Tips for Barbie Doll Collection : Techniques for Collecting Barbie Doll Accessories

This is an example of Barbie outside the box she's actually in mint condition this Barbie there's nothing wrong with her she could sell for a really good value But she's just inside the box another thing with Barbie is the fact that the reason why I really like this one actually is she was on my birthday cake

I don't know if you seen those but my family bought me a birthday cake with a Barbie on the center and made a huge cake around here and that was here dress That's why I really like this one and I keep her even though she was out of the box One thing to know about Barbie's to when collecting you can also collect their clothes and there shoes, I don't know if you know this but since 1959 Mattel had made one billion fashion and one billion shoes for the Barbie doll Can you imagine how much that is to collect and in each of those fashions and in each one of those shoes are actually worth money as well You can find those listings in these books as well that I already talked about today what the value is for certain fashions and for certain shoes and different accessories for the Barbie's

As we gotten through the years you can see that Barbie's are getting fancy and fancier I just bought a new kitten fun Barbie and actually has a cat that actually can have a litter box and the whole works All those accessories come with the doll so you can actually buy different accessories and buy like a sports car you can buy a court like a tennis court There's all sorts of different things you can buy to play with Barbie and that's all worth money as well


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