New 11 Dinosaur 3D Hybrid Surprise Puzzle Eggs W/ Lego Jurassic World 11 Toys Dino Zoo Unboxing

okay here's the zoo we're going to end up putting together and all the 4d dinosaur puzzle eggs they are really cool keep watching to see us take them off of these huge eggs and put them together New 11 Dinosaur 4D Hybrid Surprise Puzzle Eggs W/ Lego Jurassic World 11 Toys Dino Zoo Unboxing have eleven four D dinosaur egg I put them inside these big eggs because these are awesome I actually open these up these are the odds dinosaur bones and guys if you do enjoy on any of my videos I've got over a thousand videos many of them are the dinosaur videos so lots of surprise ones check out my playlist at the end of this video or both to my channel and check out my playlist so the first one is an awesome blue egg it's got like a textured deal too I also put a link below where you could actually buy these on Amazon so it looks like our first one is a 4d stegasaurus for us to put together okay so these are nice detailed ones very similar to AA Lego actually so this one the only thing you have to be really careful about this one if you put the head well you don't you can't even really make a mistake because the head has a little round knob on it and the tail does not the tail has a knob on this piece but a hole on the other so you can't put it on to the wrong end so it's nice so I'll just go ahead and snap these in sometimes you have to put a little bit of pressure and then you figure out the leg pieces the big leg piece would go in the back and then you have the spike that goes oh fuck Wow guys are really awesome fun to put together and they look so cool I mean look at this detail on there it looks a lot cooler than a Lego one in the head moves the tail moves the leg moves because they are all on ball joint so that is the biggest order head so we'll go ahead and put that one into the zoo and then it's time for the next one so once again I put the egg inside the big eggs because those big eggs also don't care what you say I love those big Bo world eggs and this one might be a t-rex they just don't label them it would be nice if they did label them so this one might actually be a Carnotaurus because it looks like you got the two horns on the side here so similar to a Carnotaurus or a velociraptor but i don't think it's a velociraptor because they didn't include the third claw so snaps Ibiza so these are nice because they are like seven piece puzzles so it's pretty simplistic you can't really make a mistake yeah this one has a bigger front arm so I don't think it's the t-rex unless they made it with the bigger arm so to me this is looking like a Carnotaurus I like the cardboard and then once again with this one the mouth will open close turn the arms turn the legs turns okay open so it is really cool-looking going to go ahead and set this one into the zoo right over there and then let's get our next one our next one is a green egg and then they do repeat the colors of the egg oh this one's a triceratops Oh me looking one awesome okay so so far guys these are really cool fun dinosaur it so with this one first thing I want to do is attach the head and guys are the cool really cool thing about these are they look awesome but you can't really make a mistake I mean the way they have it attaching you can't put the head with the tail should be the only mistake you could make is put our legs in the wrong place but you always put the bigger legs in the back and the smaller legs in the front and then you are fine so these are waaah I actually like me one more than Lego guys I mean because there's so mean looking check this guy out I mean this is it's like an evil walking aah t-rex and his mouth does open and close which I'm surprised or I mean I Triceratops sorry evil-looking Triceratops because of your three words a dark green black yellow color scheme really cool so we're going to go ahead and put this back here with the other herbal more that's three of them but we still have plenty more remember we have eleven of these scope and the colors repeat but hopefully the dinos do not all this one does okay so this is another one of the ones that I think are the Carnotaurus either Carnotaurus or t-rex I'm not 100% positive so just go ahead and map you guys head on and then focus scale and then it's like also let me know which one of these a face your favorite and the comment section down below guys like I said I do got over a thousand videos if you do enjoy this one most of them are dinosaur videos and I got them broken down in playlists so go ahead and check them out on my channel so this guy is cool too same as the other one his mouth can open-close legs no sir I'm going to go ahead and put this with the other Carnotaurus in the back here okay I just like for you guys these eggs are a surprise to me also I have not opened any of these eggs up ooh we have a new one here cool I think might be a Dimetrodon can you've got the big sale on the back also so let's go ahead pop this guy out okay so this guy is looking like a Dimetrodon to me so let's go ahead and put him together and I love the coasties they using these guys I mean most of them they make them you're kind of evil actually so it would probably be bad guy even though this one is up herbivore it does look carnivore I need to give it some evil looking teeth there hey go ahead and put the sail on his back like I said I think it's a Dimetrodon looks to me like a diamond proton actually yeah it would be a Dimetrodon that's why they gave it the evil teeth because Dimetrodon are carnivores so that's why they would do it I don't think they would do that with a herbivore because if you look at the Stegosaurus here they gave it like a flat mouth this one has like sharp looking teeth cool so we'll go ahead and put this guy in other part of the zoo over there okay and we still have to egg to go this is another green one let's hope it's a different one yep this is a Styracosaurus awesome so Styracosaurus is similar to a triceratops except is drop one aw horn in the front instead of green and it has bigger horns on the plate around with head this is an evil with you first of all top hook go ahead and pop his head on somebody's we got to push pretty tight because the head there's a one stay on and then we'll go ahead and push the tail on and then the leg oh no one put legs on backwards like I said before big legs in the back smaller legs in this one the heads having a little bit of a hard time staying on ah let's see it seems like they made the knob a little bit too close so it's really hard to push it on but it will stay on long as you don't move it too much if you move it too much it will pop off this one to the mouth opens closes the legs move tail moves this one is another one