New L.O.L. Surprise Doll Videos! Accessories!! LOL Doll Jewelry and Hair Bows! lol dolls

all right you guys welcome back to az ko today we are opening up a lol surprise that I got online that it can vary this is lol surprise jewelry look at this look at this ha it's so adorable so you should buy just necklace with the matching bracelet it also comes with this one was all sold out of the hair but it also different colors yes they come in different colors this one is myrrh baby they they have these beautiful hair bouquet this one is luxe look at how gorgeous this is look at how beautiful this is so I love it so now this would this come a little bit yeah this is the one that came a little bit broken so I had to retire myself but alright I'll put the the website in the comment section down below so look at how pretty these are I just it can well and then this matching bracelet and this is the matching Lux hair boat isn't that just beautiful okay guys here's how it looks when it's on isn't it beautiful look at this this is so cute it's pretty well made other than the one that was broken when it came to me some of the beads had come off but the other ones are are pretty well made I like it a lot a lot of detail is a very big bow a very very very big bow and I think it's a coke bottle I'm not sure you guys


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