New Shopkins Tropical Collection DIY Toy Paint Craft Video

hi guys so today is a shopkins DIY video and I will be making flippy and floppy,DIY Crafts for kids from the new tropical collection but before I start painting I would like to take a closer look how adorable so I am just going to take them out of the,DIY Crafts for kids packaging so it comes with this adorable Hula Hut it also comes with these two adorable flip-flops flippy and floppy which we will be trying to recreate today oh my goodness how adorable this one is called a frosty shaved ice this ukelele is probably my favorite of all of them how adorable this is hula hips,DIY Crafts for kids Sonia Sun Hat pineapple sips and last but not least heidi hibiscus okay now that we got a closer look at philippi and floppy it's time to see what we'll,DIY Crafts for kids need you'll need this paper mache flip-flop storage buy got this from hobby craft for one pound and you will probably find these in the paper mache section most large craft shops have these type of paper mache shapes you'll,DIY Crafts for kids also need some paints paint brush and a black marker so let's get painting just keep blending until you are happy with the blend,DIY Crafts for kids,DIY Crafts for kids okay so Arthur so dry it's time to drool in the face and I'll be using a permanent marker,DIY Crafts for kids,DIY Crafts for kids so the next thing we need to do is place some white flowers on the flip-flops now you can paint those in and I am choosing to use some gemstones so I'm just going to put those on,DIY Crafts for kids the last thing I'm going to do is cover it with some glass just to give it that really nice shine but you see on flippy and floppy,DIY Crafts for kids and that is it guys I'm pretty sure the left,DIY Crafts for kids flip-flop is called floppy so floppy is finished do you guys think and you can put the shopkins inside,DIY Crafts for kids how horrible oh my goodness I have to say this is probably the cutest shopkins,DIY Crafts for kids storage that I have done I absolutely love it alright guys I really hope you,DIY Crafts for kids liked this video please give it a big thumbs up if you did take care bye,DIY Crafts for kids


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