These sex dolls in China are family companions more than toys

This is the Yu family The father

The son They live together in a small town in southwest China And these are their sex dolls Zhenguo has 11 of these dolls He bought one for his son, too

Zhenguo has an online following around the country for the photographs he takes off his dolls In China, partly because of the one child policy there are millions more men than there are women And more and more of those men are turning to dolls like the ones in this factory for companionship Sex dolls are more realistic and more popular than ever before Taobao, China's biggest online shopping platform estimates that fifteen hundred sex dolls are sold on the site every day

This is a sex toy expo in Shanghai And Zhenguo isn't here just to shop He's here for business He sells a line of sex doll accessories For example he makes an adapter that can mix and match the heads and bodies of sex dolls made by different manufacturers

Sort of like a dongle for sex dolls He says the market for it is potentially huge Zhenguo's relationship with his dolls goes way beyond sex He takes his dolls out on dates He buys them clothes

He tucks them in at night And his son says his relationship with his doll isn't sexual at all The dolls don't last forever They die after about 6 years Meaning their body becomes too rigid to move

Yangyang says he's thought about that


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