Testing Cat Toys on our Cats!!!!

Hey guys, it's Karina! It's Ronald, and we're from Sis versus Bro! And if you didn't know that already, we got a new cat! His name is George, and he's right there playing with Chibi's tail And Chibi– I mean, George is a really playful cat

So we decided to get George a bunch of new toys! Last time we did this, we got a bunch of toys for Chibi but Chibi isn't a very playful cat She's kind of a big fat pussy now, so she doesn't really like to play >> Pussy! >> She just likes to sleep all day But maybe, who knows, she might like some of these toys Look how playful George is, he's like, I want some toys, what's inside this box? And I want Chibi's tail as well

Right here, we have a jar filled with all the names of the toys we have sitting right next to us, and we're gonna take one to draw one by one and open up these toys >> Alrighty >> Would you like to go first picking something from the jar? >> Yes >> Alright What is it? >> Mouse on a spring

>> Ooh! I like this one! Alright >> Mice on a spring It's inside this box, right here So there's this little mouse on a spring and it's going up and down and the cats are going to try to catch it >> Alrighty

>> Our cats really like having mouses but they keep on tearing them apart because they're kind of vicious So, we got another one Okay, I got it And this is the toy It's a little mouse, mouse on a spring like that

George is already interested He's just like, what is this? What is this mysterious item? >> George [laughter] >> Do you like it, George? >> He's trying to pull off the little strings from the mouse >> Does he just like the string? >> He's like, string! I must have the string [laughter] He flipped it over

Oh, now he wants to go underneath my leg >> Alrighty, on to the next toy >> I think that toy was pretty good I mean, he was pretty interested in it but that– but he was kinda was like, what is this? What do I do with it? So >> And he flipped it over >> Yeah So maybe he's going to play with it more once he knows what to do with it >> Yeah >> Alright

I'm gonna pick from the jar next George is already poking holes inside the box He's like, I want to open it, what's inside this mysterious box? >> Okay, hopefully, we get the one that he wants >> Alright >> What is it? Toy tunnel

Ooh! >> Tunnel toy >> Toy tunnel We had one like– The cats really liked it, but George pooped inside it >> And we got another one Yay! >> It's right here, this blue tunnel right here

Okay, here's the tunnel >> Oh I

For a second, I was like, what is this? >> Alright Are you ready for me to open it? Three, two, one! Oh, that wasn't as cool as I thought it would be >> Wait! There's four tunnels?! >> Ooh! Four tunnels

Last time we had one very similar to this, it only had three tunnels, but now we got four Alright Look, they're already going inside They're like, tunnel! >> Chibi is Oh my goodness! Chibi! >> Hi George! What're you doing? Are you inside a tunnel? >> George is coming out from the other end >> Hi, Georgey! No, go that way Go that way Hi, Chibi! I think the cats really like this one, especially if we put like, lots of balls inside it and it's shaking with like rings and stuff they'd be like, where's the ball? I must find it

Alright, where you? We have to find them Hi, George! There's a little ball at the end of this one Oh, cool Hi, Chibi Alright, we're gonna get you out

Alright George is already outside, I'm gonna put him right here, okay Chibi's little bit of a pussy, she you just wants to sit inside it Can I grab your hands and pull you out? >> What if I go like that? >> Dump her out [laughter] Are you okay, Chibi? Oh, she's still inside it

You're just dragging her around She's like, what's this? What is going on? [laughter] Chibi, no! [cat meowing] Come here, are you okay? So guys, that toy was a success They both love it so much They were inside it we had trouble getting them out of it >> Yeah! >> Alright

Next up, Ronald, what do we have? >> I just picked the top one Ladybug activity center Ooh, okay >> I know what that is >> So basically, this is all going to open up, it's gonna be a ladybug, and then this thing is going to go over top, and this little bug's hanging out

>> That's perfect, it makes the sound so they come >> Alright Ow, sorry Alright, look! Chibi, look! >> Ladybug activity center! >> Oh, George! >> He's like, yes! >> Bombs– Oh, now he's like [laughter] Chibi! Do you like it? It's a fluffy ball

Do you like the fluffy ball one? >> Come on, say you at least like the activity center >> The ladybug activity center! >> Oh, Chibi's like, oh yes, this is my jam >> This is my jam! >> She just likes the mouse stuff So the ladybug was just sitting right here, and the cats just prefer that massive tunnel thing I mean, I would if I was a cat

>> Yeah >> Can't blame them So I guess we're gonna put this over here in case they want to play with it In case they change their minds And we're gonna open a different one

>> Alright, what are we going to pick? Be a good one! >> Alright >> It says right there >> Door hanging mouse Ooh! I was excited for this one So this is it, you're going to clip this on to your door and then they the mouse is just hanging

So guys, we have the toy, it's this little thingy, clip this onto your door, and it sticks out like that, and then here's the string and the mouse We got a chair so I can reach to the top of the door Alright So we're going to clip it in to the door just like that And there we go, we got a mouse hanging from the door

