New Giant Box Of Godzilla Surprise Toys 50 Gallon Action Figures vs Jurassic Park Unboxing WD Toys

Wow guys keep watching as we open up all these awesome Godzilla toys we unbox them and a lot of these are new figures from 2015 2017 and New Giant Box Of Godzilla Surprise Toys 50 Gallon Action Figures vs Jurassic Park Unboxing WD Toys it's great to see you today today I have a big huge 50 gallon box full of Godzilla toys many of these are brand new I have not opened them in a while I've got 2018 and 2017 Godzilla toys so let's go ahead and open these up so this is earth Godzilla I ordered this one from Japan yes it says Godzilla 2018 looks like a budget writing in Japanese it is PVC by being dyed so this is the earth Godzilla which is really cool its arms move its legs move it's got these big huge blue spikes they are soft I do got one of these in Monster arts which I'll show you in a little bit that one is a nice hard one but this one is a really cool earth okay our next 20:18 one is another one I bought straight from Japan from Bandai this is the 2018 King Ghidorah and it is totally awesome check this guy out so let's first check out the tag it does say 20:18 in Japanese writing band ID so this one the wings will turn it's flexible so you can turn the wing so the silver is out like that or if you want you could turn the wings so the gold is like that if you turn it outward it does look Allah doesn't look like the heads will actually swivel or anything but here you've got the big golden head here you've got the mecca head with some type of weapons on top and glowing green eyes and then you've got the other golden head here on this guy's legs on the bottom like you see his wings do pop off like that for poseability you think it would you could I guess you can spread the next out like this if you hold it for a little bit it'll stay more spread out so really cool 2018 vidura and then next I've got 2017 monster series this is servo so serve up this is a vinyl one one it's like one piece I mean nothing moves I a bunch of red eyes big he's got arms legs big colored wings and they feel really cool we have 2017 servo okay then here we have 2018 mecha godzilla which I bought straight from Japan like I said I haven't opened these up guys up in a while I've had them sitting for a while ah it seems like my viewers are not all that interested in these toys so if you aren't interested make sure you leave comments and let me know what battles and stuff you want to see this says mecha godzilla 2004 but it's a 2018 toy so it's the 2018 toy of the 2004 mecha godzilla so it looks awesome the head will turn 360 degrees he's got yellow eyes his arms boo-boo this is a vinyl figure but a lot more movement than a lot of the Godzilla vinyl figures but he is beauty also Wow so this is actually the first time I open it up and I am super impressed this is one of the coolest mechagodzilla's I got okay the next I have another new one this is a 2016 millennium Godzilla once again by me and I so there's another one I ordered straight from Japan it looks awesome he's got the big huge like purple spikes here his arms swivel here they don't move there so it's arms swivel back and forth there which is because he's like I don't care come and get me I'll eat you and then legs so I actually have one of these which I'll show you in a little bit in the monster art so I do like that one a lot but a great paint job I mean for a vinyl figure this one has great detail awesome okay then I have another awesome 2081 this is violent ease oh this guy is wicked looking so it does say 2018 by all aunty there I mean he is Wow he's like a mix of some type of mythical creature and alligator or something so this guy's head will turn 360 degrees the tentacles move out and they have like teeth they almost look like they are heads so they move all the way back and forth like so this is a band I won and bioiogy looks totally awesome and wicking it wow that is cool you can see like flames here on the chest so that is one big cool-looking violin to be there for a vinyl figure news and then let's go ahead and take a look at some of the other Godzilla fingers I have because I have quite a few so here we have another so this is an earlier one the way dude you've got three heads this one there is no mechanical heads so they are all the golden eggs and two spike tails then I have my favorite Godzilla this is a big huge NECA Godzilla I mean the movement on this guy is awesome so it was made by NECA the mouth does open and close the head moves the arms move the legs move he moves at the knee the feet move and a big huge flexible tail here multi-jointed tail so you can move it all wrong this is probably the coolest Godzilla I have and it has sound so if you push this pipe here you get the sound so this is one totally awesome hey guys the ones that work package like the one I just showed you and the others I'm showing you I do have full unboxings reviews and a lot of battles here is another one I have not opened up yet I got this one a while ago this is the smash and strike Godzilla so it says try me so I guess if you push this okay so it's got like puppeteer movement if you push it so that is exactly what it says smashing action so you have them smash stuff so this is Bandai from Japan and then I got some from the movie Godzilla movie everyone loves to hate this is one of the 1998 Godzilla ones so he's got like head moves with he roars but not very loved ah this is the 1998 one which everyone loves to hate then I got a couple more of the 1998 ones ah you know what maybe it was terrible but I think the 1998 Godzilla ones are really intimidating looking this one I comes with tank here it's a remote control one so if you push the tank the tank makes a firing noise and this Godzilla rumbles and a roars so that is a cool and then another 1998 Godzilla one which I like because it's hilarious this one has a big handle here you could hold and he's got like spanking action haha okay he's like boy boy you been a fan and then if you push the other button he's got like sideswiping action so another thing cube action you push this one you had stomping action with sound and then one more cotton Pierre his tail sleep so I don't care what you say about the 1998 Godzilla this one is really cool I mean with all the different movement here I mean he has an awesome looking Godzilla and looks like he is smashing the City Street like if you push ok then moving on we got a 1998 puppet from the 1998 movie let's go ahead and he does fit adult hands and he roars okay then I got some of my monster our Godzilla's which I keep wrapped up in here this is I believe the millennium edition monster arts one I uh when I opened this one I actually did a