Nadia Francis, The Black Doll Project

So this is my art project this is how I introduce myself to the world As children we grew up and we play with dolls and we don't realize that we're practicing a sort of worship

We're worshiping what is the female What is beauty So I'm providing my perspective on that In order to get into the part of people's minds that I want to get into I use dolls It's an art piece that has a particular function

Correcting the lies You know, that we've consumed all our lives, It's about offering an alternative story There is sculpting, there's casting, there's shoe making, there's clothes making, there's wig making, hair styling, making the eyes It's a lot I feel like my dolls are spiritual dolls in the sense that they do have a purpose for healing

For psychological healing A lot of people have seen my dolls and I've seen people get teary-eyed they feel like the dolls have met a need There's all these images of the ideal or the define in our world and we need to be able to identify with those images we need to be able to see our self in that If you're not able to see yourself in these images then there's a message that you're receiving that you are not the ideal When you're seeing my dog right Now you are the ideal


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