Paw Patrol Sub Patroller Toy with Ryder for Toddlers | Berb’s Toybox

Hi guys, and welcome to Berb's Toybox Today, we have the Paw Patrol Sub Patroller Transforming Vehicle

Here it is right here First of all, it is the color red with yellow and some blue for the propellers And it does come with Ryder He's sitting in the driver's seat This transforming vehicle does make sounds

If you press this button right here– let's go ahead and press it and see what happens [SUBMARINE HONKING] Wow! That was so cool! Let's press it one more time and see if there are other sounds Ready? 3, 2, 1! [SUBMARINE BEEPING] [BUBBLING] [WHALE SONG PLAYING] Oh wow, did you hear that? It was a whale! This vehicle also transforms If you see the sides here, you can lift those up Let's lift up the other side

And then, for this, you can also pull it all the way down, and it clicks into place There's also a yellow periscope up here And if you do pull it down, it's also going to make some sounds Let's listen! [PERISCOPE WHOOSHING DOWN] And it also does sounds as well if you lift it up So let's do that

[PERISCOPE WHOOSHING UP] And if you notice over here, there's an orange thing And if you actually pull back on the periscope– let me show you here If you pull back on the periscope, you can launch the lifesaver! Let's go ahead and see how it does that now 3, 2, 1! [WHOOSHES] Wow! That was so fun! Let's do it one more time And you just have to put it back this way, and it also clicks into place

And let's launch it in 3, 2, 1! [WHOOSHES] Wow! That was too fun! Let's go ahead and put this back This also comes, like I mentioned, with Ryder Now, Ryder, you can also take him out of the driver's seat Ryder also comes with his very own handheld propeller! So he can switch from driver of the Sub Patroller vehicle to a diver Let's go ahead and put this on him

[MUSIC PLAYING] Here we go! Now he can go diving and save other animals! And if we look in the back– let's lift this up for a second– there's also a trapdoor [GASP] Hmm, do you see someone there? I think there is someone there! Let's go ahead and take a look Oh hi, Marshall! Marshall was hiding in the back trapdoor Hi! I'm ready to save the day with Ryder! So yes, there is a pretty big area here where you can put some more pups And let's close that up

And also, I didn't know this at first, but there's also one underneath Ryder where you can put some of your pups' gear Let's open this up And we can also put Marshall right here so he can go with Ryder, or any of the other pups can also go here So let us know in the comments down below if you liked this video And also, don't forget to give us a thumbs up if you liked it

We'll see you on the next video Byeee!~


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