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(Music) What do you do if your pool turns cloudy? We visit one pool owner who discovers DIY pool care problems are simple to solve

Organizing the house does not have to be a painful experience Today we get with an expert who has the right products that can get your home's outdoor spaces neat and organized An increasingly global work place requires more mobility and people are relocating more frequently, but where should a family live Today, you'll see how the options to renters are broader then ever This is the show all about you and your space, your home and surroundings, we are Designing Spaces

(Music) Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means, outdoor entertaining So now is the time to get your backyard looking great and organized To help us do that is Jane with Trinity International, a storage and organization company with products to make our lives easier and less cluttered Jane, welcome back to Designing Spaces

Glad to be back Ok, so today we're talking all about the backyard Keeping everything organized There's many different areas, so where do we start? Yes, well you've already seen how easy it is to be organized inside the house Yes

So we can do it outside as well and it's easier then you think You're going to have pool toys, pool cleaning supplies, barbecue supplies and you might even have gardening equipment and supplies that you need to store Alot of stuff It is, but I know you have solutions Yes we absolutely do and the most important thing is that it's got to be weather proof

Right And last a long time And it also has to be kid safe

And you have something for all of those, don't you? We sure do Ok, so where should we start in the backyard? Let's start with the pool toys The ones all on the ground? Yes (Music) We've got a deck box that is perfect for it

And we can throw them in wet Even if it's wet because it is constructed to be water proof and water tight, but moisture can escape out from the bottom so that you won't get any mold or water damage from the wet items Ok, perfect And because it is only made to look like wood it will not rot, splinter or deteriorate over time like wood does So it still has that beautiful look, but it's functional as well

Yes, yes One of the great features of this is that it's got stainless steel gas-less in the lid, which allows for a very slow close so that when parents have their children putting away toys, they don't have to worry about their fingers getting crushed That's smart, yea Kid safe Ok

And it's also very sleek and simple and it's made to match any of the popular furniture finishings Alright, well let's get these toys in the box Great (Music) Ok, so I love how all the pool toys are put away into one place making them nice and neat

So I have to ask you now about pool supplies and garden supplies because they seem to take up more room then they really need to Absolutely We've got this outdoor rack which is NSF certified for outdoor and wet environments Ok And it makes it much more corrosion resistant then our chrome and powder coated finishes

Perfect Because you want to leave it outdoors Yes Ok And the shelves can be adjust in one inch increments

Ok And the assembly is so simple It takes about 15 minutes and you don't need a single tool I like that Yes, it's great for everybody

And this is a great feature Perfect place for your broom Yes, if you want to be able to move your rack around, we've got casters that are easily installed, but if you want a stationary option we have feet levelers that can be adjusted for uneven surfaces Ok, perfect so that we you have the option if you want to keep it stationary or not Yes

I like it Should we put all this stuff on? It sounds good Alright, let's do it (Music) Look at that

That looks so great You know, the pool area actually looks bigger We got everything off the ground Yes And look how much more room you have

You can still add a lot of stuff in here Yea Ok, so now let's talk about entertaining I like it Let's go

You know, summer in our house hold usually means pool side parties so what you have here will be perfect for us Let me tell you all about them Ok We've got our rolling kitchen cart here which has storage underneath and the bamboo cutting board is removable so you can think of it as a moving cutting board Yea, I love that idea especially next to the barbecue that way you have a work space

And you can easily go back and forth from your barbecue to your kitchen I like it And then we've got our stainless steel table, which adds work space and counter space to your barbecue area And it makes a beautiful cocktail table too It sure would

Yea, that's a great idea And lastly we've got our stainless steel cooler which rolls so it's perfect for going from the house to the outside It holds up to 48 cans and the ice will stay cold for over 24 hours It's also got a built in bottle opener and a cap catcher so you don't end up with caps all over your backyard Very helpful

And there's a shelf on the bottom so you can have all your refills right there This is great if you host a party because as a host your the one that's running back and forth getting supplies, but this is great because it holds everything Yes, and you get to stay outside I like that and I know this is just a sample of all the great items that you have Yes, go to our website

Trinitiicom to find out more about all of our products and shop online there as well All of our products are great valued, they're eco friendly and they're really easy to assemble They are They're beautiful and I know you have a little link that says where to buy, which is great if you want to buy somewhere local if you don't want to buy online

That's right Ok, well thank you so much for getting our backyard entertaining ready for the summer We really do appreciate it Now I know on future visits your going to come back How about we organize a dorm room and what about tackling the garage? That is asking alot, but we're definitely up for the challenge

Alright, sounds good Well until next time For more information about anything that you saw here today please visit our website at DesigningSpacesTv You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter

Thank for joining us Here's to a great day (Music) It's the time of year to take action and discover we can better our living spaces to the benefit of everyone in the family From pool care to organizing to finding the right place to live

We're here with the tips, suggestions and solutions for you We are Designing Spaces (Music) For more information about anything you've seen on today's show or to find out how to be part of the show log onto DesigningSpacesTV

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