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(motorcycle sounds) Storieswithdolls: Hi everyone!! Some of you have been asking me to do some Polly Pocket toys, so I brought you this! It’s super big, it comes with a lot of things Here on the back of the box, we have all of the friends having fun at the beach, going shopping, here in the park, and here it looks like they’re at a fair

And let’s open the pack to see everything it comes with! Ooh I like the background Friends, this set is really hard to open, and that’s because I’m trying to open it in a way that the accessories won’t fall out Okay, I finally opened it, and luckily nothing really got out of place Let’s take out the dolls first It comes with two girls

And each one comes with her own scooter Oh and her own doggie too! Haha how cute! And the girls are ready to go riding, they have their helmets on And now, we're having a doggie exchange day! So Polly gets Annie's dog, and Annie gets Polly's dog Haha, I love these doggies And they’re going on a trip! (motorcycle sounds, honking) Ohh I just had an idea! How about we end Doggie Exchange Day in the park with a little picnic? Polly: Ready Rocky? Let’s go to the park! Dog: (barking) Black Hair: Ooh I’ll bring this food too so we can have a picnic in the park

Lulu!!! Dog2: (barking) BH: Polly and Rocky are waiting for us Dog2: (barking) Polly: Annie! Lulu! I’m so glad you could make it! I brought this jump rope so we can jump! And this Frisbee too! Plus, I brought my new backpack! Look! I can make the handle taller! And it also opens! Haha, I didn’t put in many things, but I put: a camera, and my cellphone! Annie: Wonderful! I brought two balloons, a ball, and a basket with food! Would you like an apple? Polly: Of course! But how about we play on the swings first? Annie: Good idea! Both: Hahahaha (continue laughing) Storieswithdolls: Haha, it sounds like the girls had fun at the park Let’s see what else the set comes with! Ooh it comes with a bunk bed so the girls can have a sleepover! But before we play, I’m going to show you all the pieces it comes with because there’s a lot to see It comes with two pillows for the bed It comes with two sleepmasks and they’re super cute! Because one looks like a bunny and the other one looks like a bear! And it comes with this bag to put stuff like shampoo, perfume, soap, and it comes with all those little bottles

And it also comes with two bottles of nail polish in case the girls want to have a spa night It also comes with this little box, with two tooth brushes, and toothpaste Boys and girls, something I love about this set is that all of the things come with a little hole, so we can put it on the polly pocket’s hand And when they don’t come with that hole, they come with a little handle, so the polly pocket can still hold the accessory And we can put some things in this box

And here we have the handle so the polly pocket can hold it It also comes with these glasses that look like cucumbers Because in beauty treatments, it’s very common to put cucumbers on your eyes It comes with three pairs of slippers Three nightgowns, and some pajamas

Annie: Ooh I’m so glad you thought of doing beauty treatments! We’re going to look spectacular! Hahaha!! How about we paint our nails!! I have two different colors in here!! Polly: Yes! Let’s paint our nails!! Annie: What color do you want? Purple or pink? Polly: Ummmm purple! Ooh they turned out wonderfully!! Annie: *yawn* I’m tired, should we go to bed? Polly: Of course! But wait! Annie: What’s wrong? Polly: Well, I haven’t gotten used to sleeping in a nightgown yet I have some pajamas that are more comfortable! I’m going to go change Annie: Oh okay! Then I’ll wear pajamas instead of a nightgown too! Both: (laughing) Oh wait! We’re forgetting the sleepmasks! Okay, now we’re ready! Polly: Haha now I don’t see anything! Both: Hahaha Storieswithdolls: And now we’re going to move on to this side Where it comes with all the party dresses And it also comes with a vanity that comes with brushes, makeup, and here they can get ready for the party

Here we have a dress with a hanger And it comes with a lot of dresses that we can mix and match with the purses and shoes How about the polly pockets model these! I’m going to put the vanity here Let’s put the eyeshadow here, that we can also close Hair spray

Perfume And this looks like it’s another perfume bottle Lipstick A makeup brush This hair brush, and a mirror

