Roblox FASHION FRENZY model, Weird DRESS UP runway show / Roblox Fashion Frenzy [KM+Gaming S02E07]

This is me, this is me Hello This is me "Set me free" Fashion Frenzy Okay, today we're playing fashion frenzy Ooo, what does she look like? Mom: Losing My Mind (category) Okay Rate that outfit Her hair is fantastic Ooo, that's going go for a four Because I don't really like the ripped pants Hmm Probably people like it more, but She's good Ooo, this guy What's he doing? Feel like it should go for a three Uhor maybe a she, but I don't know They should do the face, because the face doesn't look that facey The face doesn't look that facey You know? Ooo, she has no pants Why does she have no pants? She's wearing a bathing suit But, I don't care, I just

I just like the face Oh, my god, those eyes! No, wait Yeah, thefour is good And whose going to win Oh, I knew it Yes, I love you Okay, I actually love her Starting new game Randomizing clothing Okay Welcome to fashion frenzy I know it's fashion frenzy Category, Teenage Rebel You have three minutes to create the best outfit Get ready mmm-hmm Threetwoonego If I was a teenage rebel, I would have, like Remember the ripped pants you didn't like that would totally be teenage rebel Ooo, I know what would be teenage rebel a little okay Let's see Let's try the boys area Because, I know the boys have the best stuff Who's

Skin color I think that's the shade of spray tan Go back to girls quick I need some eyes and some mouth You know what looks likea rebel? This and the view (?) awesome okay Where's the pants, where is the pants? pants pants pants pants pants pants Oh, there's the pants Okay, we got the pants Oh, I know what shirt If I were a rebel I would use A shirt that would fit me that Wait, the boys area might have it To the boys You're running out of time quick

quick Um What about this? And This looks good Okay Hair, go Hair Go go go go If I was a rebel I would use A crazy hairdo that looks good (inaudible) You mean this Mohawk? Hmm, wait, I know 9


3 That looks like a rebel 1

Hehe It does He does look like a rebel, alright Okay, there's And here are the judges Judges? Welcome everyone to fashion frenzy show It's time to vote for the best outfits You almost sound like a robot That was my goal mmm hehe First up Here she comes Ooo, she doesn't look that good I'm gonna give it a two That really doesn't look like Which part don't you like? The butterfly wings okay Now, this looks like a rebel Going to give that a five That hairdo was my style hmm Is it This this is me Ha ha ha ha Hehe I'd What? You don't get to vote on yourself? Yeah, you don't get a vote on yourself woo hoo oh, yeah

Uh huh I wish you could see the votes you get okay okay, whose up That's not a rebel I'm going to give that a one That is not a rebel! That's just like That's just, like, a bathing suit and stuff Ooo, now, this looks like a cool one Looks like a rebel I'm going to give ita four Ya, go

I hope you get it This doesn't really look like a rebel I'm going to give it a three anyway I wish they had Stormtrooper outfits and stuff MmmOoo, this looks cool It looks like a

hopping bunny that doesn't look It looks like a rebel Where did she get that? Oh, II think she might be a VIP The results are in and the winners are It's okay if I

not here I don't care Well, it's all for fun, right? Yeah yeah That's who I vote for the most Where's Roxy? aw That's okay

Better luck next time It's hard to find all of the outfits They don't give you much time, and if you don't knowwhat outfit you need, it's kind of challenging okay let's go Umm What do you have? There's nothing!? Just Pizza I mean just drink Starting a new game Randomizing clothing Please don't say fashion frenzy welcome to fashion frenzy Oh, come on The category is

The Interview Hey Okay, so you're trying to get a job, Roxy, you got to look really professional Yeah yeah Like, I need button shirt or something Yep Well, what else do you need? I don't know Maybe I'll go, like Should your hair look allall perfect? go go go go Um, I can't move Alright You had to wait three seconds Hmm, should I wear this? Yeah, that looks good Okay Not ripped pants, this time Dude, those rainbows look good Buy a dark (?) all dark (?) I think

I should choosewhich pants? I need to look for pants Ooo, look at that That one looksgood no wait Look over there, skirts or something Go over to the skirts Don't wait I'm going got this

I got this seriously Okay, go go go okay, perfect Some people can wear ripped pants if they want to No, wait, this isn't perfect I know which These look good No, wait, they're ripped I can't find no ripped pants waitwhoa Don't worry, it doesn't change your outfit Okay, is this good guys? No Okay, go go go Wait That's not the perfect This is all I need "The ashtray, and the paddle game, and the remote control and that's all I need" "These matches" "This lamp" "That's all I need" "and that's all I need too" "I don't need one other thing" "Not one

I need this" Oh wait, I can'tneed my eyes Not this one Oh okay Oh, she looks like she's ready for picture day I'm going to give that a good one That's a good one Time Yeah, but I didn't have time to choose a face Oh, no It's okay I still got the hairdo a little messed up What do you mean? The hairdo What are you going to vote for her? Hmm That's going for a four Mom, it's sometimes okay if you pick ripped pants Oh, this guy is looking good I'm going to give a three becauselooks like his job is to steal stuff He would have been better in the last group, the rebel Here's me Oh, very nice Do you like the hairdo? yeah I couldn't have time for the face That's okay

It's really hard, you got to pick fast It helps if you know what's available Oh, God Looks like he's a wrestler That's good You're a wrestler What? Okay, that's going for that That's so funny and cool It's like thelike, she is a god Or he, I don't know That's a god Looks like her job is to be a god