of the ones that are really you all looking so we'll go ahead and put him there with the herbivores and then we've got another one who we got another blue one this looks like another demented on it would have been nice if the ones that were the same if they had different coloring that would make them look a little bit more unique y-yes so anyways let's go ahead and put this back together this would okay so go ahead and pop this sail on there these come in skeleton ones too guys because on the box it's showing like gelatin one really sure if they sell them separate or let me show you guys the box so here is the box it's a full-size box as you can see some of them are skeleton eyes and that was the Carnotaurus because you can see here this is definitely the Carnotaurus with uh two horns over there and then if you do get it on Amazon the link I've got below the video you could buy them by the box so you get 12 of them per box I only have 11 of them left so we're going to go ahead and put the Dimetrodon back over there with the other one to try to keep the carnivores and herbivores separate okay let's see what was next and guys I could really use your help on my channel I mean my channel has not been doing all that great lately I've been doing a lot of dinosaur videos for you guys I love doing dinosaur video so if you could tell your friends to have them check out my channel that would be awesome that would help my channel or walk I would really appreciate it and that would help me so I could buy better dinosaur toys to make for you guys oh this one I think is a t-rex this one definitely looks like an evil working t-rex check this guy out to do even got black teeth well this guy even so once again go ahead and snap it together and these are cool when you buy them by the box because you never know what you're going to get in it and just the eggs that come with it or sweet guys I mean you've seen the three different colored eggs that come with it they are really cool so yeah this definitely looks like t-rex to me and evil-looking t-rex with black piece cool ok so we'll put him with the Carnotaurus there you don't want him ok next is another three egg what is in here oh I think this one's different okay this is another star of the story like I said I mean dude her as much of a surprise to me as they are to you so I mean I love that I love opening it up surprise eggs and seeing what we get inside because you never know what you're going to get inside that is the cool thing about surprise egg so most of these they do snap together good one like the other Styracosaurus the head pops off in here but this one does it this one's normal so I guess with these cheaper ones once in a while you will run into something that that's funny how small focus all the way up and looks like the bottom of this draw just fell off hahaha okay so we'll put this one with the herbivores and that herbivore cage is full if we get any other herbivores we might have to start putting that would be carnivores but it's a good thing we only have 2 3 D eggs black on the 40k he's actually 4j uh-uh we have another Sega Taurus you might have to smash this guy in there I mean I don't want my herbivores get you know we got another page I think we'll start another cage for herbivores okay so just like last time like 30 with the head and tail because that's two pieces you get out of the way then you can put the spike on its back at any time and then just pop the legs on big in the back small in the front if you remember that you will put this together correctly with no Corrections because they don't cover this cool so I mean we got a pretty good assortment of these guys so we got another Stegosaurus which I'm going to go ahead and put into this other cage we have here on the side so we have one more egg back so this is our last egg what do you think or before for carnivore I'm gonna get carnivore myself let's see if I'm correct nope mother Triceratops so I am not correct so this would be an herbivore awesome okay so let's go ahead put this guy together and then we have our zoo complete we could go around the zoo and check it out let's go ahead let's see how to draw opens all the way like it was so surprised withdrawal like fell off okay so we'll go ahead put the legs on this one I'm gonna put the tail on let me know in the comment section down below you guys which one of these is your favorite oh that one's head just popped right off sometimes you have a little extra flap here you gotta flip down and then push the head on a little bit stronger so there we go I like I said the cool thing I like about these they are kind of evil looking so you could look use these as the bad guy and then if you checked out any of my other dinosaur zhuzh you know I like to use a lot of the Lego ones this is the Lego t-rex because these big Lego ones are awesome this is the Lego indominus rex so I'm going to use these guys to actually go ahead and complete our zoo this is the dragon ah indominus rex and we have some baby boars we could use also we have baby indominus rex which can be put in there we have aa baby blocker after which I'm gonna fuss with Dimetrodon over there and we have a baby t-rex which is going to go with the mommy t-rex over here so let's check out our zoo guys okay guys here is our dinosaur zoo but what I'm going to do I'm going to move the cages right now so we could see what's in there this one has the little t-rex the two Carnotaurus the Lego t-rex and the baby t-rex and then this one back there has the Triceratops the two starka sources in this big asuras and then that one over there let's go ahead and move the cage has the two Dimetrodon the velociraptor into indominus rex and then this cage over here which is a little bit dangerous for our dinos has the Stegosaurus 40 and the Triceratops both of the 40 puzzles and then it has the base and dominance and the freakin dominance and behind those are all the eggs that these 40 puzzles came out and also on this side so like I said guys if you do enjoy my video go ahead and click like you that's the thumbs off bottle I'll drop me a comment guys walk videos you want to see next and please tell your friends like I said it really does help me if you tell your friends to watch and I will put a link below the video where you can actually buy wow that was so much fun I love making videos for you guys and I hope wow that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video and today's secret word is the word go ahead and put that in the comment section down below the video on those you remember my club go to the video ends there's an awesome incurved a lot more fun with you and I click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button


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