The Sock Puppets – Kids toys

Good evening ladies and gentlemen today we something directly from the trenches an special report brought to you today by our special reporter: Niche what you are about to see is incredible so sit down slowly grab a cup of coffee and be open minded Nowadays children ask for ipads, iphones, tablets and be prepared to buy one without reasoning as soon as your kid learns the word 'give' and whether is because the kid really wants the gadget or because mommy has a headache and a shut up toy is like aspirin for the heart children are playing less and less the incredible communication skills of our reporter Niche Will make you feel as if you were inside the kids brain it will make you feel their temporal pain whether is samsung or whether is apple, the devil is the devil with another disguise Jesus you're not important The solution and conclusion reached at the end of the report are absolutely mesmerizing There are no words for what you're about to see Fingers weren't made to touch cold hard screens of ice they were made to manipulate to use, finger puppets Do not destroy your kids' childhood with this gadgets, kids are our future That's all, have a good night One puppet was hurt during this report and we send our best wishes to the family shut up toys will always be shut up toys


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