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– Hi! – We're Rainy Day Dreamers – And we're stuck behind a gigantic box! Actually this is this month's surprise box from the Toy Insider full of toys and games

We're gonna open it up and see what's inside, and I'll be able to breathe again ♫Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers♫ And Ximena and Roxanna have something to tell you while I do a little puppet show about Pop here He may something hip – [Ximena] Thank you so much to the Toy Insider for choosing us to be a part of your new YouTuber monthly toy surprise box party – [Roxanna] Each month the Toy Insider is going to send us a box of toys to review, and we won't know ahead of time what is in the box – Roxanna, you still in there? Ok

Let's open this box up, so we'll have some more room to work here Maybe I should not cut towards us, what do you think? – [Ximena] Yeah, that would be good – Oh, there's some big stuff in here – [Ximena] Whoa! – Wow – This is a new and improved thing

We'll show you in just a second Hold that Oh, and more gigantic stuff Oh! This is similar to something we had before, too Roxanna, hold on to that

Oh! And there's two of 'em There's one for each of you Here you go Whoa, watch the lights! (Ximena squeals) Yeah, they're happy about that I have no idea what this is, but it looks like it's right up our alley

Whoa, I like that one! – [Roxanna] What one? – [Parris] And, huh? Wow, I'm curious Some cool stuff there Would you like to see, too? Well let me read this then The Toy Insider is dedicated to providing consumers with the most up to date inside on toys and children's entertainment aren't you guys going to do a puppet show? From board games to live action events, they've got you covered You can check them out at thetoyinsidercom Ok

Let's see what was in the box Ximena, you sounded very excited when we took something out of the box, and I think it is these two things These are bubble swords to make gigantic bubbles the size of you Sound like fun? – [Roxanna] Yeah – [Ximena] Yeah

– Ok, we're gonna have to wait for a non-windy day, something under 110 degrees and out in the front driveway, we're gonna give these a try Alright, Ximena, what's next? We did something similar to this last year, but this is bigger, possibly better, certainly bigger This is another Nerf Rebelle bow and arrow kit But this one has it's like a revolver It looks like it has a revolver assembly here that you load the arrows into so you can shoot them one right after the other – Yay! – You're pretty good at this last year, weren't you? – Not really – [Parris] Oh yeah

– My friend Olivia was the only one that was good at it – You gave this a try? Yeah, Roxanna will figure out how to shoot some arrows, too Roxanna, you looked really interested when we pulled out of the box this Ozzo box! It's like two little robots that you play games with as near as we can tell Two little things that you can put on paper or a game board, you draw lines I guess they follow the lines and move around, and you have a competition with your friend Roxanna is gonna love playing with this Okay, one that I thought looked real interesting in building electronics, which I like I can't build phones, I can build computers, but I can't build phones is The Geeker's Speaker Lab

Turn almost anything into a boombox with this vibration speaker I have seen this before, and it looked so interesting If you understand how the acoustics work in a speaker, you can take a box, you can take any object that's hollow, and turn it into a speaker with this I'm looking forward to trying this And we were very glad to see a game in the box

This one is called Wonky It has cards and different shaped blocks, and in some combination you play with the cards, you have to build a tower with the box Sounds like a lot of fun, don't you think? – Yeah – We are excited to try these out, and we will be trying them out very soon in the next few days during our two-a-day video frenzy! You will probably see some of these because we have finished all the mail, caught up on all the mail haul videos, so for the rest of the two-a-week video frenzy, we should be doing games, and toys, and whatever other interesting things we find Keep checking back for those videos, or you can click that subscribe button down below

You'll get notified whenever our videos go up, and you will – join the Dream Team! ♫ It's raining at our house ♫ Is it raining where you are ♫ Kind of day to stay in and play ♫ Or eat a big chocolate bar ♫ Hang out with friends till the weather ends ♫ And you don't have go too far ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ We're always where you are ♫


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