Squishies in stuffed animal form! | New Squishmallow plush toys

kawaii turtle na na na na hey guys it's kawaii turtle and I'm back again with another video but today I'm gonna be doing a different kind of video I'm not gonna be doing Squishy's but I am going to be reviewing these squishmallow plush toys that I just recently discovered okay so here are the squishmallows I've collected so far and I'd like to show you what I think about them here I have the 8 inch plushies that I've collected there's a blue penguin a hedgehog and a purple owl and so I got these from Walgreens but you can and I'll leave the link below and I also you can also get them from the squishmallow website I'll also leave that link below and they have a lot more options on the website there's like an alpaca there's a dog there's a whole bunch of different animals and so the filling and these it's like different than normal stuffed animals it's called it's um polyester fibers and it's just like the stuffed animal version of a squishy it's just and the fabric is also really soft and it's just super squishy it's but it's like really comfy and they're just amazing I don't I can't describe it you have to get it for yourself it's it's worth the money and at Walgreens I got these for $7 I think so they're those next I have these 16-inch jumbo squishmallows that I also got from Walgreens and they're just like humongous like 16 inches you don't really understand how big they are they're just like huge and there are even more squishy than these mini ones like there's more filling and there's just more stuff to squish it's it's like an amazing pillow or like backrest or something like that and they're so soft and so cute and so these ones were $20 at Walgreens and you can also get them from the website and also they don't have these at Walgreens but there's a 13 inch one on the website and also have a little keychain one and those are also really squishy and so yeah here are these and I just love them so much you can't really explain them you it's definitely worth the $20 if you're thinking about buying them they're just like so comfy okay guys thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed and I hope you go buy some of these for yourself there are also great gifts and please like comment and subscribe and I'll leave the links where I found these down below and I'll see you next time bye


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