Repaint! -PART 2- Poseable Mermaid Cora Face Up and Accessories

With the hair all tied up and protected I give her a spray of Mr Super clear I Think I was getting too exited with the airbrush at this point because I tried to add blush But it came out way too strong! I still have a lot to learn Nonetheless I'm going to have to work with it and see what i can do using [mundial] soft pastels [I] added some eyeshadow and go in with my watercolor pencils to begin forming the lids and shape of the eyes Want her to look as close to my concept art as possible, so I'm giving her big round fishy eyes! * More Funky Smooth Tunes! * I sketched out her big bold brows at the same time in an attempt to keep them even

I think I did pretty good this time I 'm also adding a neat color shift from red to orange at the tips+*I bet this music can help you sleep*+ When you can't move forward anymore spray your doll with your sealant! Slowly I build up darker blues around the eyes

I'm having fun with the subtle colored radiations in the face like the blue [-] Red pink gradation that happens around the inner Corners I'm hoping it will echo and complement the color gradations in her fins Not wanting to press too hard on the painted vinyl face in fear that it will rip off the teeth I decided to switch from pencils to acrylics as Well as adding whites the eyes I'm also adding white lines to the edges of the eyebrows around the tear duct and the Cupid's bow of the lip It was around now I realized her left eye droops down further than her right eye It was too noticeable, but I knew it would annoy me forever unless I did something about it [so] you can see I'm lifting and correcting some lines in that area To enhance the eyes I add light blue near the pupil and Darken the Lid Taking red I carefully thickened the eyebrow hairs with a teeny little paintbrush Now for the eyelashes I'm only going to draw on the bottom lashes because I'll be giving her top Lid some 3D lashes later I Added deep red to the center of the Pupil [I'm] hoping this will give the face the perfect touch of eerie and mysterious beauty to take an open mouth smile I'm going to blob in some white acrylic paint very carefully to help Solve the illusion I use [a] dark red to shade the lips creating a fake edge Time for the fun

I shine Using gloss varnish, [I] wet the eyes and lips for a touch of finesse Sooo, shiny I'm going to set her aside for now and work on the accessory Using a Mannequin doll Which is now my laguna's body with the Katrine head I? Make something like ears as well as some seashells and accessories out of sculpey clay For her coral belt accessory I formed the basic shape of armature wire before fleshing it out with a popsicle Trying it on the doll all the while so that it fits her body shape I made two more fins for her coral belt and sewed them to the wire before covering it up with more epoxy With various tools I made small dots and rough Coral textures until I was pleased with the look and then painted it I Left one part of the belt bare wire on purpose But I could clamp it [on] [to] the doll mostly complete before adding in final touches of Epoxy and paste When that was all dry ice it's the thin down to her side? For final touches on the finn I use fabric paint to freehand details which I painted with acrylics once it dried I Want her to have little starfish on your cheeks [so] using another spare Laguna doll I form little stars with more epoxy [skulls] this way They will drive the exact subtle curvature of lagunas cheeks, so I know they will transfer and sit perfectly on my mermaid space Using more clay and Epoxy I create more fun sea fiend accessories Once everything is baked or dry I paint them to match my mermaids design I Really love making clay shells and little starfish I've always loved and been interested in the ocean And I think that comes through with how much effort I put into the detail at least I hope it does If you're ever stumped on how to paint something looking up reference images can be a big help Time's Transfer the Cheek Starfish I Pop them off my scrap laguna and attach them to the mermaid with elmer's glue-all which is the strong stuff? Because more sparkle is always better I'm going to add a couple of pearl decals from the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby with the same glue Using puffy fabric paint I add a couple dots that will become smaller pearls and freckles I'll paint them once I try to match the pearl Referencing my concept sketch again

[I] add a couple of pink and red dots as well Time for Eyelashes now I'm dead set on having two eyelashes to go with my color scene But I only have black so I figured I just paint them the paint merged and pumps the lashes together Which I quite like it made them look chunkier and more cartoony Here's the hard part attaching them how on earth Are you supposed to attach a minuscule edge of a surface? perpendicularly to a plastic face well with strong quick drying glue and a lot of patience [I] Take the Eyelash and add a thin dab of glue to half of the eyelash I start on the outer side Next delicately place it on the doll using tweezers if you'd like hold it in place until it dries Carefully, add more glue [to] the [inside] and outside of the lashes on the corner You just glued down Just makes the bond stronger for the next step Apply some glue to the other half and gently hold it in place as well Because we added more glue to the outer corner It shouldn't pop out of place Hold it there until it's completely dry with the initial difficult part done You can start building bands of glue on the tops and bottoms of the eyelashes Making sure each layer is completely dry before you add another one this gives the lashes a bigger base which means it is more securely glued to the face I built up a good seven layers or so of glue around the base of the eyelashes to the point where it has become thick and 3D like an actual Eyelid above the eye So in a way, we use glue to sculpt an eyelid After giving eyelashes a jagged Trim to match her jagged sin I come back with more acrylic paint to mask the Glue which has built up to the point of being semi opaque Once you've painted on top of the glue the lashes are seamless with your face up and are very strongly attached It's time to take our hair down and style it since this video was already very long I'll point you in the direction of these doll hair pros

If you'd like to know more about curling doll hair Let's not forget those mermaid Ears combing the hair side I stab the wires of the year into the head then take pairs of pliers and twist them together on the inside with some final hair styling and braids It's finally time to reattach your head My sister came to visit me this past January and we had so much fun together Naturally my doll didn't make much progress, so it felt like this poor thing has been headless for weeks So putting it back on was very satisfying With her reassembled at last I can finally pose her the fins and tail looks pretty good when bent and it has a fairly good range of motion – I'm Very pleased with how she turned out Because this custom was so involved she took me ages to make So I think she's one of my best yet because I put so much love and effort into the details She's so tall though I'm having to use [a] 17 inch monster high stand just to hold her up [I] think [she] might look best suspended from the ceiling or something, but I'll figure that out later I Think the fabric looks cute, but it does slightly deform when bent and breaks the illusion of a scaly fish fin So I'm thinking if I ever do a mermaid 20 I'm going to try sculpting segments of the tail and stringing them together with elastic You know ball jointed doll style What do you guys think if you were to transform a mer mcore know into a doll? Which one would you have chosen? Thank you so much for watching and subscribe for more fun Doll customs

They are [C] and [yo] you


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