Whoa, I can't believe Mater can float Here comes Mater, Mater's spinning out of control And what's really cool is this is a real working fire hose that actually sprays water, so let's see how that works To get Mater to squirt water, all you have to do is push down on the ladder with Mater in the water and it will start squirting out of this fire hose here, and you can even turn this fire hose around So let's try that out, let's push the ladder down Whoa! That is awesome That sprays really, really far Let's take a closer look at Mater's water cannon here Whoa, that is a lot of power This To The Rescue Mater is a lot of fun to play with I love that he can roll on the ground, but you can also put him into the water I love Mater's Tall Tales and it's a lot of fun that we have Mater as a fire rescue truck I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and please don't forget to subscribe to Kid Friendly TV We have daily fun toy videos and all you have to do is click on subscribe so you don't miss out on any of the action We'll see you guys in our next video


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