Spin Art craft for kids from Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Spin Art Spin Art from Dollar Tree Chris' Toys and Games, Come and Play Dollar Tree Store, cool crafts for kids UGH Is this the right way? Put the paper on

Hey, lets paint What color ink would you like? All three of them What are the colors? Blue Yellow It's red Is this yellow? Red

The color of Elmo Blue the color of Paw Patrol theme and Dory Yellow, the color of Dory's friends look like yellow Okay, we're going to open the caps Creating our own art Squeeze it and then you go like this

Ready? Now pull it Wow, you poured all of it You only needed a little bit young man Oh, now it's going to splatter everywhere More yellow

Just a squirt of two That's it Not too much Red (children cheering) Wow! Spin it quick Nice

go more? WOW (cheering) Wow Cool NIce Yeah Spin it and squirt Wow All Right Red

Wow Yeah (laughter) More? Cool! Yeah! I think that piece of artwork is done unless you want more yellow? Oh, no we lost the nozzle oh no The nozzle to the yellow Spin it Picasso You young artist! Tada That is super cool

All right Blue More Dory color blue

That's a lot (cheering) Wow That's so cool Last one Last one

more red All right, let's see All right, good job Yeah

Yeah (cheering) Yeah! Spin art! Chris' Toys and Games, Come and Play Subscribe to my videos


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