Realistic Stuffed Pet Cat Toy Review

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Let's dive in So we welcome our newest member to our family It looks like it's– do you know what it is? A cat! A cat, but not just any cat It's a Hasbros Joy for All companion pets cat What color is it? Silver

Silver with white mitts We haven't thought of a name for it yet But we're going to leave that up to you guys, the viewers, And you can post some suggestions in the comments below when we're done with this video Keep it fun and PG-rated though No nasty names

Oh, this box is actually– There's tape on it It comes– With a brush It comes with its own brush So we can comb her hair We can comb– Her hair

–our cat's hair Yeah, so cute! So cute Yay Oh, it's actually pretty– Oh, wow,yeah It's looks pretty– I didn't expect that to be as soft

Aw, I can't believe it even gets so straight when you comb her hair Oh, look, its paws even has little toe beans Don't actually handle a cat this way It wouldn't like it Each time I touch her head that happens

Each time I touch her hand, anything happens Yeah, it has a few sensors There's a light sensor, back of the head, cheek sensors, back sensor here, some belly sensors– She likes it, I guess And then the button's somewhere here It says here- interacting with your new cat

Pet the cat's left cheek, and it will move it's head toward your hand Left cheek Oh, see that Pet the back of the cat's head, and it will purr happily If you keep petting her back, it will roll on its back, so you can pet its belly

Oh If you don't touch your cat for a few minutes, it will go to sleep The teeth just opened up Her mouth just opened up Well, there you go

There you have it I saw it That's pretty cool [MEOW] So I had it on mute, and I didn't realize it would actually start meowing– That loud –that loudly

What do you know? They actually did pretty OK with this kind of a thing It's not real, that's for sure But it's pretty close Did you want to say anything else to the camera? Bye, fake cat You'll see this cat– [MEOW] Meow

You'll see this cat featured in– [MEOW] You'll see this cat featured in most of our videos from now on Think we'll like it You all say bye? Bye, cat Oh, I didn't even see this We'll see you in the next video

Turn it around so I can see her again You're going to strangle it holding it by the neck Is she sleeping? No, it went like this and it like– [MEOW] You're supposed to rub it's belly when it does that Oh [MEOW] Its teeth opened

[PURR] [MUMBLING] –means it's sleeping It's sleep–


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