Packing for American Girl Doll Grace’s Trip to Palm Springs

It's Chloe's American Girl Doll [Channel] Hey guys, remember when I did taking Kanani to ally well now I'm going to do pump I'm going to take Grace to Palm Springs and I'm going to show you what I brought So let's get started so the first Thing I wanted to start with is this bag,that has grace in it and This is her carry-on bag It has her laptop that, I made Make sure to check that video below it will be on the link she has a sketch Pad with pencils a pen she also has a [blank] Sketchpad [and] also [right] in it and this is a notebook is The phone [a] [sound] that I made make sure to check that video out and that will also be on the Link and The iPad that I made and check that out that video out and I'll be [on] the link and too Many books [meet] is about and eat Rebecca so that's what I have and her carry on Of course you need a hairbrush to save room

I just bought hair ties [for] just recommend that and they put here time and [I] have her lunch boxes kept on coming on 10th So in the top one I have a little treat for her and a fruit part I have a hamburger with um a bunch of little Things like there's lettuce there's tomatoes There's pickle and I have this and I This is right There's raspberry oranges, and I don't know what this is but I'm pretty sure it's another treat that's all in that bag so now let's get started with this big bag, [so] [I] have pelotas Julie's pillow from her bed This is another as Julie's pillow from her bed and a blanket and this big we get this blanket from the toys R us in Journey girls collection and the item as the loft bed so um Now let's get started with the backs So this is a bad because I might go somewhere fancy [emmett] say I wanted to [burn] grace I have a fancy outfit [I] think this is a holiday one of the holiday outfits so does this really fuzzy vest that I love and this sequence [area] these Really really pink shoes that if you could see it It [has] a little blue Sparkles in there and a little bow and a really cute dress The last item is a bracelet And it's in this bag that I got pretty strip The next bag is one of the bags that has um like a lot of clothes in it This is the Journey girls suitcase, and it's retired So what's in here is I have some a lot of shoes So I have a bathing suit lip [Chop], and And then I have these two really cute shoes them Ezra's uh Slippers, but I'm usually this is really comfortable shoes for the Comfortable because sometimes she just might want to just relax so I Have this tank top and these pants that go bigger, and they're really comfortable and These would go So I Have this dress that came in [McKenna]

Well my time I came in out with these shoes [so] [the] last uh outfit in this set is The just like me dolls Kim and best with these shorts and I have and [it's] So that's what's in this Bag so [the] next bag is greece's bag and this one pulls so inside has This shirt, this is an exclusive This it McKenna's short that she does in gymnastics I think This is another exclusive shirt And it says new York because I got it in will my mom gave it to me in New York This skirt came in – just like you collection [with] this shipped So now for [Chris's] pajamas It looks like this as lace right here and a bow and since she loves Paris here is It has pants and it says Paris it has Eiffel tower, and then it has her heart her signature heart And with slippers I have a bow right there We're going to be and palms for Springs for four days, so I packed a lot and there's a couple more things So this bag has to boo-boo They're really cute and they have nice detail on them The next boots [sage] came in them, and they have nice leather straps and a little buckle So that's what's in this so There is one more [bag] and the suit has her toothbrush or toothpaste about so in case she gets Sick, I brought her some medicine it's this ear drops and cough syrup so the next one is butt cream and it opens And there's really nice detail The next are these really cute nail polishes There's pink purple and blue And of course I need her lip balm that says grace There's a mirror that actually works like a see myself and I have two little bottles for Shampoo and conditioner I have the nail Scrubber thingy and the Nail Clippers [I] Have a nail filer that can be silver Or [colorful] colorful there's the Toothbrush and choose paper size toothpaste and Splint and it's Ten test Friends [ten] different answers [choose] peace and has made so laughs two items and this bag are the straightener and curler it Actually works you can open this out so that's what's in this bag [so] Of course those are spending the night I have a little bed that can also turn into a chair and It's really cute, and I'm really excited to go to the Palm Springs Subscribe like and comment below bye It's Chloe's American Girl Doll Ciao


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