Pororo Dress Up As Fairilu. Dress your favorite toys up using clay

Hello How's Everyone Doing? Today I'm here to take Pororo Characters and dress them up into Famous Fairylu Characters First up this rupy i'm going to dress her up as Lick Fairylu Since They're both Pink i thought It Was a Perfect choice First i'm going to mix red Pink and White clay Together This is going to be a skirt Molded Play Into Petal Shape and Put Them Around her legs Take The White Clay and wrap It Around her upper body this is going to be the top Make small Triangular Shapes with White Clay and Attach these at the bottom of her top then take Triangular Shapes of Green Clay and Attach Around her neck I'm taking the same Pink Clay That i used to make the skirt with to wrap It Around her head and These are her bangs and The rest of her hair Goes like This with a Carving knife I'm adding details to her hair Finish Other Side of her head she Looks Like She Needs a hat take The same Pink Clay and add a Little more of White Clay Shape the Clay into Petal Shape and Attach These on top of her head Don't forget to include a tick on The Left Hand side i'm giving her a Ribbon When she has her earrings and a Key me fairy Lou is Ready now It's time for Plenty to dress up as Violet Fair Loot i chose Violet Because Patty is purple first mix purple and White Clay Together and Put this Around Patty's legs Add a Little more of White Clay But Wait i need to decorate her pants with White petals first Now Put the Violet Clay on top of the White Make Triangular Shapes With Green Clay and Attach Around her neck Her her hair i'm mixing this Violent Clay With Sky blue Clay These are her bangs and her side hair Now mix by blue with White Clay and this is going to be her hat It's the same process as Murphy's hat Except This time I'm adding a Violet Flower Last Thing is to add a Key hey Violet Aaron Lewis Ready This time I'm going to dress Eddie Up as sunflower Fairy Lube Mix orange Clay And Red Clay Together and wrap It Around Eddie's legs Take orange Puddle Clay and Mate is shirt Mix orange and Yellow Together and Put It on top of orange petals Once That's done Make Polka dots with orange Clay Take The Same Clay You use to make his club and mix it with Yellow and wrap It Around his head Make Bangs and a Ponytail Don't forget The earrings and a Necklace Let me include a hunt with Polka-dots and a Keith Now the sunflower Fairy Lou is Ready as well It's puppies Turn I'm gonna Try to make Him a Lynne Fairy blue it's blue Play With Sky blue Play Roll Out the Clay and wrap It Around His neck like a Necklace Make Flowers and This is gonna be the wreath Once The Keys Attached on this chest Flynn Fairview is Ready Finally it'S auto dose Turn i'm gonna dress Him up as Rosebery Live For The Skirt i'm mixing purple white and Black Leg Make Petal Shapes and Attached Around His legs Make Tiny Petals with Black Clay and Put them Between the purple petals Between the Black Petals Now on touch By led Triangular Shapes Black Clay Is going to be the top as a detail put on gray Triangular Shapes Around The Color Mix White and red Clay Together and Put It Around his head Now the bangs and side Hair Once That's Finished Put a Few Black Petals on his head As Well as a Red rose and Finally make a key at the front Done five Fairy loose are Now Ready don't Worry i haven't forgotten about Kron i'm gonna Make Him as a Pinecone teacher First Mixed Brown Yellow and orange Played Together wrap His entire body Now i'm gonna use some tools to bring out the details so that he looks like a Pinecone? These are the Rosy Cheeks and Black moustache he obviously Needs Arms and legs I'm making a Hat Right Here And This Looks about right The pinecone teacher is Ready Now Everyone Say Hello to all our Fairy lea Friends Hello Nice What do you think about our new Lids if you have more dressing up ideas Please leave comments down Below? See you guys the next time cobra bye Bye you


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