That we’re going to put here It’s looking good! And now, let’s move on to my favorite part! The dresses! Haha friends, I love party dresses I never wear any because I never go to parties, but I like to look at them! I’m going to hang a few here because not all of them will fit But don’t worry! Because the models are going to model everything! Okay, and now it’s time to start the fashion show!! And here we have our first model, in the camera you can’t see it that well, but the dress has glitter I combined it with this purse and these pink shoes, because I thought it would match well with this sash on the dress here

The second model is wearing this adorable pink dress, and I combined it with this purse and these silver shoes, because I love pink and silver Next fashion! We have this beautiful purple and silver dress And I used a necklace for her accessory, and I combined it with purple shoes And after all those short dresses, we needed a long one! So here we have this long blue one I combined it with these orange shoes and this orange bracelet, because I thought it would be a pretty dress for a night party next to a pool, or a summer party like that where bright colors look nice

And this next dress I love! It looks like it’s perfect for this time that we’re in now We’re like post prom season, but it’s almost time for graduation! And it’s super pretty because it’s simple, but very elegant And I combined it with these black shoes And here we have another one that I love! And since the set comes with more dresses than accessories, I had to repeat the accessories here And I combined this dress with this purse, and these silver shoes that I used last time

And here we have another model wearing bright, happy colors! I combined this dress with blue accessories, and blue shoes! And here we have our model modeling another fashion, and like I’ve told you guys in other videos, I love the combination of hot pink and black, so that’s why I combined it with these shoes And to shake it up a bit, here we have a party dress but it comes in two pieces It comes with a skirt and a blouse And I combined it with purple accessories I also combined it with this purple necklace

And for people who like to get dressed up in all one color, here I have this blue dress with all these blue accessories Or if you prefer pink, here we have a pink one!! And finally, we have this one!! And this was the one I liked least But that doesn’t mean that it’s not pretty! It just means that we all have different tastes! And I combined it with these black shoes Friends! I can’t decide which one is my favorite!! Either this purple one, or this silver one!! I love both of them!! Help me out in the comments! And now let’s move on to these beach clothes Guys, there’s a lot to see here, so I’m also going to show you bit by bit

It comes with this kayak It comes with a pail for the sand With a shovel A shell and starfish It comes with this sandcastle so we can pretend the girls built it

Two beach balls Snorkling goggles We also have two pairs of diving fins It also comes with several beach dresses With sandals

It even comes with these high heel sandals, I don’t really know why, maybe to go to like a fancy beach restaurant or something And it also comes with this pair here that I think are like crocs, they don’t really look like sandals to me It also comes with bathing suits, purses, and it also comes with some beach clothes And it comes with two pairs of goggles Polly: Hi Annie! I didn’t know you worked at this store! Annie: Yes, yesterday was my first day! Polly: I came to buy a new bathing suit

You see, when I was at the beach, I saw some girl with the same bathing suit as me! Oh, now I know why hahaha I see that this store sells them hahaha Well I guess it’s not exactly like mine, but it’s super similar! And you know me, I like to be unique! Annie: True, but don’t worry! We have a lot of things to choose from here, what would you like? Polly: Well the truth is, now I don’t just want a bathing suit, I also want one of those gorgeous beach dresses! Or, maybe even more than one! I’ll try them on and you tell me which ones look best! Okay? Annie: Yes of course! Polly: Ooh what do you think of this one? Hahaha, no I think this one is too yellow! Yellow hair, yellow dress, and yellow shoes! Haha I’ll try on another color! What about this one? Annie: Ooh that one looks great! And you can even combine it with this purse! Polly: Let me see… Oh yes! It looks fantastic! Annie: And you also said you wanted a new bathing suit And this one matches perfectly! Polly: Annie, I see why they gave you a job here! You have wonderful taste! How about this white one with these high heeled sandals? Annie: I love it!! Polly: Ooh this color looks great on me! Storieswithdolls: Boys and girls, now we’ve seen almost all of the set We’re only missing these clothes that are here, and I think it’s because they can use these to go to the park

And when I took them to the park, I forgot to change their clothes But I’m going to show them to you guys now really quick so that you guys can see them It comes with skirts, two shirts, and several pairs of boots And on this side it comes with two necklaces and a bracelet


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