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*Tetris music* *Tetris music* fucked it anyway Tetris, Tetris! Tetris the board game Tetris the boar- RI

P Mr lamp 2014-2017 never forget anyway, Tetris, this is Tetris the board game where we found it it's officially licensed is this exciting enough yet? should i zoom in? that's how I zoom in now, hi Rebecca, Rebecca: Hello Dan: Rebecca's here we're gonna play this game together, it's called "Tetris: Dual" and it is actually a board game version of Tetris and we'll throw the box away 'cause we have already opened it duh duh du dah we did maybe do a test video on this a few minutes ago and didn't know how to do the things but we think now we know how to play it properly maybe uhh right we push start and then we push plus on orange, select game one then the game should start

yes the game has started, right this is a terrible, I've gotta put a line piece in so i'm putting a line piece in, and i'm gonna push this button back here which means pass, it's quite difficult to show off at this angle right so you can see now here, that this is uhh, doing too things, it's doing a countdown 48 47, i think that's 47? 45 yeah, and the piece Rebecca has to use so this is a countdown and the piece Rebecca has to use the plus and minus denote score so you put the little pieces in, it's you get a score if it's touching one of your own pieces or if you make a line or some bollocks like that so mash the button you lose points for leaving gaps something we didn't know i'm gonna move that a bit forwards so i can see, i have a square okay, squares kinda useless but if i put that in there i (sigh) i now receive on point so I've pushed my little plus and I've passed the turn over to Rebecca Rebecca: whoa Dan: whoaf indeed you could get it you could take that line but you would lose a point so you'd gain two points you gain three points for clearing a line which doesn't clear uhh, but you would lose one point here because this one would be empty so you put the piece in and then, you would lose, you would gain two pushes of the thang two pushes of the thang! and you don't pass? because if you make a line you don't pass your turn, hang on let me check the rules by the way and the other side, it's a little bit complicated for a fucking game of Tetris no passes to the other player, Rebecca: oh, ok Dan: right i got a little git my little git in here Rebecca: so what makes this Tetris? Dan: one point Dan: it's got Tetrominoes in it Rebecca: is that literally it? Dan: that's literally it and it's officially licensed and it's got a bit of a gash in it that had a sticker over which i was slightly annoyed by Rebecca: so i get a point? Dan: one press and, yes I've got uhh, L shape you can't even, it's not even like fixed L shape either, you can put it anyway you want so put that in there, one point! pass the turn, good we are definitely not playing Tetris in a Tetrisy kinda way one point! give me a fucking square or i'll kill you line piece motherfucker if i was to put this in here and like cover that up i would lose a point for this because of course you can't rotate under just gonna whack that in there, take my one point, and go home, it has a little pattern that says anything you want so put anything you want i mean there's one thing you should put immediately, square Rebecca: i don't know if i should do square or if i do like and then Dan:oh the line piece that means, yeah you know what? you were right to do an L shape Rebecca: yeah that's what i thought Dan: gives me less- what the fuck, not there you dumb ploob Rebecca: where did you want me to put it? Dan: here then you would've got a line Rebecca: oh i don't want to fidget with you oh i'm thinking that i'm supposed to connect it to my own things i'm giving you that point but you don't deserve it you ploob what have i got oh I've got a, this i get four points and an extra turn Rebecca: i keep feeling like i'm supposed to keep all my blues together Dan: i guess i get four points because i get three for the thing and then push one for the extra, i get another go because that's how this game works Rebecca: do you? Dan: yeah Rebecca: why do you get another go i didn't get another one Dan: because i drew a line you fucked up i read your thing and it says you don't do that we've just kept on our own sides, this is just

Rebecca: because, Dan: racism Rebecca: you know when your playing two player Tetris you do your own Dan: that's what we're doing, we're playing mini Tetris, you fucked up Rebecca: oh because i thought i had to keep to my own side well you knew we didn't, we played a game of this before Rebecca: i know but i forgot what have i got? anything i want? square give me that four, well actually give me that one, i'm gonna check the rules where the rules go? because i wanna make sure if you draw a line and it touches do you get points for that? line and it touches yes so i get another three for the line, pass to you Rebecca: i feel like i should keep it on blue Dan: I've noticed that alright line piece! ooh, nearly fucked it, four! i'll be honest it's not looking good for you line piece! Rebecca: it's really Dan: you can mingle, your supposed to mingle your supposed to interfere and mingle Rebecca: i don't wanna put it over there, i wanna put it here Dan: put it right there then I've just realised something that i can do that's quite sabotagey, you can just like raise it up yourself one point! your on a thousand points now line piece! Rebecca: thank you Dan: i hate that fucking hole it's driving me mad (gasp) breach!! you've breached my pastry Rebecca: and i get a point because it's touching Dan: shit what have i got S bend not good i can't get that in there but i can get that in there! Rebecca: oh will that Dan: no points, your go oh wait, your go *humming* ohhh, the pieces do kinda fold over each other line piece, line piece, line piece, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck i'll take my point line piece for you (slow motion) noooo Rebecca:so do i just get, because i'm connecting several lines Dan: yes Rebecca: so do i get all of them Dan: you will get to push the button seven times hurt me physically hang on what have i got? line piece? fuck you!! cunt! right there we go! let's put that in there four presses what have you got? oh no you gonna get points as well, oh god the points are just rolling in here board is fucked, you get four in total well done, what have i got? line piece gonna fuckin' use it nooo, there we go, three it's not like mouse trap, i love that mouse trap has a rule where if it stops it's just like nyehh, it didn't count it's as dumb rule for dumb things *humming* correct ugh, square that's not a line piece is it? square! one, boop running out of pieces Rebecca: that's right? Dan:yeah i mean if you wanna put it there Rebecca: yeah Dan: give me something good, oh you bitch! i hate this game i'll have that there then board games! ohhh, fuck me! S piece uuuggh, fuck me! take my point thank you very much your very i like this more now we know how to play it Rebecca: it's still not great though Dan: it's not great alright what have i got fuck's sake, squiggly! no points Rebecca: push your button please Dan: oh shit yeah Rebecca: wait Dan: L piece! Rebecca: i don't have an L piece Dan: (gasp) then the game is over! duh nuh nuh nuh! alright what's your score? i got three thousand three hundred and seventy five Rebecca: i got three thousand one hundred Dan: i win!! duh dul de de duh so that's Tetris the board game and then you get to do this Rebecca: oh my god


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