stop-motion video on and because of the detail these monster art one stabbed in the head movement the arm movement look at the claws the spikes on his back are super sharp if you stepped on this day at night you would not be happy realistic looking claws I mean these look like real bird calls I mean this is one awesome monster arc Godzilla and then we got another monster art Godzilla this is the earth Godzilla I believe he was called from 2017 no I thought this one used because the person said it was meant the only thing I found eat the arms pop off quite easily so I think the person who owned this was tuning stop-motion animation videos with it so that is a little disappointing how easily the arms pop off with this one awesome these monster art ones do not skimp on the details and then I have another monster art ones this is the atomic blast Godzilla so this one he comes with I think this one is actually holding noodles head over here so this one's cool he's got the big atomic flames on the flame on his spikes you could see right through them and then he's got the atomic blast once again super great detail on this and then our my biggest Godzilla this is the by the Toho Company Limited this guy is huge I mean this guy is literally over two feet tall big huge mouth moving arms moving legs I believe this is Jack's Pacific that makes it and here is a look at part of his tail so once you put this guy's tail on I mean he's like I think about three feet okay then I have Godzilla like puppet head from like Godzilla cartoon I ordered this one actually overseas I've got some more Bandai like Godzilla's so this is like and then I've got some mecha ones too naked actually made very affordable Godzilla's that in my opinion I mean they were pretty comparable to Monster arts and about a fifth of the cost so here's one do you have a little over one here but movement all over the place with this one like I said I have unboxed all of these that are open and I've done full reviews and battles of them so check out my Godzilla plateless and here we got another awesome mecha godzilla so another awesome Mechagodzilla one with movement all over the place I mean these guys are totally awesome and yet another that come on this is on like the classic Godzilla I believe from 20s you can see he is and black and white just like he was in black and white in the movie so really cool-looking Godzilla almost a little comical looking and then I have a vinyl King Ghidorah here with movement on the head so this one is mecha I believe it's a mecha King Ghidorah because it's got the mechanized head there and then I have earlier mecha godzilla that I bought this is 2016 Mechagodzilla so this guy is awesome and then I also got another vinyl Mechagodzilla from being guy this guy is 2015 so I guess they remake these guys like every year or something not really sure so I got the 2015 2016 and I believe in 2018 back up so they are really cool and then I have NECA I believe I do apologize guys I mean I got so many Godzilla's I can't keep track of all of it you guys know which one this is let me know in the comment section as one evil and then I have I believe this is of Mechagodzilla it's like a purple one with the tail that's about three times the size of the actual figure so it is like purple and black does not have movement on the head but it is still really cool nice Holly solid heavy figure and then I have aa NECA this is like a red I love this guy look at the flames spikes same thing with this guy that tail is while this guy that tales about twice the size this guy and this guy's another Mechagodzilla with the tail there's three times your size this is like the red and black one was really Wow and then I got a cool Godzilla from odd it's like a board game you set up and you could have Godzilla actually destroyed the city yet you've got a full review of that one go and check it out it's really cool and he does shoot flames and then I've got some different versions of Godzilla from I believe the 2015 movie where he's coming out of the sea this is two of the different I do a generation high narrations I believe of Godzilla so and then these ones I actually bought from China these are awesome because I couldn't find me anywhere these it's like 20 Lego Godzilla's we've got like different colored ones all black and red red orange green blue so I got a whole bag of these that you've got a full review of these and they are cool and then moving on I got a bunch of the Godzilla transforming eggs so these ones do open up and transform into Godzilla and figures that he battles against like you've got King Ghidorah you got lost for another King Ghidorah I believe mecha godzilla Wow there's just a lot of it and these ones are I do open them and stop-motion animation in that video so you saw a lot of really cool transforming it we got some mecha miniature Godzilla's here I did a stop-motion video on those I got a bag of the little mecha action figures these are actually like blind bags but they are super detailed so check that out because that is a really cool video and then I also have city set with Godzilla over here work group Godzilla actually goes ahead and destroys the city it's got Mothra in it too this one I did a stop-motion video of Godzilla battling villains and destroying the city and then I also have a bunch of Godzilla ten Godzilla blind bags I opened up these ones are Godzilla you be figuring they are they're like finger puppets then I got a bunch more NECA miniature Godzilla's over here and then finally I have Godzilla King Caesar dears welcome to end guys I do that like I said I unboxed all these I got about 30 Godzilla video some really cool battles and stuff I need your opinion what you guys want to see guys because I really don't know what Godzilla videos we want to see what battles all of that put that in the comments section because I do follow your suggestions so what you suggest is 1 billion guys injoyed Godzilla toys go ahead subscribe to see more fun videos and also I do got over a thousand videos the majority are drastic world Jurassic Park Godzilla King Kong transformers Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Scooby Doo and a lot more check out the playlist on my channel or if you just want to see more fun Godzilla videos check out the Godzilla plateless guys are awesome and I will see you in today secret word is the word go ahead and put that in the comment section down below the video I know you remember my club click the subscribe button below for a lot more fun videos also click the bell button to be notified every time I make a new video click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button


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