>> Okay >> The cats can't really reach unless they get onto the chair So let's see what they're gonna do about it >> I guess they could jump >> They're just like

>> George >> Must have that mouse I want that mouse

>> Look at George! Chibi's got the high ground >> High ground >> She's like, I'm gonna get you mouse I'm gonna get you >> What if we shift the forwards? >> Chibi's like, how is that mouse moving? Who's touching it? What?! >> I'm alive

>> And Chibi's like, oh yeah, oh, yeah I'm living my best life I got the mouse >> Ooh, yeah >> Ooh, yeah! George is still looking at it, like, how do I get that mouse? How do I get it? >> And Chibi's like, I got the high ground

>> George is still like, how do I get to the mouse? Here, I'm showing you There, the mouse is right there He's like– Oh! [laughter] George, are you okay? >> He doesn't even care, he's like, I still want that >> Are you okay, my little baby? >> The mouse wrecked you, how do you feel? >> Alright Oh! Chibi's like, this is my mouse

>> No, watch George >> He fell again! So I guess George has to grow up a little for this toy, but Chibi's fine sitting on this chair She's like, oh yeah So let's move on to the next one We're gonna leave this one here, so the cats can play with it while we're opening the next one

Let's go Alright, so we are back on the living room floor and we're going to open up the jar once more >> Alrighty >> Alright, what's it gonna be? >> Wobble toy Wobble toy? Oh, the wobble toy

>> So basically, this little bird here and it just wobbles >> Yeah >> There we go Alright, we got the wobble toy We got a green one

Ooh, it's bigger than I thought it would be We need Wait, we need batteries for this? >> And we need a screwdriver

>> Alright, let's see if we can figure this out This guy looks like a pear It looks like an Angry Bird So we got the batteries inside this little angry bird, and we got two different tops you can choose from We got this sparkly one, and we got the feathers

I think this one will be better because the cats can reach it more or whatever >> Yeah Oh yeah, yeah >> Alright, let's press the on button >> That's so cool

>> Oh, that's cool Oh, George! >> Oh, Chibi! It turned off >> Chibi's like, what?! What are you doing? Are you trying to hurt me? What are you doing? Chibi say, should I touch it? Is it safe? Huh? It turned off Did I kill it? Oh my god >> You killed it with one touch

>> What is this? This interesting object >> Yes, interesting You're gonna just see a bird face just going past >> He's like, what is this? >> Wait, it's gonna turn back on >> Chibi's just playing with a feather, look! She's obsessed with the feather

She's like, I want the feather too! They're like, ugh, it's an angry bird with weird hats and it's like moving around I don't like it >> Yeah, so we're gonna pass on this– >> Oh! You just whipped his hair off Alright, we're going to put that to the side and we're gonna go move on to the next toy So the next toy is a ball track

I think it's actually This one We had this toy last time with Chibi, and look! Chibi's even on the cover

I'm pretty sure that's Chibi Alright Chibi's like, wait, are you– are you my cousin? My old friend toy? I don't know >> See, I'm even having fun with it I mean, it's not better than Fortnite, but still

>> Alright, George Look, it's your new toy Fluff on a spring and a ball Oh! He likes the ball He's like, ball! Ball! Ball! >> He's just rolling it around

>> He's like, I love this ball >> Imagine 20 hours later, he's still here just doing the exact same thing >> 2,000 years later >> Did you see it? It's fluffy Okay

>> Aww You like the fluffy? Chibi [laughter] It's stuck to his claw! So guys, next toy we're going to open is >> Drum roll, please Fluffy scratcher house! >> That is gonna be on Ronald's side now Fluffy scratcher house So guys, the fluffy scratcher house is ready It was super duper easy to assemble, you can just fold it up and take it out like that

George, this is all for you and Chibi Your little house He's like, I love this feather That's the only thing he's interested about He's licking the feather

I do George! What is he trying to do? >> Alrighty, it's time for George's first impression of inside >> Alright, I'm going to get you in from the back Alright >> Come on, George, go back entrance

>> Do you like it? I wonder how you're gonna furnish that place Chibi's going inside too! >> She's gonna poo in there >> She's like, ooh, sleepover? [laughter] George, how do you like your new home? >> George is gonna poo in there >> Probably So guys, the cats are loving this, especially Chibi she's just like, oh yeah, this is my place

So let's move on to the next toy Alright, so the next toy is going to be a Galaxy ball

Ooh! Alright Alright, so this is the Galaxy ball, it's this ball with a little grass inside it, some flowers, and there's also a butterfly in there Okay, so the ball is ready We're going to put it down here and we're gonna turn it on >> Oh, the butterfly's flying around the place

Smashing itself against the glass >> Yeah It's not really good But like, you know what, butterflies can do whatever he wants George, look, it's a butterfly

