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Hi everyone! Welcome to Keith's Toy Box! Get ready for some paper folding fun with today's surprise toys The Paper Punk Fold to Play Craft Kits

Paper Punk Craft Kits are paper based building toys With a few simple folds you can transform flat shapes into 3D shapes and build almost anything It's like combining origami with LEGO So let's open the first box and check it out This is the Kitty002, our paper toy cat

Each kit comes with everything you need to build This one includes 185 stickers, 16 punch and build shapes, 40 adhesive dots, and easy-to-follow instructions No need for scissors or glue So let's open the packages and start building These are the punch and build shapes, some really cool stickers, adhesive dots, and easy-to-follow instructions

So let's punch out the shapes and start building We'll start by punching out all the shapes and building each individual shape first Later we can put together all the blocks to build the cat There! Now that we have all the individual shapes we can join them all together just like LEGO using the adhesive dots to form the kitty Cool, right? There's no need for any scissors or glue to do this just use the included adhesive dots

Wow, it's looking more and more like a kitty now! Now for the last piece Now here's another really fun part, using stickers to decorate our kitty and put details on it Now for the eyes We can even put a bow and other nice touches There's our kitty! Doesn't it look awesome? So cool! It's like we can't believe we made it out of paper! If you want more you can also try to build the Ape and Pup! They're equally fun and bound to boost your creativity! So those are the Paper Punk Fold and Play Craft Kits

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