Pororo Toys Dress Up as Snow White and Dwarfs! DIY Play-Doh Costume Making Tutorial

“Snow white, would you marry me?” “Yes, Yes, of course” So Snow white and the prince got married and lived happily ever after End end! Yay!!!!!!!! I’m glad snow white has found her true love

And the angry mother-in-law is gone! Did Snow white and the prince kiss after all, crong? I wanna know! Awww~ I’m so jealous of Snow white I wanna meet a prince and live happily ever after, too Plus, she gets to be friends with seven dwarfs too I wanna be born as Snow White if I could What about the kiss, crong? I wanna know! me too, me too

I wanna be the snow white too She gets to eat all the food dwarfs bring to her, plus the apples, and what about the kiss? the kiss, what? No! Quiet, crong

Crong!! Anyway! And! Once I marry the prince, I’ll get to live in the castle and eat all the delicious food there as well! Poby! is that the only reason why you wanna become Snow white? You’re gonna be Snow weight, not snow white! Snow Weight? I don’t care as long as I get to eat all the food! hehe Fine! Since you all love the story of Snow white so much, why don’t we take a little trip to story land? Trip to story land? How do we take a trip to story land, crong? It’s not that difficult! I’m going to dress you guys up as the characters from the story, snow white! You will get to become snow white, dwarfs, and even the angry mother-in-law If you’re ready, let’s go! First of all, I’m going to make Snow White Now, I need to decide who’s going to be snow white Who’s the lucky one? Tada!!! Poby is the lucky one today!!!!! I can’t wait to see how pretty he’ll become! I’m using blue play-doh to make the top Cut it out and make a tank top

Now, I’m gonna use baby blue play-doh to make the power shoulder Roll it into a small ball and attach on the shoulder Same thing for the other side Let’s add red strips on here And once again

I’m gonna do the same for the other shoulder Both sides are finished now it’s time to make a skirt Do you remember what color her dress was? That’s right, yellow! Use yellow play-doh for to make a skirt Carefully, wrap it around Poby’s waist

Once the outfit is finished, it’s now time to do the hair Snow white has beautiful black hair so I’m gonna use black to cover Poby’s head And, I shouldn’t forget about the pretty ribbon! As a final step, I’m gonna use white play-doh to make a collar that goes around the head Wow! Poby looks pretty good in Snow white outfit! Next, I’m going to turn Eddy into a queen

First, let me make his hair grey Mix yellow, white, and little bit of black play-doh and make the right color for the hair Roll it out into long strips and attach on both ends Once it’s finished, wrap black cape all around his body First, wrap his head around and make it sort of like a hat

Next, his body Now that I think of it, I should’ve done the hair last I need to be careful not to get any clay on the hair Carefully, finish wrapping the cape Make holes at the sides like this, and let’s give him the apple

He’s now turned into a devil witch queen Would you like an apple, anyone? Here, I have four characters left I’m going to turn them into dwarfs Let’s pair them up and dress them up into the same outfit First, Patty and Crong

I’ll make them light brown pants Mix yellow, brown and orange play-doh Cut this into long strips and wrap around their legs Give a little dent in the middle using a carving tool so that they look like pants Good right? Our friend, Crong has been waiting for a long time

Let’s do the same for Crong and make him nice brown pants They are now ready for their shirts How about an orange top? Take orange play-doh and attach a little piece by piece, front and back Once again, make the same orange top for Crong I’m using black strip and yellow rectangle to make a belt

And the same for Crong What do dwarfs need? Beard!! Use white color to make beard and some hair Don’t worry about covering the whole hair because I’ll be adding a hat soon Come on crong Let’s get you some beard, ,too Good! As a final step, I’m going to make a hat for these two dwarfs

A yellow hat for Patty And a green hat for Crong There you go! The first two dwarfs are done! How adorable!!! Now it’s time to finish the rest Rupy and Pororo will be wearing the same outfit How about sky blue pants with a light orange shirt? The process is the same

Let’s not forget to give them beard! Hehehe very cute! Finally, it’s time to wear a hat A purple hat goes to Rupy and an orange hat goes to Pororo I’m gonna make Pororo’s hat pointing up! Tada! Now two more dwarfs are ready as well Yay!!!! Meet the characters from the story Snow White! Wow! Well done! I wanted to be Snow White! Poby! You are snow weight! And snow white Come on

You can just tell me you’re jealous I get to be snow white We’re missing a prince, crong I should’ve been a prince instead, crong! but dressing up doesn’t make us the real characters from the story! hmm dressing up is not enough? So I prepared this for you all Tada! Eddy!! I’ve brought a Story traveling capsule! I’ve worked really hard to make this work With this, we can travel to any stories we want! What do you say? A story traveling capsule? Yes! Shall we begin our journey? Abracadabra! To the story land of Snow White

EEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! So, Pororo and his friends’ journey has begun I’m so excited to see what fun stories will unfold


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