Inside the ball, look He's not even looking at it! He's like, what? I don't care >> This is actually– The most boring toy ever Yeah If I was a cat, I'd be like, oh, please no

Chibi's like, what is this meant to do? Why, is this like, butterfly? Is it a real butterfly? That's weird I want to kill it >> That's making me bored, I want to go to sleep Chibi's saying, move! Butterfly, move! >> Oh! So you have to tap it? I see Chibi! They're both looking at each other

Fight on >> Butterfly versus Chibi, who will win? Comment down below, butterfly versus Chibi So guys, this toy got a little bit of attention from Chibi, but she was like, eh, that's boring So yeah, she just like this house all of a sudden She's like, I love this! Oh my god

So, let's move on to to the next toy Alright, Ronald What you gonna pick? >> I'm gonna pick Mega playground! >> The mega playground >> The mega! So basically, it's this massive playground and it looks pretty big, it has three stories, so that's pretty cool Let's open it up Guys, this is major Like, look at all of these parts, we're gonna be sitting here for one hour building it, so

See you then! So guys, we finally finished making the thing The cats are already playing on it George is just sleeping over there, on his little balcony and Chibi is being a little more adventurous

She was just on the top and now she's jumping everywhere So, at the very bottom we have this little house you can go inside I mean, it's pretty cool, you could go inside it, stay there >> It's not too high, though >> Not too high, in case the cats are afraid of heights all of a sudden

They can jump up to here, I'm pretty sure they can do it George jumped, so We could just lie down here, or you could just go over here, where Chibi is, and she's just licking herself

You go inside here, and you can go this area >> How are you gonna get up? Jumping >> Jump So we got another resting place over here We got ball here, we got another ball here, and we got a scratching area

You can go from underneath to scratch, or on the top We also have another ball here, and here But right now, the cats look pretty tired because we've given them so many toys and they just wanna rest, so we're gonna let them sleep for a little bit, and we're gonna come back to you guys >> Six-and-a half hours later So guys, the cats are rested a little bit, now we're ready to open some more toys

And look at this place, it looks like a playground for cats Alright, we have two more things to open Alright, let's get the jar, the jar Wait, where's the jar? It's lost in the playground Oh, it's right there

>> Here it is, okay Collapsible cat scratcher Ooh, it's this one >> Ooh, it's this one I don't really understand it, there's a ball that comes with it and there's this massive like, thing

I don't really know, but we're gonna open it up and see what this is all about And guys, by the way, George is finally sitting inside the ladybug toy, because like, before he was just like That's boring, I'm not gonna even look at it

So guys >> Do you know how it works? >> Yes You open it up like that– >> Oh my goodness! I was gonna say, how is this a cat scratcher? >> So you open it up, like that

>> Oh my goodness! >> I think >> For a second I was like– >> And then you could put it together >> And then put the ball in the middle? Oh, this is cool >> I was like, how is this a cat scratcher? >> So let's see if George likes this? Alright, Georgie What do you think about it? What do you think about it, George? >> Come on, you at least have to scratch it once

>> He's just sitting in it like, what am I about to do here? Um, I think I'm just gonna go [laughter] Bye Guys, look! Magic trick Three, two, one >> Oh my goodness

Beautiful Yeah, I don't think the cats really like this >> It's cool, though! >> Okay guys, let's move on to the very last toy It's right behind Ronald It's this thing

I don't really know what it is but like, we're soon gonna find out So guys, let's open this thing up Ooh! Ooh! Ooh, okay So guys, basically, it's kind of in a heart-shape The balls can roll around it, the cats can stick their paws in it and roll the balls everywhere

And also, they can scratch this bit So we're just gonna put some catnip on it >> See if they come >> Alright >> Look

>> What is it? >> What if I >> Is that a ball? >> I think George will like this but look, he's just chillin' at the top of his little like cat house >> Chibi's trying to like, starting to like it

>> She's scratching, she's lookin', she's sniffin', and then she's leaving She finds this more interesting than this Oh my goodness Alright, George It's time for you to come over here

What do you think about this? Look [ball rattling] How do you like it? How do you like it? >> Look at Chibi! Now, she enjoys it No, she think it's a cat bed, but no, it's a cat scratcher George is like, what? What is this? What is this? >> It's my life Give me it

>> So guys, that is all the toys We also have some balls we can throw everywhere for the cats to play with, so we're gonna quickly open this up >> Playing some soccer From out of the sky Soccer

>> Okay Come on! >> Are you guys ready? Start the soccer game with the 16 balls Raining balls! Cat, get in there! >> They're getting away! Oh, there's so many balls everywhere So guys, this looks like a mini-disney world for cats I mean, the cats really like it, there's balls everywhere for them

they're not even using– Look how many balls Chibi has, and she's like, whatever! >> Oh, yeah! >> So guys, we hope you liked this video >> If you did, smash that like button and we'll see you all next time Good bye


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