Peppa Pig Outdoor Fun Slide and Swing Set New Box of Toys for Children

Hi, boys and girls~ and welcome to our first episode of My Magic Toy Box~ Where your toy wishes come true! Now, let's see we've got a magic box here~ and inside it

is Pororo~ The Little Penguin Okay, but there's more What? Oh! We've got slime! It's pink slime! Wow~ Look at this! It's stretchy~ and it's squishy! Okay, but hold on I think there's something bigger in here Yup Here it is~ and Whoa!! We've got

Peppa Pig! It's Peppa's Outdoor Fun Swing! This is a lot of fun! Okay, and oh there's something else in here~ Whoa! Another Peppa Pig! Okay, so we've got Peppa's Outdoor Fun Slide Alright! So, we're gonna have a lot of fun and let's open these up! Hey kids! So, we've got two toys we'll be opening up today Peppa's Outdoor Fun Slide and Peppa's Outdoor Fun Swing So, let's take a look at Peppa's Outdoor Fun Swing first Okay, so this set comes with its very own Peppa Pig figurine! And like all the other figures

she can move her arms and she can move her legs, too! And she's got on a cute red dress with a teddy bear on the front Awwand this set is really cute! It's got a sandbox in addition to the set of swings Teddy bear on one side and

George's dinosaur on the other side! Now, we're gonna open up Peppa's Outdoor Fun Slide! Let's take a look! Wow~ So, in addition to the slide you've got a cute little duck pond with two yellow ducks! Okay, and this set also comes with its very own Peppa Pig figurine But this time, she's wearing a red dress with a yellow duck on the front (Children: yeahhhh!) (music playing) Yippeee! (Laughing) (Children laughing) (Laughing) (Children: Yeah!) So, that was Peppa Pig's Outdoor Fun Slide and Outdoor Fun Swing Set! We hope you enjoyed today's video Press the LIKE button and join us today by SUBSCRIBING Thanks again for watching 'My Magic Toy Box' We'll see you next time~ Bye-bye!


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