Squishy Marshmallow Stuffed Animals Toy Giveaway Opening Squishies Surprise Eggs

It's so squishy! I love it! Hi guys, it's Pierce from Pierce'sWorld And today were going to do… What do you think it is? Did you say giveaway? Of course! Because every time we have a surprise egg, it's a giveaway

And this giveaway is from Kelly toy Give Kelly Toy a drumroll please This is a toy company that makes plushies I love plushies! They are so squishy I just want to squish them! And they said that they would be sending a box of new toys to one of you guys! Please watch until the end of the video for instructions on how to win this giveaway

If you need to this channel, please hit that subscribe button right there Yes, right there So, you don't miss any of my upcoming videos Videos! Anyway, enough of that Let's get unboxing and chopping these eggs

I love plushies! I can't wait to see what's inside! Oh my God! Oh my God! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! You can wiggle its tail It's so squishy I just want to squish it! I Love it! They call it – Squishmallow And they do feel like a marshmallow, true Hugs! Look at this! This is so squishy

I can just squish it and then it puffs back up Guys, you have to squish it… Squish it Doesn't that feel so good, right? OK, let's see what we have in the other eggs Which one should I do? Green? Blue? I don't know about that I think I should just do eenie, meanie, minie, mo! Karate Chop! I didn't have to do it that hard

Guys, do you see anything? Oh my gosh! It's a mini penguin It is a tiny baby penguin It's squishy, too It's kind of like squishy and marshmallow mixed together so, what do you get? Squishmallow! So squishy, squishy! He comes with a tag, and you could hang it anywhere OK, let's open the next one

A pink foxy? Daughter! This one has eyelashes, so, this one is a girl OK, guys… I have a few more that I couldn't get into the eggs So, I'll bring that up A giant penguin! Look at that! It's squishable So, squishy and fat

I just want to keep on squishing it Ow, hello? Now, this one is pretty big, but wait until you see the last one The sloth! The ginormous sloth See! I told you it was gonna be really big! Squish! Squish! Whack a mole! All the stuff animals come in four sizes These tiny ones are 3 1/2 inches

And the small one which is the fox is 8 inches And the penguin is medium, which is actually pretty big And this is 13 inches And the big one here is 16 inches If you want to get these before everyone else does, and please enter this giveaway

Shout out time! So, the first shot it goes to… Drumroll please Princess girls! Who says cry you are so cute, Thank you Tears of happiness Next shout out goes to… Another drumroll please

Ylenia Who says it's a beautiful video Why thank you We keep trying to make good videos

And last but not least… The last shout out goes to a special drumroll please… Wong Yoyo Who says I love your DIYs Thanks so much, and we do lots of videos So, please check them all out So, if you guys want to shout out, subscribe, like, and comment as often as possible, for a chance to be picked

We do shout outs on at least one video per month So, if you like this video, please give me a big, big, big thumbs up And don't forget to subscribe to my channel, Pierce'sWorld Follow me on Facebook and Instagram and check out my Pinterest page So, here are the rules to get your Squishmallows

You have to get your parents permission to participate You must be subscribe You have to like this video And, comment which Squishmallow you would like to get And in 2 weeks, we will choose a winner

And Kelly Toy will be sending the winner your Squishmallow Squish them! When you get them, just squish them and hug them Hugs! I'll see you guys next time! Bye!


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