Soft Toys for Education 2015

Why the Soft Toys for Education Campaign is Important When Ye Win was a child he was locked up in a fruit canning factory and forced to work up to 18 hours a day with armed gangsters preventing his escape All Ye Win wanted was to go to school

But locked in that factory an education seems like an impossible dream 14-year old Anna seldom spoke and could hardly write Diagnosed with cerebral palsy her parents could not find a school that would accommodate her needs Unfortunately Ye Win and Anna’s experiences are not unique More than 58 million children are not in school for reasons such as poverty, forced labor and discrimination

But with the help of IKEA Foundation global children rights organisations like UNICEF and Save the Children are doing something to overcome these obstacles and offer education programs that have a positive impact on the lives of children They also offer something that’s intangible and impossible to measure: hope Now that they're in school, Ye Win and Anna realise they can change their own futures It’s like a light bulb that gets turned on, flooding their lives with new light and possibility

More children need that “light bulb” moment that can change their lives And they need it now We have the chance to ensure that every child in the world gets an education the one they, we, everyone, deserves Since 2003, the Soft Toys for Education campaign has raised €77 million benefitting more than 11 million children

The IKEA Foundation believes that every child deserves an education which is why we have partnered with Save the Children and UNICEF With your support we can help even more children get the education they deserve


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