Pororo Toy Animation. EARTHQUAKE & Safety Procedure

Break news! We are looking at a big scale of earthquake There is going to be a lot of damage around the neighborhood so please be prepared to escape… Who left the TV on? Please turn it off after you’re done watching! EAHHHHH!!!!!! Take this!! EEEAAAHHH I don’t think so

Do you think you can beat me? Take this! Ultra super tornado attack!! eeeuuuaahhh Stop!!! Pororo! Crong! You’re hurting me And stop running around the house You shut up chubby polar bear! No one can stop me! Take this!!! CRONG!!!!! owowowow You take this ultra stomach attack!! rong…!! Oh! He’s one strong enemy, crong But I’m not giving up like this, crong! EAAAAHHHH!!!!! hmmmm what should I study about today? Ummm huh??? did the desk just move? Was I daydreaming? Alright

Let’s study about earthquake today! eeaaahhh! guys!!! Be quiet!!!! Can’t you see I’m trying to study? If you want to run around, go outside! eaaah no one is even listening to me Earthquake is… the shaking of the surface of the earth, resulting from the sudden release of energy in the… this is too difficult Ah ha! The building can collapse in the event of earthquake! Eeuu~~~ I can’t take this anymore Guys!!!! You are guys shaking the desk!!!! what did we do? We’re not even running

yeah, Eddy! We were having a snack, crong! umnumnumumn Eddy! Do you want some too? It’s really good Numnumnum what was it then? Wuw!! See that? It’s shaking! Uh!!!!! Uh!!! Uh!!! Why are they falling off?? What’s going on here? Oh no!! my food!!!! My food!!! Somebody help!!!! what is it? Why is the table moving on its own? omething’s weird, crong! The floor is shaking too crong! ah! This! This is earthquake!!! Yes! This must be an earthquake This is not good! wuhwuwhwuwhwuwhw what do we do? Everything is shaking!! I’m scared shouldn’t we get out of here, crong? Lets quickly go outside, crong! oh wait! My toy! I have to take this with me! Hey pororo! Watch out! Akkk pororo! Are you alright? Oh no!!!!! am… I still alive? Oh! Thanks poby AAKkkk!!!!!!! What should we do? What should we do? Let’s get out!!! oh no… I gotta think of a safety procedure

When the event of an earthquake, you need to lower your body and stay under the desk or a table Don’t panic and run outside Turn the electricity power off Switch off the gas valve Protect your head and stay in an open area such as school playground or a park

There might be more earthquake coming after another So you need to stay in a safe area until it becomes safe Yes! I remember it now! Guys! Go stay under the desk or a table Akkkk!!!!! It’s still shaking!!! I’m so scared!! Is this it for us, crong? Are we gonna die now, crong? Oh no! There are so many food I still haven’t tried No!!!!! Hey guys! Wait! I think it stopped now

Before it comes back again we need to act fast Guys! Let’s turn the gas valve and electricity power off We need to run out to an open field crong~~~~ run, crong!!! no!!!! Stop! You need to calm down Let’s move in an orderly fashion

I feel much better and safer out here Until we know the earthquake has completely stopped, we can’t go back to the building Let’s wait here in the safe zone gu…guys! loo…look over there, crong

Crong! Don’t go near there! It might be dangerous! uh… Eddy! Look over there… I think we have the answer Ah~ look at this house It’s so dirty!!! Let’s wipe all the dirt off Wait! It was Bonnie?? Not an earthquake?


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