Aw, she looks so cute Your job is to get reindeer out of the foyerforrest Hehe The job's

antlers (gasp) She's a cash-a-teer (cashier), she's so cute cash-a-teer I'm going for a four That's so cute oh yeah Oh, god Oh, god Thank you, thank you Oh, she's a cash register girl too She's

She's good Wait, she has the same face as the other one Hmm, that's good And the winners areplease please It doesn't matter Surprised he didn't She won Yes, yes I love her I love her That's the way Yea Aw, I told youyou could have ripped pants Yep I'm going to picked her Tell me what the next one is, quick Well, it's not yet I'm just going to get some pizzafrom the cash girl So, how was your day? It was awful Oh I wrote a book that said

Yeah, then I met a girl who said Eh, is that the girl you were just talking to? Yes She was awful She said she was awful at writing books Ah, Bad to the Bone Bad to the bone? Bad to the Bone? What does that mean? Think prison There you go Alright, now get some crazy hair Ooo, I know which one I saw a girl with this hair Okay which color? Waitred Yep yeah I should go for, like a, good Oh, that's really awesome Yep, get a goodgood scary face You have the one missing teeth Wait, I know which one oh Alright Okay Yep That's good What would fit me too? How about some headphones? Oh, yeah Mm-hmm Oh, yeah I look creepy good Now you need

something else No, you got the hairstyle now mm-hmm This is like a VIP room Ooo I need like this No bubbles, that's too friendly Oh, look Look, there's an evil staff over there Ooo This one? Yeah Oh Oh, man You got to buy it That would have been cool Now go body type Do you know which body type would look evil? I always go for this body type now Ooo, what about this one? That's awesome You have spikes coming out of your back Ooo, that's good That's good That's a good one Wait, what color? Green or skin skin I'm half lizard, halfhumanha ha ha How do you like that, people? Mad woman I think that's done Everyone's going to look at me and think I'm wonderful Man, look at me The judges are going to think that I'm awesome Oh, she's got the same headphones She's got the same headphones, guys Ooo, that's good

I'm going to give that Hmm She doesn't look like a prison I'm going for, like, a three Whoa, she looks like a good one Going to give that one

I like her long hair Yeah, she looked like a good prison Good person in prison? Ooo, she doesn't really look like one Um, I'm going to give that a four Becausedon't have that glasses if you're in prison Don't You have too nice stuff When you see me Too many pretty things? Guys, when you Oh, yeah Hi Hi, everyone Oh, yeah uh mm yeah Woo Oh no, they got stuck whatever, I'm just going to oh no

there she is Oh, and she's even crying Because she's in prison I like the headphones Whoa What the heck That's creepy, I'm going to give that one Oh, gosh, she has, like, the Jokerfor her face That's so creepy Okay, guys Ooo It doesn't really look like one But I'm going to give that a four No, three She's a good prisoner Goodthat's a good one Get frinklessprinkleswhatever they're called Guys, if you like this, tell me in the comments Prison prison And the winners are

I'm a lizard, part human Oh Yes! Oh, wait, no That's not you? No, that's somebody else Ughbut you were so close I think I know which one I got to Yep Better luck next time Yep And the winners are Uhn Aw but seriously We're going to do one more Not so popular What's not so popular? um Like, you're not popular in school, so

Usually the popular people are really well dressed, so Not dressed wellI guess I'd probably go for this one Unicorn shirt, that's dabbing Kind of good Ripped pants Totally Ripped pants okay this looks good And I got to go for, like

Oh, I know Okay mm-hmm face Oh, come on What does cute stuff bust me out I wish I was going for Apple, look at me What should I go for next? Okay, I need to go fast Okay go go go go This way This way I'm afraid to come out Look at me I don't know if

That is so bad dress for school I mean if I goes toschoolhmph, hey, boy look at me Look at me okay That's your not so popular? yeah It looks very nice though But not with this okay What are you going to do? Okay, I'm going to change this shirt Which shirt? Ooo, that is way pop That's good If I could find it, I would win it Okay VIP has everything If I don't get it

little popular? Ooo Okay, guys How is thisgoing to be like Ooo, that's not that popular Going to give that atwo

Ooo, I'm trying my best not to smile It's like the not smile This This is me, this is me Hello This is Meme me

me me This is meme me Ooo hmm Not that popular Okay, guys How are you going to make a video like this? okayokay Hmm

That's popular No one will like the braces or the dog ears or theaw okay Grrn I trying to not say aw Ooo, it itches (Gasp) That isgood, but Why did you go for crystals? Women would like you in school (Gasp) So cute That's going to be so cute Aw, she's going to blow my heart You're, like, the poplar girl Too good, girlfriend Okay, guys

guys, I don't know if we're going to win So you got to tell me You got to go Thatthat is not that popular, I'm going for a two Totally Hm mm Never going to be popular if you don't try Okay Mom Mom Guess what, guess what? what? I made three place Yea Yea They think I was popular Right there, you did great I told you Woo, guys Um Third place Woo Okay, can we say goodbye? Oh, you're done? Now that you got third place yes Bye everyone, that's all the time we have Learn through play to Explore what matters Bye okay I'm done I'm done I'm just done yeah Say it right there I'm done I'm just doneshe's out Out See you Yes, see you See ya


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