New 5 Dinotrux Bath Squirtin Toys Ty Rux, Revvit, Ton Ton, Dozer, Garby Dinosaur Trucks Unboxing

wow ok today i have awesome toy i got New 5 Dinotrux Bath Squirtin Toys Ty Rux, Revvit, Ton Ton, Dozer, Garby Dinosaur Trucks Unboxing check these out got the bath burning garbey got the bath during dozer the bass skirting tie rod that's hurting rabbit and that wording son Todd are sweet they look like a lot of fluff it so if you take a look at the back there is actually six of the best squirting noise so it looks like i'm only missing our bat groaning click plaque which looks very similar to rabbit just different colors so that's cool let's open these up and check them up ok first we are going to open the back word Garvey off cool twice as you can see there's a hole on the front there and that's where the water is going to come out off i'll show you how they work a little bit later but right now let's go ahead and take a look at seven so that Garvey one is pretty cool as you can see it almost the size of my hand so it does look very good detail it does look exactly like Barbie it's like aa plastic and obviously it's like empty inside so you suck the water it i believe the water is going to go in the hole and cum alcohol you would squeeze it put it in water let it fill up with water there and then just squeeze it and fan out squeeze it on the top or anywhere you could feel a lot of air coming out so it's probably going to move that are pretty good velocity there you can see a really good detail on that awesome ok so next we are going to open up the back hurting dozer my kids really get like like Dino soft and anything that hurts is the ok so he's got the hole on the bottom tooth that's the only place that feel air coming out so that's gotta be like where they were from once again those there is really cool-looking with the black-and-yellow first court toy and easy really get a good job with all the painting and the detail i really like it up they could have gone a lot cheaper with first and then we have the vast wording hi Brock look at that each other messing up the bat that's the fun part of being a kid that's got big bowl the fraud right there was this one must really were that it even has like it's a little ball with my rock like i said i'd really like to deepen the coloring they put into these I mean they look really nice with the group boy they really could have gone a lot did fungus Griffin but this one too big hole on the front there he could feel a lot of air coming gal so probably squirt are pretty good nice coloring silver yellow black and green I said they did a really good job detailing this guy all around and there's a look at the bottom and then we've got one more you got the Basque routing done to this guy looks like he's the biggest so he probably hold the highest blocks water so you want to play with these guys this is the one that probably would get oh yeah i got blown out there like crazy there is a great hole here is a good look at the sight of him look again great detail I mean they put like or or something that looks like wore on his back and they tell us that really nice fraud so off let's go ahead and take a look at all these and then it's going to be times you ask them up so there is all five if you ask me he's looked almost like there was look if there are like children I mean looks like the dinotrux for when we were children so that ok let's go ahead and check out the birding feature okay let's try this out where we are going to start with no sir go ahead and if someone through the water ok now that dozer is full let's have a skirt somebody my rock here ah Wow guys Kurt good check it out from his you get high a good washing yeah I is what we're gonna do thi will make sure you get all the air out and they go ahead and dip into the water until he filled with water your dirty wash checking out our water wanted wow i get that x one chance it's definitely one next one error argument water you can see 5 there water right out of the problem Barbie it doesn't work really good as getting thai they're not one time also holds almost much water and tie that another dude no we're going to go ahead and fill off ram you gotta be you gotta be patient takes a minute to look over here yeah haha you can see the water that one what a fun time now and lets the ball we're going to go ahead and get it itself over here Barbie water right out go to the wash where learning fast and quiet with that let me five yeah guys that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video in today's secret word is a word going to put that in the comments section below the video no you remember my club with the video ends there's that all the corner lot more fun with you and I click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button I


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